Hello everyone! I'm back today with a helpful quick blogpost and I must thank my darling little sister Zahra for this gem, the original book lover in our lives! This summer I'm really pushing myself to get back into the world of reading, not just fictional books, but motivational books, educational books and more.

So when Zahra let me in on an amazingggggg site, and I tried it and it worked I almost screamed with happiness (but please don't be asking me about the l@gAl*t of this, cause I REALLY DON'T KNOW D: and if it doesn't sit right with you that I recommend just doing what you prefer to do. I have purchased many many books, but it gets expensive and whilst I have access to this site I'll be using it to educate myself further!). 
SO the moment you have ALL been waiting for....CLICK HERE FOR THE SITE.

It is super simple, you type in the title of choice and you'll be presented with a few options on the whole (newer 2020 books are a bit hit and miss but I've found a couple!). You then need to click download now and if possible, click the 'epub' option (as shown in the bottom left on the bottom picture). I

've downloaded PDFs before, but the amazing thing about epubs is that you are then able to read it as a regular e-book in the books app, including changing the background colour (white, parchment coloured, grey and black), the font and the font size too. You can add bookmarks, highlight bits of it and even add notes as you are reading! Once again thankyou so much Zahra for sharing this with me and I know over 100 of you wanted to get this link, so I just ask that you keep my sister and family in your duas (not that we made the site haha, but if you do find it useful, thankyou ^_^).

So just a few quick things to cover and in case you were wondering, firstly: you do NOT need to sign up to use this site, you can use it for free without putting in any details and you will get 5 free downloads a day. If you do choose to sign up for a free account, you don't need to put any payment details in, just your email address - that 5 books/pdf limit will be upgraded to 10! Yaaay. So that is the option I have gone for.

There is also a paid option available on the site. Another point I wanted to mention was the fact that you can use this site to discover so many more amazing books, as soon as you have downloaded one title, it will offer you the option to check out similar book titles which I've found super useful.

They also have a 'save for later' function, which again I have utilised well, since I reached my download limit but had soooo many titles on the to read list! You can totally use this just on your phone browser, as soon as you have hit download, you need to scroll across to 'open with...' and I found that the books option wasn't automatically there at first, but once I found it I was able to easily add further downloads to there.

Now if you are wanting to sync books from your iPhone to your macbook/ipad I have found that unfortunately the covers don't always sync which is an internal apple issue. There is this fix (here) that I've seen on an apple forum, but since I'm travelling right now I've not had strong enough wifi to test out whether it actually works or not. 


And before you leave, please do leave me a comment below sharing some of your absolute favourite or must read books, be them fiction or non-fiction - I'd LOVE to know what is on your shelf 😍

Thank-you for reading