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Fenty Beauty Olive Skintone Review + Sponge and Highligher (Mean Money and Hustla Baby)

Fenty beauty foundation review olive skintone 260 stromboli nars, mean money highlighter, hustla baby highlighter, sponge review

Hello lovely people! You may already be aware that I have ventured into the ominous and slightly daunting world of YouTube....and I am planning on creating corresponding blog posts for each video where possible. I won't link my first video, (horrendous angle. sound quality, camera settings and SO nervous haha). But in short, I have been wanting to extend my blog for a while now and I've always been so on and off about the idea. Putting yourself out there, is not easy at all. The lovely thing about blogging is you can remain as annonymous as you please, however with Youtube you're liteally on the platform speaking and sharing. I now feel like I'm confident enough to handle any rude/hateful comments and I also feel like my blogging obsession has slowly died down...not that I'll ever stop completely, but I did need something different for my creative outlet, alongside my blog if you will. Some posts I've always felt are way easier to talk through, things like favourites and hauls. I have no intention of making money from the platform, I'm hardly making anything from my blog four years later - the sole purpose for starting my channel is to carry on with my passion, in a slightly different way.

My Morphe Brushes Collection

Hello everyone! WOW, it has been a crazy amount of time since I've blogged, I won't get into it here but expect a post soon with some exciting news...anyway jumping straight into this post - brushes are a really important part of applying makeup and its hard to progress if you don't have a decent collection. I've loved building my collection for years now, and a brand that has slowly taken over in the past two-three years is Morphe. I know they have quite the reputation on social media, especially with the bigger U.S beauty gurus and their constant sharing of money off codes etc...which has lead a lot of people to speculate if the brand is any good at all. I decided to try out one eyeshadow brush from them, since they became easily available from beautybay, two years ago and I quickly become addicted! Now I own around 17 Morphe brushes, and today I'm finally going to be reviewing each and every one in depth, so read on for the must haves and also the ones to avoid...This post is roughly split into three sections, but bear with me, something went wrong with the photography order and I don't think I have close ups of every brush (which is why it has taken me the longest time to write this up 🙄) I've labelled everything anyway, so it should hopefully be clear enough.

July Makeup Haul

Although this is titled ‘July haul’, it’s really more of a May-July one but being too busy to blog, I decided to bulk it all into here. And to be honest there isn’t a LOT of makeup…I do have an ABH order to share soon with that controversial palette, but all in all I’ve kept makeup buying to the minimum. Mainly because I only started earning in July and that was just for three short weeks! I’ve been living on a proper student budget with absolutely no income at all from September 2016 and it wasn't fun, however it was valuable to have to live on a stricter budget and think carefully about where money was going. Anyway, I digress!  I justified myself the ABH haul and the things in this haul are kinda spontaneous and were mainly on sale so on with the haul!!

Coming to the end of teacher training, graduating and supply teaching

Hello lovely people, welcome back to The Blushing Giraffe. I almost cannot believe I'm finally writing this post, as it is one that has been in the works for a while, but also a topic I (sometimes) felt just wouldn't arrive - teacher training is finally over! And I don't want to say that in an ungrateful way in the slightest, because it has been an amazing journey. However, when they say it is tough - they are not kidding.

Everyday makeup routine // current favourites

Colourpop spring haul | Trying pressed shadows and glossy lips

colourpop spring haul 2017

Well hello lovely people! It feels wonderful to be writing an actual beauty post again and this one has been a long time coming. Whilst I was drowning in the intense pressure of teacher training, I had a cheeky splurge on colourpop thinking I was going to avoid customs...but sadly it was quite the spectacular fail, I can tell you that much! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't really want to go too much into the ins and outs but it was a huge error on colourpop's behalf as they didn't bother to change the prices on the customs label, meaning it looked like I had spent a lot more than I actually did - which, yep you guessed it, customs GALOR 🙄. Its a jolly good thing that I actually like most of what I ordered, since I ended up paying a lot extra for it...and hey, the day colourpop comes to beautybay will be a wonderful one haha!