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Lush Bloggers' Event & Haul

lush bloggers event halloween and christmas 2016 lush haul

Hello hello, todays blog post is on the wonderful annual Lush event - honestly if you're a blogger and you haven't gotten in touch with your local store, you're missing out! They love holding these events and educating us bloggers on the beautiful new seasonal products. I was exhausted that day but very much looked forwards to attending and it was so nice meeting a couple of new people too! Seeing all the new halloween and Christmas products was great and I thought it was so nice how they had vegan snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for everybody to enjoy. The event always starts by passing around a Lush shower jelly and introducing ourselves, along with our blog/youtube channel. We then were given a quick tour of the store set up, followed by a 'spot the new release' sort of game, which was different and a more exciting way of seeing each product as a group. I managed to create a couple of GIFs I know I know, how fanceeh!

Beauty Haul | Becca & Kat Von D

becca and kat von d haul uk

Hello everybody! Today I have a haul post for you all and it will most certainly be the last one in a long while, cause I'm still about that #studentlife haha. This haul spans from August till now and I'm really excited to share it all with you.

The Dior Skin Foundation Trilogy Reviewed

Dior skin nude dior skin star dior skin forever review 31 comparison

Hello everyone, I have had my September favourites sitting in my drafts for over a fortnight now but because I've not had time to retake those awful photos. I've pretty much given up with that and moved on to the next one, on to the neeeeext one...and here I present you with my collection of Dior foundations. This post is a mini review and comparison of the Dior Star, Dior Forever and Dior Nude foundations, all of which I've had for quite a while already. I'll link any original reviews below if you're interested in swatches and more detail. I hope this post'll be an introduction to these bases for you and if you have been interested in splashing out on a Dior base, this post should help you decide which one you're looking for!

September Update | A month into teacher training

Hello everyone! Happy October to you all 🤗 I do try to put my favourites up on this day, most months, however I've currently lost my camera charger and so photos are on hold. I was a bit behind with my blog anyway and thought I may as-well type up a chatty type of post because I know some of you really enjoy reading these ^_^

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX06, SX07 AND SX08

kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer sx06, sx07, sx08 review and swatches

As regular readers of my blog, you may now know that I seem to really like the number 3. I have my 'Top 3' series and coincidentally I have managed to 'collect' three of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancers over the past year and a half. These little pots are quite an investment and they're definitely from the luxury side of makeup, but as you can tell simply by the fact that I have more than one, I love love love the sensual skin enhancer! I wanted to write this post as an attachment to my original review of the shade SX08, which you can read here.

This or That | Marc Jacobs #instamarc light filtering contour powder in Mirage V Wet'n'Wild megaglo contouring palette in caramel toffee

This or That | Marc Jacobs #instamarc light filtering contour powder in Mirage V Wet'n'Wild megaglo contouring palette in caramel toffee

Hello everyone! I can't tell you how great it feels to be back to writing a beauty post after the most intense, action packed fortnight ever. But more on that in the monthly catch up post, because today I'm going to be sharing another 'this or that' with you all. These posts were not designed to always compare dupes, the intention is more to look closely at two similar products and decide which is more worth my money and which one I'd purchase again. Having said all that this one in particular is a bit of a dupe and I'm SO happy with what I'm about to share with you all!