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Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Experience & Treat!

Hello everyone! I am back with a super exciting post today, which has been in the works for a long while now. I was offered the opportunity to try an exciting teeth whitening kit * at the end of last year, and since I had seen a YouTuber I watch now and again review it, I quickly agreed. My teeth were never SUPER yellow, but I am an avid latte drinker and so they can get pretty stained and not as bright as I would like at times. I have previously tried the teeth whitening strips, but the results were very uneven because my teeth aren't perfectly straight, so that was kind of a big fail! Getting back to the brand I'm reviewing today - Smile Brilliant. I had seen the impressive results from that review, so I was super excited to try it out myself - and to cut straight to the chase, it is definitely a system that delivers results!

Review | Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits in Gleam, Sundipped and That Glow

Hello hello! Major apologies for being extra AWOL as of late, I've been on a two week trip to Pakistan, but more on that in another post. Welcome to a long awaited review which has been on my blogging to-do list for AGES and I'm kinda relieved I am finally sitting down to write it up! So I'm going to jump straight into it, although I will start by saying that I did not actually buy all three of these gorgeous glow kits and if you want to know how I managed to collect three of them then you can have a read of this post here. Anyways I'm NOT complaining because I love them, each and every one and before I getting into the details of it all - YES these three are totally worth the hype. I can't speak for the others, because I've not tried them (but I DID just treat myself to the Nicole kit cause, well I don't even need to explain myself there do I? Haha. These three are the first to come from ABH, and after sundipped they released moonbeam and sweets - both of which have a little less 'everyday' colours, for me personally but I've heard amazing things about them both! They then released 'ultimate glow', which has to be the only kit I heard bad reviews about, due to the pigmentation issues and high glitter content.

Lush Easter Event & Haul!

Hello! Welcome to my annual Lush event post and I'm going to start by saying how much I adore these, they're such a highlight to my busy schedule and it's always a pleasure to meet up with my local lovely bloggers. This year they made it really cute and personal, giving us little pots of fresh flowers, with our blog name on a label and I was smitten! The pot is still in pride of place at my dressing table, and although the flowers have wilted slightly, it still looks so beautiful. This year Lush have brought back some old favourites (like a certain sparkly egg!), but they've also expanded their easter line too. I'm going to be sharing a bit of both and then what we got at the end. I will say though that if you're a blogger yourself and a fan of lush, make sure you get in contact with your local store! Most of them run events just for bloggers, its a free and fun way to find out more about their products, see them in action and meet like minded lush-lovin-ladies too 🤗

Review | Anaqa Lashes & how to apply!

anaqa lashes nour lashes how to apply false eyelashes

Hello, todays blog post is going to be fairly short and sweet, but hopefully informative too!

I have become a little obsessed with falsies, as you will probably be aware of if you follow me on SC or IG! Recently I've been on the hunt to find the best of the best online and I'm pleased to tell you I've been really successful too 🙊, but thats for a separate post of its own! Today I'm going to be reviewing these gorgeous lashes from the IG company: AnaqaClothing and these particular ones are in the style 'Nour'*. There's also a 10% off discount code at the end of post, until stocks lasts!

I.G Tut #1 | Glitter Wing Details

Hello hello, I hope you're all having a great Sunday. I know I only just introduced a brand new series yesterday, but brace yourselves for a new one, because I had another brain wave and I'm really excited to share it with you all (again). I'm not 100% sure what I will be calling this, so atm I've left it as 'I.G Tut', but watch this space haha. Now I have always enjoyed making little makeup clips for the gram, even when the video length was just 15 seconds! I would diligently sit and cut down, speed up, find music and create mini clips, which I personally loved doing and I got a great response from my followers. The chances of me ever starting my own YouTube channel are slim to none, but that doesn't mean I can't utilise one of my favourite platforms and take advantage of their newer 1 minute allowance for videos. At the same time I don't think the videos alone are very useful, so I wanted to combine my main platform (my blog),  with my second largest base I.G and write posts to go along with it. I hope my IG followers find this useful ^_^ I'll be linking products, reviews, talking about techniques and giving you mini reviews of each of the products too.

Single Shadow Series #1 - Brow Bone & Nude Shades

makeup geek mirage, makeup geek rapunzel, makeup geek vanilla bean, makeup geek beaches and cream anastasia beverly hills cream eyeshadow review and swatch

I AM SO EXCITED TO FINALLY BE PUBLISHING THE FIRST POST OF MY NEW SERIES! This is one I have called the 'single shadows series', which is pretty self explanatory haha. I have a great many single shadows in my collection and I've wanted to review them all as efficiently as possible. So I devised a thorough system of firstly sorting my shades into colour families, and then selecting four shades for my quad, using them consistently for a couple of days and writing up a short review in my notes section. It's obviously going to take some months to get through them all! But its the only way I can really test out each shade properly and write a detailed review for my readers, so I truly hope they're helpful.