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For an inspired 2018 | My diary of choice

Hello everyone, wow three posts in a row?! That is the most I've posted in over a year haha. I've definitely made the most of these holidays to record content and also ease myself back into blogging. Whilst the blushing giraffe will always be a beauty blog first and foremost,  I am definitely going to start incorporating a bit of stationary here and there. This post is dedicated to my brand new diary and I know 2018 has started already - but trust me, if you're looking for a new diary and you're into setting goals, reflecting and striving for better things, this is 100% worth picking up still.

2018 Goals

 Hi all, I hope you're doing well. 2018 is here and its time for my annual goal post, which to be quite honest, I publish for myself. I mean sure, if it encourages or inspired any of you then I'm very happy about it ^_^ but by putting them onto my blog, it kind of holds me accountable for it and in the past I've done mid-year reviews on them too, which helps me to stay on track! This year I've been able to plan my goals in an even more organised way, thanks to my beautiful new planner...and I've had a couple of questions about it so I'm going to be sharing it in tomorrows post. I love planners, stationary, notebooks. It's definitely my second favourite hobby and you might know that if you've already watched my papergang unboxing.

2017 Beauty Favourites - highend and drugstore

Hell everyone, not to do things by halves, this year I filmed TWO loooong videos talking you through the best of the best, from my makeup collection! I wanted to do two versions, cause I genuinely love both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately youtube didn't let me save the products and links to reviews under the drugstore video, so all that information can be found below.

Goodbye 2017

It is currently 6:18am and I am feeling incredibly nostalgic about the year that we've just had. In some ways it flew by, but when I scroll through my camera-roll and my instagram account I realise how much has actually happened. 2017 was the year I trained to become a teacher and graduated with 'outstanding'. It was also the year that I managed to secure my first real adult job, earning enough to be taxed and of course most importantly having my own class of children to teach!

Huda Beauty Warm Brown Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette Review + YT Video

Hello everyone! Todays review is on the new Huda beauty mini 'obsession' eyeshadow palettes...well specifically the one in warm brown. She has four palettes, all with a distinctively different theme and they cost £25 for 10g of product.

Light Up Skincare Review + Discount code! | Autumn Skin Survival Kit

Hello everybody, it feels fantastic to be sitting here and writing another blog post for you all! This one is about a subject dear to many of our hearts', it is on skincare, and not just any old drugstore brand mind you, but a beautifully natural organic brand which has really caught my attention the past few weeks. When the owner of Light up skincare, reached out to me on instagram to review their autumn skin survival kit, I was more than a little bit excited. Products made with zero chemicals, plenty of oils and promising to help my dry dehydrated skin as the weather changed for the worse? Yes please! I've been testing these out for a good couple of weeks now and I'm ready to share my thoughts.