Reviewing 2016 Goals and Catch-up

Hello everyone! My lost post of every year is a review of the goals I set 10 months ago. However I only set 4 so I'm going to turn this post into a bit of a catchup too. But first the goals:

Best Skincare Purchases 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. I was really hoping to get this post up a few days ago, but I've been having a break in London with the family, so it's a little late! Anyway, the second part of my 'best of 2016' is focusing on skincare, and its been a good year for it! I have a lot of products to share with you all so I won't ramble on in the intro, on to the goodies.

Best of Amazon and eBay Beauty Finds 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great relaxing few days watching movies and eating to your hearts content. I have been looking around for the best deals, although there aren't LOADS of beauty ones this year which isn't great ☹️. The ones I have found btw, are all on my twitter (@blushinggiraffe). ANYWAYS today I wanted to share some of my absolute favourite beauty picks from Amazon and eBay. I also have one or two products which I don't recommend at all, however we'll get to that in due time! I love scouring both these sites for beauty items and more often than not I am happy with what I have found. As this post involves sharing some fantastic deals with you all, I'm super excited and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Beauty tips for busy ladies

Hello everyone! A short and sweet post today from yours truly, I wanted to share a couple of tips I've picked up since my life has shifted dramatically from a uni student to a trainee teacher. I was used to one 9am a week and about 10 hours of compulsory time spent at uni, about 8 hours of work a week and the rest of the time I was pretty much a lady of leisure. Not to say that Uni workload is a walk in the park, because it most certainly is not! However shifting from a pretty relaxed weekly schedule, to 7:30am - 5/6:00pm days FIVE DAYS A WEEK is incredibly exhausting and it took me most of the autumn term to get used to it, plus three weeks of being bunged up and filled with cold. That's just a standard part of teacher training I hear though, so onwards and upwards haha.

Colourpop Series | 'out and about' trio

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well on this chilly December evening! I am trying to blog every single day for the rest of the year, as it's finally the x-mas holidays wooo ^_^ Todays post is another addition to my colourpop series, focusing on one of their value kits called 'Out and About'. As I've not reviewed anothing from CP in a while, I'll quickly update you on my thoughts about ordering from the brand, before getting into the review.


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been able to type up a part 2 of my teacher training post, for which I apologise!  This is for my readers who are also interested in teaching and todays post will specifically focus on the interview process of the school direct route. Please do read through my part 1, which also covers the skills test which is application, skills test and personal statement - I got a couple of questions on these but Ive already covered them, so have a read ^_^.

Makeup Starter Kit | Affordable Edition

Hello everyone, I thought I'd type up a makeup starter kit filled with ethical recommendations from yours truly. As 2016 draws to a close, you and I will be bombarded with fantastic deals and sales, so I hope this post is helpful for all, but especially for those of you who may not be too much into makeup, but just want to add a couple of bits to your collection. These items are all affordable and most of them you can purchase from the highstreet, however some I would recommend picking up online, because there are always great deals on them. These are also the items that I would repurchase if all my makeup disappeared, so I hope if you purchase any of them, you enjoy them as much as I do.  Apologies for the lack of photos, teacher training AND short days = no time!