January 2016 Update

Hello hello hello! Welcome to another update post, if you’re new to my blog these are monthly posts where I have a little catchup with you all and kind of recap my month. They started out as being mainly for me, but I’m so glad there are a few of you who really enjoy reading these as it increases my motivation to write them more. So January 2016, IT. HAS. BEEN. TOUGH. I was not prepared for how exhausting the first month of 2016 was going to be and it’s not been easy in any sense of the word, that’s for sure. It wasn’t all bad though, tiring doesn’t have to equate to negativity, it can be a sign of change and growth which are good, just not the norm!

Huge 2016 Beauty Wishlist | Halfway Through My 8 Month Ban!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing very well! Today marks 126 days since I started my ‘no buying makeup challenge’ and I am kind of in shock myself! To read about this challenge if you are new to my blog, click HERETo get this far makes me so proud and honestly I am not exaggerating when I say this challenge has been life changing for me. Saving money properly for the first time ever and then being able to pay for my car insurance independenly and even putting in a good amount of cash for a new sparkly laptop (more on that in the update post tomorrow) felt SO good! I don’t earn a tonne of money as I only work around 8-12 hours a week and running a car is pretty bank-balance draining as it is. However by stopping spontaneously buying makeup left, right and centre I have managed to save a decent amount AND really use up all the stuff I already own which is wondefully satisfying. 

So as it has been exactly four months since I have not purchased any makeup, we are at the half way point now! My challenge ends on the 25th of May (my 21st birthday) and if I make it that far without buying makeup I’m treating myself to a Sephora haul yaaaaay! There are always makeup items that I really want to check out, partly because I’m always reading blogs and partly thanks to YouTube, so I thought it would be fun to write up a wishlist post. I managed to miss out a couple of things in my picture down below, but never mind I’ll mention everything that I can think of (with links too of course). 

2016 makeup wishlist

By the way, these are all things I would LIKE to get in the next year but I probably won’t be adding it all to my stash. We’ll see how much makeup I use up too ^_^

Introducing Earth Kiss - 100% Natural Face Masks!

earth kiss face masks review pore refine, rejuvenate, pore cleanse, hydrating sheet mask review

Hello everybody! Todays post is an introduction to an exciting new brand called ‘Earth Kiss’. Their story is based around the impact that intensive farming methods are having on our planet. (You can read more about that right here). The key ingredient in all of their masks is the himalayan Shilajit which is energised with 85 plant micronutrients, which sounds amazing! Again you can read more about that in the last link if you’re interested.

Earth Kiss currently have 6 face masks in their line, which are all 100% natural - incredible right? That in my experience, is very rare to find, as a lot of skincare companies pack their products with tonnes of chemicals and fragrances. It is such a nice change to find a brand which actually cares about the earth and is committed to ensuring their ingredients are natural. When I received an email asking if I would like to review some of the facemasks, of course I jumped at the chance! BUT I wanted to ensure that they would be easily available for me and my readers... and to my absolute delight I was told that you can pick the brand up at : Holland and Barrett, Alara Health Stores and Natures Healthbox. YAAAY. (Also sidenote, how cute is the little bag! Thankyou Earth Kiss!)

LOTW | Colourpop Lippiestix in Lumiere

colourpop lippiestix in lumiere review and swatch

Hello everyone, it feels so SO good to be back writing another LOTW post because it has been around 5 weeks since my last! This week I decided to go for another one of my colour pop lippiestix, in the shade ‘lumiere’ which was Kathleen Light’s first collar with the amazing brand. I always feel so bittersweet when using my colour pop lip products because I am obsessed with the formula, the range of colours, the shape and the price…I just hate how hard they are to get here in the U.K! You can read about how I ordered mine last year here and I am yet to find a substantially cheaper method of getting them, although there are sites in the U.K which are selling them…for almost triple the U.S price, so it all depends on how desperate you want to get them - either way it costs an unfair amount - Colourpop sort it out please!

Top Three | Golden Highlighters

top three highlighters

Hello everyone!! Ahhh, my blogging break has been going on for FAR TOO LONG. I’ve almost forgotten how to blog, for real ._. This January has been probably the busiest Jan of my life so far and lets just say, I have a lot to talk about in my update post, which is coming your way in less than two weeks! Anyway I thought I would ease myself back into blogging with a top three post, this time being one of my favourite makeup items ever - golden highlighters! *jazz hands* I have a medium/olive skintone and I find golden highlights are by far the most flattering for me. They can also look beautiful on fair and deeper skintones too of course, but they're the category of highlight that I always gravitate towards first.

Clarins 'The Big Beauty Gift' in Debenhams

I love a good gift with purchase, in fact an offer like that is usually the reason why I’ll treat myself to more expensive products, because you get so much value for your money! Debenhams have a fantastic offer on at the moment, involving the classic Clarins brand. If you purchase two items, with one being a skincare item, you will receive three very very generous ‘sample’ sizes, AKA The Big Beauty Gift. I’m reluctant to call them samples because they’re large enough to get a proper good feel of the product - nothing mini about these at all! ^_^

2015 Beauty Favourites!

Hello everyone! I know I’m a little bit late with this annual beauty favourites..but at least you’ve finally caught up on everyone else’s and you’re ready for the final one on your feed..am I right?! hehe.  I didn’t get exactly 15 products, but these are the items that I found myself reaching for over and over throughout the year. I have a feeling this is going to be a fairly long post, so lets begin..

My 2016 Goals!

Hello lovely people! Happy New Year ^_^

I’m not sure if you have noticed, but for the past two weeks I’ve been on a bit of a blogging break. I just had a lot going on with the family and I wasn’t in the mood to take photos, edit them and write up a post to be honest. I reviewed my 2015 goals, but the other posts were prewritten. Also I managed to cut my index finger on my right hand about a week ago and even though its not a big cut, its pretty deep so I still can’t put any pressure on it - which includes doing the most simplest things like writing, typing, taking photos and opening doors! So anyways the point is, I really needed a little break from the blogging world but I am now back and feeling rejuvinated(ish)!