Reviewing 2016 Goals and Catch-up

Hello everyone! My lost post of every year is a review of the goals I set 10 months ago. However I only set 4 so I'm going to turn this post into a bit of a catchup too. But first the goals:

Best Skincare Purchases 2016

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. I was really hoping to get this post up a few days ago, but I've been having a break in London with the family, so it's a little late! Anyway, the second part of my 'best of 2016' is focusing on skincare, and its been a good year for it! I have a lot of products to share with you all so I won't ramble on in the intro, on to the goodies.

Best of Amazon and eBay Beauty Finds 2016

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a great relaxing few days watching movies and eating to your hearts content. I have been looking around for the best deals, although there aren't LOADS of beauty ones this year which isn't great ☹️. The ones I have found btw, are all on my twitter (@blushinggiraffe). ANYWAYS today I wanted to share some of my absolute favourite beauty picks from Amazon and eBay. I also have one or two products which I don't recommend at all, however we'll get to that in due time! I love scouring both these sites for beauty items and more often than not I am happy with what I have found. As this post involves sharing some fantastic deals with you all, I'm super excited and I hope you all enjoy it too.

Beauty tips for busy ladies

Hello everyone! A short and sweet post today from yours truly, I wanted to share a couple of tips I've picked up since my life has shifted dramatically from a uni student to a trainee teacher. I was used to one 9am a week and about 10 hours of compulsory time spent at uni, about 8 hours of work a week and the rest of the time I was pretty much a lady of leisure. Not to say that Uni workload is a walk in the park, because it most certainly is not! However shifting from a pretty relaxed weekly schedule, to 7:30am - 5/6:00pm days FIVE DAYS A WEEK is incredibly exhausting and it took me most of the autumn term to get used to it, plus three weeks of being bunged up and filled with cold. That's just a standard part of teacher training I hear though, so onwards and upwards haha.

Colourpop Series | 'out and about' trio

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well on this chilly December evening! I am trying to blog every single day for the rest of the year, as it's finally the x-mas holidays wooo ^_^ Todays post is another addition to my colourpop series, focusing on one of their value kits called 'Out and About'. As I've not reviewed anothing from CP in a while, I'll quickly update you on my thoughts about ordering from the brand, before getting into the review.


Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been able to type up a part 2 of my teacher training post, for which I apologise!  This is for my readers who are also interested in teaching and todays post will specifically focus on the interview process of the school direct route. Please do read through my part 1, which also covers the skills test which is application, skills test and personal statement - I got a couple of questions on these but Ive already covered them, so have a read ^_^.

Makeup Starter Kit | Affordable Edition

Hello everyone, I thought I'd type up a makeup starter kit filled with ethical recommendations from yours truly. As 2016 draws to a close, you and I will be bombarded with fantastic deals and sales, so I hope this post is helpful for all, but especially for those of you who may not be too much into makeup, but just want to add a couple of bits to your collection. These items are all affordable and most of them you can purchase from the highstreet, however some I would recommend picking up online, because there are always great deals on them. These are also the items that I would repurchase if all my makeup disappeared, so I hope if you purchase any of them, you enjoy them as much as I do.  Apologies for the lack of photos, teacher training AND short days = no time!

Autumn Colourpop Haul

colourpop haul uk fall edit, love bug, calypso, elixir, hammered

Oppps...I accidently splashed a bunch of dollars because Colourpop hit us with that free international delivery and I caved in as soon as I saw their new 'fall edit' photos! Now this post has been sat in my drafts for 21 days, insane. I am finally getting around to editing the pictures and publishing it for you all - hopefully it's helpful. Plus colourpop have YET ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY OFFER ON RIGHT NOW, when you spend over $50! I placed a second order, but this time there were presents for friends and two products for one of you lovely readers, because its been a while since I've done a giveaway and I feel like I've been so busy, its only fair to plan lil treat for you all. Anyway onto za haul...

Introducing Joan Collins Timeless Beauty | Makeup Spray and Dry Oil Body Polish

joan collins Ten effects skin treat and makeup fixer review

Hello everyone, today's quite an exciting blog post because I'm going to be sharing two products from a brand that is very new to me. Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, is a brand owned by the Dame herself. She created it with the vision of it being an international luxury brand. Within the range it covers fragrance, makeup and skincare! Today I'll be reviewing a skincare/makeup item and a body care item too.

Lush Bloggers' Event & Haul

lush bloggers event halloween and christmas 2016 lush haul

Hello hello, todays blog post is on the wonderful annual Lush event - honestly if you're a blogger and you haven't gotten in touch with your local store, you're missing out! They love holding these events and educating us bloggers on the beautiful new seasonal products. I was exhausted that day but very much looked forwards to attending and it was so nice meeting a couple of new people too! Seeing all the new halloween and Christmas products was great and I thought it was so nice how they had vegan snacks and non-alcoholic drinks for everybody to enjoy. The event always starts by passing around a Lush shower jelly and introducing ourselves, along with our blog/youtube channel. We then were given a quick tour of the store set up, followed by a 'spot the new release' sort of game, which was different and a more exciting way of seeing each product as a group. I managed to create a couple of GIFs I know I know, how fanceeh!

Beauty Haul | Becca & Kat Von D

becca and kat von d haul uk

Hello everybody! Today I have a haul post for you all and it will most certainly be the last one in a long while, cause I'm still about that #studentlife haha. This haul spans from August till now and I'm really excited to share it all with you.

The Dior Skin Foundation Trilogy Reviewed

Dior skin nude dior skin star dior skin forever review 31 comparison

Hello everyone, I have had my September favourites sitting in my drafts for over a fortnight now but because I've not had time to retake those awful photos. I've pretty much given up with that and moved on to the next one, on to the neeeeext one...and here I present you with my collection of Dior foundations. This post is a mini review and comparison of the Dior Star, Dior Forever and Dior Nude foundations, all of which I've had for quite a while already. I'll link any original reviews below if you're interested in swatches and more detail. I hope this post'll be an introduction to these bases for you and if you have been interested in splashing out on a Dior base, this post should help you decide which one you're looking for!

September Update | A month into teacher training

Hello everyone! Happy October to you all 🤗 I do try to put my favourites up on this day, most months, however I've currently lost my camera charger and so photos are on hold. I was a bit behind with my blog anyway and thought I may as-well type up a chatty type of post because I know some of you really enjoy reading these ^_^

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX06, SX07 AND SX08

kevyn aucoin sensual skin enhancer sx06, sx07, sx08 review and swatches

As regular readers of my blog, you may now know that I seem to really like the number 3. I have my 'Top 3' series and coincidentally I have managed to 'collect' three of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancers over the past year and a half. These little pots are quite an investment and they're definitely from the luxury side of makeup, but as you can tell simply by the fact that I have more than one, I love love love the sensual skin enhancer! I wanted to write this post as an attachment to my original review of the shade SX08, which you can read here.

This or That | Marc Jacobs #instamarc light filtering contour powder in Mirage V Wet'n'Wild megaglo contouring palette in caramel toffee

This or That | Marc Jacobs #instamarc light filtering contour powder in Mirage V Wet'n'Wild megaglo contouring palette in caramel toffee

Hello everyone! I can't tell you how great it feels to be back to writing a beauty post after the most intense, action packed fortnight ever. But more on that in the monthly catch up post, because today I'm going to be sharing another 'this or that' with you all. These posts were not designed to always compare dupes, the intention is more to look closely at two similar products and decide which is more worth my money and which one I'd purchase again. Having said all that this one in particular is a bit of a dupe and I'm SO happy with what I'm about to share with you all!

Teacher Training Journey Part 1 | Why, Which Route and Application

Hello everyone, another requested post from me today so I hope my regular reader don’t mind. This post is my first on my teacher training journey and as I began thinking about it roughly around this time last year, I thought it would be beneficial to write up a post now for those of you about to begin your final year at University. This is going to be very text heavy and I will be going into as much detail as I can, so I recommend you get yourself a cuppa before you begin.

Why choose teaching?

Before I start talking about the route I have picked and why, I want to talk about WHY you may want to go into teacher training. I have just completed my second week of training and I can honestly say I have never been so exhausted in my life!  The journey to becoming a teacher is very tiring and I think its important to know that to go into teaching, you are not doing it for the money, or for the security of the job. You are doing it because you love children, because you enjoy learning as-well as teaching and because you yourself want to play a part in shaping the next generation’s future. These things are crucial and if at this point you are unsure about either of these things, then it is worth rethinking your decision. A teacher’s day is not 8am-4pm, although of course it varies but I have already, in my first week of training, been in my school at 7:45am and come home at 6:30pm. As a teacher you spend a LOT of your time working and that is a reality which is vital to keep in mind. In many ways it is much more than a 9-5 job, and I think its valuable knowledge to go into the process with this in mind. You really have to want to teach for the sake of teaching, intrinsic motivation is key!

Lumea Update #3

philips lumea update review

Well, it's been quite a long time since I've posted one of these up hasn't it! If you have no idea what this post is about to be about, check out number one and number two. It's focusing on the Philips Lumea which is an IPL device, designed to slow down hair growth. I won't go too much into the details of what it is, but if you're curious check out the links above.

My go-to / 'everyday' makeup routine

Hello everyone, it has been over a week since I have had the chance to sit down and blog because I have started my teacher training journey and all I can say thus-far is that I'm VERY TIRED. It'll inevitably get a little easier once I get out of the erratic and super relaxed university lifestyle (i.e no real routine and plenty of late nights followed by lie-ins). I thought I'd ease back into blogging with my go-to makeup as of late. This was kind of my everyday summer makeup, because I had a lot more time of course and this is kind of like my favourites post of August too, because these are the products I reached for again and again.

Review | MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large

MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large review

Hi guys, todays post should be shorter than my usual, but equally informative I hope! So you may have seen on my blog that I have quite the collection of single eyeshadows now, from both Makeup geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I never thought I'd be collecting and creating my own palette but I am so happy with the quality from both brands and I really needed a good palette to store them in. I do own a Z palette, however I've had it for around a year and to be honest its looking pretty battered with minimal travel. I wasn't impressed that I paid over a tenner for this palette, only to find that it didn't last very well. Its not the end of the world y'know, I just wanted better quality so I did some research and found that the Make Up For Ever Metal Magnetic Palettes!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul & My Mall Box Experience

anastasia beverly hills UK haul

Hello everybody, back with another haul (these will be slowing down soon as I am now unemployed! But more on that in the catch up post haha). This is such an exciting haul for me, because I have been wanting to purchasing Anastasia Beverley Hills products for quite a while, but in the U.K we have a very limited amount of the collection to choose from sadly. We can easily access all the brow range and a few select products, but the rest is limited to Sephora online. That is fine now and again, but the large customs fee really does add up.

How to get a first in your dissertation

Hello all! Quite a specific non beauty post from me today, but I have been meaning to type up a couple of these Uni/work related posts for a while as I have had quite a few questions from my readers and wanted to help out where I could. Obviously this won't be relevant to most people, so do excuse this post if you fall into that category, perhaps read my last post top three topshop beauty one instead? ☺️ If you are one of the people who asked for a post on the whole dissertation process, or you're a University student then I hope this is a helpful post as you get started with the big dissertation! I'm really not expecting many comments on this post, its just for those who could benefit from it haha. Also its a long one, so grab a cuppa tea or some lemonade and maybe a notebook.

Top Three | Topshop Beauty

topshop glow pot in gleam, topshop highlighter in horizon, topshop bronzer in mohawk swatch and review

Hello everyone, its been quite a while since I've typed up a top three, so today I am going to be sharing my absolute favourites from Topshop beauty. The purpose of these posts is to whittle down my makeup collection to the best of the best from each category, be that a whole brand or simply my favourite golden highlighters for example. I have tried quite a few things from the Topshop beauty line and so it was tricky to limit this down to three products, but if push came to shove the following are definitely the items I'd repurchase in a heartbeat.

July Favourites

July beauty favourites

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Today I'm going to be sharing my July favourites, time really is flying by and soon enough I'm sure I'll be struggling to get up one blog post a week - so I have some work to do in the last few weeks off! July was, like I said in my update post, a really wonderful month and I also got to try a bunch of new makeup and I had been saving up for the longest time. Some of these things are a little random but they're items I have been wanting to share with you all for the longest time, without doing a whole blog post on it.

July 2016 Update | Eid, Beauty By Maryam Launch & Graduating!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. July 2016 has probably been the best month of the year for me and I have so much to write in this update!

Haul & First Impressions | Charlotte Tilbury and Zoeva

charlotte tilbury and zoeva haul

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. Again I've been so slow with the blog posts, life has just been going at an extremely fast pace and I am very grateful to have a few spare minutes to type this up! Todays post is a haul as you can see from the title, and it is one that I have been wanting to purchase for months and months. Both the brands Charlotte Tilbury and Zoeva are rather pricy and most definitely a splurge, so I had to wait for a worthy enough occasion before I treated myself. When graduation rolled around and I found out my grades it was pretty much the perfect reason to pick up some goodies I have wanted for quite some time. Some of these items I've been using and some are still brand new and I have no comment to make...yet!


colourpop chi, beeper and tulle ultra matte liquid lipstick review and swatch

Hello lovely people! Sorry for the little in-pronto blogging break I took, the heat and recent events were to blame, but I am back again today with another colourpop lips post. This time with a darker more brown themed colour family. I am going to be copying and pasting the application tips from the last post, incase you've stumbled upon this one first (but you can read the 'light nude shades' post here). In this set of three I'm happy to say there aren't any that I disliked formula wise, they all applied well and lasted the same amount of time (around 5 hours before it started fading).

Two High End Concealers That Disappointed Me

disappointing products charlotte tilbury retoucher 3 tarte maracuja concealer

Hello everyone! If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I'm not one to avoid talking about products that have let me down. I think in the blogging community there is a bit of an awkward turtle vibe, when it comes to 'negative reviews', however the whole reason I read blogs in general is to get a well rounded opinion of a product. And if its not quite what that blogger expected, I want to know why and if it would impact me the same y'know? Especially when it it comes to high-end pricy items, because in some ways if I buy a £5 concealer and it doesn't work out, then it's not as big of a disappointment. But if I'm spending more than £15 on a concealer, then it had better be worth my monies!

Colourpop Series #1 | Light Nudes Shades

Colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks in biance, clueless and solow review and swatch

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first of my posts in the colourpop ultra matte liquid lipsticks series (but for short I'm calling it colourpop series haha). So as you may have seen in my hauls I ordered a LOT of liquid lipsticks from colourpop as well as a few satins, and I thought the best way to review them would be in groups of three. I also wanted to let you all know that COLOURPOP WILL BE SHIPPING INTERNATIONALLY ON TUESDAY 12TH OF JULY!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 So I hope these posts will be helpful to you when placing orders, they have such a huge range of shades that it can be a little overwhelming, so check back on my blog every weekend for a new post with thorough reviews ^_^

My Must Have Makeup Geek Shadows | For Brown Gals

my must have makeup geek eyeshadows for asian skintones, brown girls

Hello lovely people, I hope you're doing well. Today I am going to be sharing my favourite Makeup geek eyeshadows with you, these are the ones I've had for a good few weeks and I have loved the most. I will be doing a full eyeshadow collection and swatch post, as well as a makeup geek starter kit but all in due time. I wanted to kick off my MUG posts with my favourites, the ones that should my whole collection go missing God forbid, I would want to repurchase immediately and these are also the shadows (from what I've tried so far) that look best on a brown/medium complexion. Now I'm not too happy with my swatches, but I tried to get them as accurate in colour as possible so I hope they're still helpful!

Also you may have noticed the 'For Brown Gals' in the title, so I hereby welcome you to a brand new series on my blog - these posts are totally for every single skintone, but especially for my fellow olive/brownskinned girls who want makeup recommendations that are catered to them. I will be doing a couple of these posts here and there from now on ^_^

June 2016 Favourites

june 2016 favourites the blushing giraffe spin for perfect skin, anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance, sleek suede blush, ABH glow kit sundipped

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've blogged, because I've just been trying to enjoy the end of Ramadan as much as I can, however I did want to get my favourites up because I'm the type of person who hates posting mid-month faves haha. This month I have got a BUNCH of new things, due to birthday money and treating myself for my final year university results, however because I've been fasting I've not been wearing a lot of makeup or trying out a lot of new things. So this is probably one of the smallest favourites post I have ever typed up, but y'know with my fabulous ability to ramble on and on this'll still be rather long.

3 Month Update | University, Turning 21 and Ramadan

the blushing giraffe update

Hello lovely readers, it has been quite a while since I've typed an update post...the last one was at the end of March! So I fee kind of out of practice, but theres a lot to talk about so lets get started ^_^

Colourpop Haul Part 2! A lot of liquid lipsticks...

how to get colourpop to the UK

Hello all, here is my second colourpop haul - FINALLY! If you missed my first one, catch up one it here, along with a guide on getting Colourpop to the U.K. This haul consists of the products that had been on my colourpop wishlist for the loooongest time, so it was super exciting to finally get it in the post, even if I was hit with customs charges this time around!

Review | NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint in St Mortiz

NARS Matte Skin Tint in St Mortiz review and swatch

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint (£30.00) in the shade St Mortiz. I've had this base for a couple of weeks now and I have really enjoyed using it, especially as I'm not a regular in the matte foundation department - I prefer a satin/dewy finish myself. But recently my skintype has shifted to combo, with some areas of my face being normal and others getting oily rather quickly, so this definitely interested me. It also  received a LOT of good reviews, so of course when I saw my shade available on the ASOS 20% off sale I purchased it.

Haul | KIKO Sale!

kiko haul

Hello everyone, back again with another haul and this time its from KIKO! This is a combination of online and...much to my delight in store too because I finally have a local store yaaaaaaay. I love online shopping more than the average person, but theres just something ever so delightful about being able to swatch makeup products yourself, see the colours and feel the formulas y'know?! I could have spent another half an hour in the store, but my younger sister and little cousin were shooting me the most bored side eyes so I had to hurry it up a little bit haha. Right onto the haul (and be prepared for a large amount of khaki hehehe).

Requested | How to get a long-lasting DEWY base!

how to get a long lasting dewy base foundation

Hello lovely readers, I hope you're all doing well. Today's post is a requested one, I often get asked what the best long-lasting non-matte foundation is on the market. I personally love a dewy base, however it is well known that they just don't have the best lasting power in the world - but fear not! There are ways around this and whilst I'm quick to recommend the Dior Star Foundation as well as the MUFE Face and Body (although the shades in that line aren't the best for yellow toned/medium skintones) I also know they're not in everybody's price range. There are quite a few ways of getting a dewy base which lasts well on the skin, without having to spend a lot on a new foundation (though if you are in the market for one, the star foundation is a winner!). I'm sure you'll have some of these key ingredients  in your home already, so do read on if you're interested in creating a glowing base which lasts well on the skin.

LOTW | The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed

The Balm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed review and swatch

Hello everyone! This will be my last lipstick of the week for a while, as I have quite a few colourpop LLS coming in the post, so will be testing those out and reviewing them in groups of four instead ^_^ Anyway this week I have worn The Balm's Committed for most of the days I've been wearing makeup and I really really like it. So much so that I included it in my May faves too.

Colourpop Haul Part One | Update on Getting Colourpop To The U.K

how to get colourpop to the U.K, ship colourpop to the U.K

Hello lovely people, this is a very exciting post for me to be writing, because it is an update to the most read post on my blog so far 'how I got colourpop to the U.K'. After a year, I decided it was time to place another order and over the past 12 months I have been building up quite an extensive list of products I wanted to try out. I was absolutely thrilled when colourpop had a flash 20% off sale, saving money on a brand I had SOO much I wanted to try from? YES PLEASE! However I am going to be brutally honest, they were extremely unprepared for their flash sale and the website crashed multiple times. Eventually they decided to use a queue system, where you had to 'wait in line'  and you could see all the tens of thousands of people ahead of you waiting. Everyone was assigned a place in line and an approximate wait time, for me it was 40 minutes, so I continued working on my essay whilst keeping the tab open. Once you were on the site you got 15 minutes to add whatever you wanted to the basket and then you had to check out. It was HECTIC! But as they extended the sale to the next day due to a lot of upset on twitter, I managed to place a second order asking my friends if they wanted to order anything through me.

Review | Colourpop Shadows in Get Lucky, Mooning, Shop & To-A-T

Colourpop super shock shadows in get lucky, shop, mooning, to-a-t and Blusher in Between The Sheets review and swatch

Hello everyone, today I'll be reviewing the eyeshadows and blusher I purchased a year ago in this haul. I've had plenty of time to play with them, get a feel for them and try out the hype that is colourpop! I have since placed two more orders, one which is on the way  (they had a huge 20% off sitewide sale, which knocked them backwards). Anyway I wanted to review these things for you all and to let you know what I think is worth purchasing, especially as in the UK it's such a struggle to get a hold of this brand. You either have to buy in bulk and spend a lot of money on shipping and customs, or you have to resort to paying five times the amount you'd have to pay, if you were in the U.S. In my first haul, I decided to purchase four shadows to get a feel for the different types of shadows and how well they applied. I'm going to go through each shade individually, then at the end give you a run down of my final thoughts.

What being on a 7 month makeup spending ban taught me

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. Today isn't a review or a haul, its more of a reflective post that I wanted to share with you all, on what I learnt from not buying makeup for a total of seven months. In some ways it sounds so over-dramatic, it's not like I went 4 years without buying it (ha! as if!), but for someone who keeps up with blogs and youtube, not to mention runs her own beauty blog I have to say its an achievement I am proud about! I explained in this post why I chose to stop buying makeup for a while, it was initially meant to be till I turned 21, but I did end it one month early. Needless to say I learnt a couple of lessons over the many weeks, that have certainly impacted my buying decision for now and the future.

May 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone, it feels so great to be writing a monthly favourites again ^_^ This month the majority of my favourites have been new purchases and there is nothing like new makeup to make me feel excited!

Review | Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365/123

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365/123 review and swatch

Hello! This review has been in the pipeline for months, so I'm excited to be sitting down and finally writing it. So this is the second foundation I have purchased from Make Up For Ever, the first was the Face and Body (reviewed here) and I absolutely love it. It's quick to apply, water based and has great longevity. I've always wanted to buy the more famous sister though and when they reformulated it, into an 'Ultra' version of the HD designed for 4K cameras, I jumped at the chance last summer. Whilst I still love the Face and Body, this Ultra HD foundation has seriously impressed me, quickly becoming my go-to foundation. In fact I think I'm down to the last few pumps which never ever happens so quickly as I'm usually always switching between bases.

My 21st Birthday Sephora Haul!

sephora birthday haul beauty insider 2016 ordering to the UK

Hello everybody! Today is my 21st Birthday 🎉 And it's becoming a bit of a tradition to treat myself to one Sephora order a year, in my birthday month. Ordering from Sephora is expensive without a doubt, customs, taxes and shipping in total probably cost me around £36! So now you know why it's more of an annual treat haha. Having said that, like I said last year the way I see it is £36 is a lot cheaper than a ticket to America and hotel costs SOOOO I think all in all, although its a splurge it's rather justifiable ;D. Before we get into this haul, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of consistency with these photos, I was getting brave and shooting in RAW mode...this was my first try and some of them didn't quite come out as I had hoped. ANYWAYS, on to the good stuff!

LOTW | Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in Everything Nice

Hello everybody! I hope you had a great week. I have really enjoyed this week's LOTW, it's the first one I've tried from Gerard Cosmetics and I featured it in this haul. It's the shade Everything Nice, which I described as one of the most perfect shades for me ever. It's still a tad dark for me to feel comfortable to wear at home, but perhaps that's because I'm so used to wearing lighter nude shades! Anyway it's been great testing out another formula of liquid lipstick and I am a big fan.

Review | Organza Natural Skin Care Silk Cream & Lemon and Blackseed Scrub

Organza Natural Skin Care Silk Cream & Lemon and Blackseed Scrub review

Hello everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing two products from an Instagram business. The lovely people at Organza Natural Skin Care, got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago and sent me the Silk Cream* and the Lemon & Blackseed Scrub*. I've been using them both for quite a while, so I'm ready to share my thoughts. You may know that skincare is actually the key to makeup success, as when the initial base is looked after properly, anything you apply over the skin goes on smoother and lasts longer! I don't mind spending a little extra on skincare, sometimes it really is an investment, however aside from the price of the products, one thing I am becoming exceedingly careful about is the ingredients in the products themselves.

The First Haul After My 7 Month Makeup Challenge!

haul coty airspun, gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick in everything nice and 1995, NARS velvet skin tint in stromboli, Morphe E6, Morphe eyeshadow brushes, stila liquid lipstick in caramello, milani eyeshadow primer, MUG eyeshadows, MUFE large empty eyeshadow palette, koko lashes in queen B and goddess

I had a really hard time naming this post...but yes my makeup buying ban/challenge is over and I am so happy, proud and excited! I actually cut my ban short by a month, it was initially supposed to be 8 months altogether and end on my birthday (25th of May). However I decided to cut it short, mainly due to the sheer amount of stress I was under with University (sometimes the only thing that helps is spending money, we've all been there!). I'm so happy I set myself the challenge and I'm even more happy that I carried it through for so long. Whilst looking back at my posts, there does seem to be this theme of 'spending bans' and 'opps I spent some money' and I realised I'm slightly hard on Iqra, when you're reading this in the future, remember that  - you work hard, so don't feel so bad about spending your money pls, tysm.

Anyways I'll have a post about this whole not buying makeup thing, up on my blog soon, because as a self-confessed beauty addict and beauty blogger too, of course buying makeup is something I LOVE doing on the regular! However I learnt a lot from this experience and I'm pretty excited to share it with you all too. Yes treat yoself sometimes, but also sometimes just using up the lovely makeup you already own is the better option...Anyways I feel like this is the most rambliest intro ever.. let's get stuck into the first haul of the month!! (and there are a good couple more to come later on hehehe).

LOTW | IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Babydoll

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Babydoll review and swatch

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a great week. I've spent most of mine at work, trying to catch up on the hours I missed during all the stress that was third year! My lipstick of the week was one mentioned in this haul, the IMAN Luxury Moisturising Lipstick in Baby Doll* which I actually picked out myself. I can't believe how perfect this shade is, yaaaaaaaaaas!

Lumea Update | Post 3 Treatments

Hello everybody! I know this post has been highly anticipated by those of you who were curious about the Philips Lumea, however if you missed my original post and have no idea about what I'm talking about, I'd recommend you click here before continuing! Also if you don't have a lot of time and simply want to know 'So far do you recommend this?' my answer is YES. YES I DO.
But do read on for my full experience thus far!

LOTW | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Hello everyone! I am officially finished with University!!! Woooohooo! Excuse the lateness of this post, but I had to get the last of Uni done before I could get properly stuck into blogging again. Anyway I know I've been gone for a while, so naturally I've been wearing more than just one lipstick of the week, however I've been rotating between a couple so that when I did eventually get back to my blog I'd have some posts to share. Now you may remember the first time I featured one of these Rouge Edition Velvets on my blog (post here) and I was just not very impressed. I won't go back into the reasons, but in short I found it didn't stay put and to be honest that colour in particular just wasn't my cup of tea either. Also I was probably applying too much product, one of my lovely readers suggested I wipe off more of the product before applying it, as it is a wetter/creamy formula and a little means it'll kind of dry faster.

Introducing IMAN Cosmetics! Haul & Review

IMAN cosmetics haul UK
Hello everybody! I promise I'll address my one month break soon, but the short of it: Dissertation *shudders* Anyway, today I'm sharing a haul from IMAN Cosmetics, a brand which I had heard of here and there but never tried out myself. IMAN Cosmetics is a brand founded by the model Iman (who was married to David Bowie). She created the brand because she recognised the desperate need of makeup for ethnic WOC and the best thing about the brand by far is the extensive shade range, especially for the deepest of skintones! Starting from the 'sand' range, to 'clay' and finally 'earth'.  I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out a selection ^_^ This post is going to be a haul and a review of the items, I've been testing them for over six weeks and feel like I can you a well rounded review.  Unfortunately I don't have swatches for two of the things, but I will be going into more detail in future posts. So on we go..

LOTW | Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Barely There

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Barely There review and swatch

Hello dear readers, it's been quite a while since I've posted a LOTW hasn't it? I haven't really been focusing on just one lipstick a week, if any at all since final year has been in full swing. If I've worn makeup it's usually been for a special occasion, or I've simply opted for lip-balm. However Sleek's lipstick in 'Barely There' was the last one that I chose and I've been trying to make it work on and off. On the first few wears it was just too bright and peachy against my skintone, but at the same time it made quite the lovely change to my usual mauves and rosy shades that I tend to favour.

March 2016 Update

march update the fox and star stationary

Hello lovely readers, I hope you're all doing well today! My update for this month really isn't very long, so I decided to add a small haul to keep things a little more interesting ^_^