Best of Black Friday UK

best of black friday uk

Hi! I’m not sure why this sudden Black Friday trend has started in the UK seeing as we don’t even do Thanksgiving, but hey as a bargain LOVER  I ain’t complaining.

I’ve been getting emails all week regarding the sales and so I thought I’d put them all together in one post so you can all access them together. This weekend for me personally will be very busy under the books and fun of SPSS *growls* but I’m sure I’ll be sneaking the odd sale in here and there, especially as it’s payday tomorrow, yeah mullah!

Each site is hyperlinked, and I have tried to include when everything ends, but do double check just incase.

November Birchbox review and first impression

birchbox novemeber 2014 review and first impressions the blushing giraffe

Hi ladies! I would like to start be apologising - this was actually written two whole weeks ago and I have only JUST gotten around to taking photos for it, so I will have to slightly reword it (darn it). Also I’m sorry for my absence from the blog, second year is really starting to kick in already so sometimes (sadly) the blog has to go on the backburner.

Just to run through the basics birchbox costs £10 + P&P £2.95 for the rolling monthly sub, you fill out a beauty profile which explores any skincare problems, your complexion, hair type etc. so your box can be best catered to you AND you can collect reward points which you can use to spend in the e-shop. read about my experience of that awesome feature here. Oh and update! I redeemed my second free gift from birchbox and I picked up the Liz Earle skincare set and 2 BARS OF ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE. ain’t no other subscription box getting my love ever again. ever.

Review & Giveaway | Travalo

travelo review and giveaway the blushing giraffe

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to be reviewing one of my all time favourite products, something I have loved for over 2 years now and it pretty much stays in my bag at all times.
I discovered this through a youtuber two years ago, and it seemed like the perfect solution to the annoying problem of lugging around a perfume bottle all day. Once I had this in my life, I could never understand why ANYONE would carry around their perfume, not only does it weigh down your bag, but usually bottles are all sorts of awkward shapes and sizes , and can be a hazard at times too (especially if you’re clumsy like me.)

Haul | The high-end kind (Oops)

nars velvet matte lip pencil in bahama nars sheer glow in stromboli chanel tan de soleli thebalm autobalm california palette byterry baume de rose high end makeup the blushing giraffe

Hey lovely people! So a while back, I think around the end of August I did a rather insanely large SpaceNK haul, and I bought a lot more than I anticipated, all because of this special deal they had on. The way I see high-end makeup is that it’s a real treat, especially as I have more than enough makeup circulating right now anyway ._. so when I do get a new NARS blush or whatever it’s a big deal! The majority of the haul is still in it’s box, and whenever I reach a personal goal I treat myself. I’ve worked out (as a psychology student har har) that I am highly motivated by rewards so its brilliant achieving something and getting that instant gratification! said every human being. ever.

Review | Rimmel Provocalips 16hr kiss proof lip colour - 730 Make Your Move

Review and swatch Rimmel Provocalips - 730 Make Your Move

I am SO excited to writing this review! In fact I don’t think I’ve been this excited to review a lip product ever, because quite honestly Rimmel have blown me away! First things first the Rimmel Provocalips lip colours are available 8 shades and cost £6.99 each,which is a complete bargain for how well they deliver.

Updates | Life lately


Hello everyone! I have been quite terrible at my monthly updates haven’t I? It’s a mixture of not having enough time to take interesting photos, and being too busy to post enough beauty related posts, let alone updates of the month! Today I’m going to run through the past couple of months and end with where I am at now.

Top Tips For New Bloggers

top tips for new bloggers beauty blog tips blogging help

Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well. Today I wanted to share some of my top tips for any new bloggers out there. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking for this type of thing and although I’ve added bits and pieces here and there I’ve never dedicated a whole one just for this.

So I’ve been blogging for 15 months now and it has honestly been one of the best decisions I made ^_^ I love being able to share my views, my favourites and not so favourites and to get to know other’s who have a similar interest to me.