2017 Beauty Favourites - highend and drugstore

Hell everyone, not to do things by halves, this year I filmed TWO loooong videos talking you through the best of the best, from my makeup collection! I wanted to do two versions, cause I genuinely love both sides of the spectrum. Unfortunately youtube didn't let me save the products and links to reviews under the drugstore video, so all that information can be found below.

Goodbye 2017

It is currently 6:18am and I am feeling incredibly nostalgic about the year that we've just had. In some ways it flew by, but when I scroll through my camera-roll and my instagram account I realise how much has actually happened. 2017 was the year I trained to become a teacher and graduated with 'outstanding'. It was also the year that I managed to secure my first real adult job, earning enough to be taxed and of course most importantly having my own class of children to teach!