Collective Haul | Typo, Colourpop and Illamasqua

Hello hello, welcome back to the blog! Today I'm sharing the stuff I've purchased over the last few weeks. I've been a bit too spendy because theres yet another haul coming up after this tsk._.  Also I just wanna say I HATE the way these photos came out, hate hate hate them cause the lighting was so awful and although they looked alright on screen, on the laptop....a different story!

Requested | Whats in my work bag?

Hi everyone, it has been faaar too long! Todays post was inspired by a lovely reader of the blog, who asked me to share one of these 'whats in my bag posts'. Can I just state how much I adore Claire's versions of these on Youtube? Total magic! ✨ I am going to get straight into the post, so as you may know if you read my blog now and again I'm currently a trainee teacher. So it was really important for me to get myself a decent sized bag which I could carry my laptop and a folder or two in comfortably. Before I got really into makeup, I use to be obsessed with handbags haha, however since the last three years my money has been spent on makeup and food I had to cut out one indulgence and bags it was. However when I graduated, my current handbag was in such a state that I had to go on a hunt for a sturdy one that wouldn't cost an arm or a leg. Of course TKMaxx was the store that delivered in the end, because their handbag selection is probably the best on the highstreet.

Review | Zoeva En Taupe Brush Set

Zoeva en taupe brush set review

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing really well. Due to lack of lighting and zero time I've posted a little later than I had planned, but hey I am back and with a review of a beautiful brush set that I've hardly heard of on the net! Zoeva brushes are very well known to be great cheaper alternatives to brands like MAC and Sigma. I had wanted to pick up some decent eyeshadow brushes for the longest time, but felt like with the amount of brushes in my collection I really couldn't justify a £50+ brush kit. Then one day I randomly stumbled across the En Taupe Brush Set (£40), and I was instantly drawn to it. The price is decent, because its a 7 piece kit with 6 full size brushes and a really nice brush case/ each costing around £5.71. You can buy a single zoeva eyeshadow brush for almost a tenner, so thats why the brush kits are really popular and well worth the money. I'm going to be reviewing each brush in detail and then summing it all up at the end, enjoy!

2017 Goals

Hello all! I do apologise for the pretty late post, but I hope you had a great start to 2017🎉. I have been trying to get an assignment done, which is due in a few days so its been a very homey couple of days for me. I also didn't have anything that stood out to me massively that should be a goal for the year, until I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to achieve this year and I managed to six in total.