Confessions of a makeup hoarder.

Those of you who have been readers of this blog for a while now, (silent or otherwise), will know that I have spoken many a times about the need for change and not buying more makeup - but this time it's a different kind of change. Let me explain. In the past, I've always set myself makeup spending bans, because my collection was growing and having a small disposable income, with not a lot of expenses meant I was able to treat myself almost monthly. The student discounts were also a convenient reason for me to splurge whenever I felt like it and lets be honest, becoming a beauty bloggers and consuming beauty related content daily definitely didn't help. I'd then essentially BINGE on buying more and more, spending a small or large amount of money and then spend the next couple of days either shrugging at the lack of savings in my account, or actually feeling pretty bad that I had managed to treat myself....again....and for what?

Boxing Day Beauty Haul (Just a LITTLE late to the blog(!))

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing really well. Todays blog post is a bit of a continuation from a recent youtube video I boxing day beauty haul. I ended up filming a bunch of videos that day which I then posted over the next 5-6 weeks cause...there is such a thing as too many hauls haha. So I've had a GRWM up since this and I've just finished edited the brand new makeup revolution concealer review (yes THAT one which is a dupe for the shape tape!). However I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to the haul and add some more thoughts behind the products. Some of these things I've used more since then and sometimes it's just nice to sit and fellow bloggers will know exactly what I mean haha. I don't just want to post blog posts with the video embedded, I want to actually blog when I can...and clearly since it is already February I am finding it hard to juggle everything...and that is o.k!

brazillian bum bum cream uk review haul

So the first thing I've been loving from my haul is the Brazilian bum bum cream (£18.00), which