My five minute summer face

my 5 minute summer face

I am an Ethical beauty blogger now. (boycotting brands)


Hey ladies! So I mentioned in my previous post, that I’ve not really been in the mood for blogging, playing with makeup or reading about the whole beauty world in general.

Why you ask? because I stand up for innocent women and children who are being forced to live in unbearable conditions - and every single day, I wake up in the comfort of my home, and on the other side of the world the death toll in Gaza rises. I can’t believe in 3 weeks over 1100 people have been killed by the Israeli army...and three days ago it was Eid - a celebration to mark the end of fasting and STILL they bombed Palestine and killed 10 CHILDREN.

Review | Makeup Revolution Lipsticks in Treat, The One, Chic and Divine


Hello everybody, apologies for the lack of posts. A mixture between Ramadan lathargic-ness and feeling very deflated by the ongoing genocide in Palestine really hasn’t inspired me to blog. Anyway more on that in the update post.

Makeup Revolution is the new MUA brand of the internet. Its been raved about by so many beauty bloggers, around a month ago I couldn’t resist picking a few bits up myself! Instead of doing a haul, I’m just going to be posting reviews as and when I’m ready. I will say though that I’m not super happy with my swatches, and will try and rustle something up on the instagram to show you clearer swatches later on!

Blogiversary | A few of my favourite posts...

topposts theblushinggiraffe

Hello lovely ladies! Just a quick post today to share a few of my favourite posts from my first year of blogging.

The Blushing Giraffe’s Birthday Giveaway!

the blushing giraffe's birthday giveaway

Collaboration | Top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products! - The Quirky Hijabi


Hello guys, I am thequirkyhijabi (blog link here) as many of you may know. I have only recently blogging on my main passion; Fashion. Currently Fashion and Textiles Student going on to study Fashion at university this year.

Well this collaboration is about my top 5 Drugstore Makeup Products.

Review | Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette


Hello lovelies! I was organising my eyeshadow palettes and looking at the insane number of Sleek ones I’ve managed to collect over the past few years, I was bamboozled about why I haven't reviewed any of them yet?! To be really honest with you all, I despise doing swatches but I’m trying my best so I hope they aren’t too bad!)

A beginner’s guide to Cleansing

a beginners guide to cleansing

One of the best things about starting a beauty blog for me, has been the drastic change in my skincare routine. Or actually making a skincare routine at all! At the very start of 2014 one of my goals was to make a routine and stick to it – for the most part I have! ^_^ I’ve also done a lot of reading on skin, learning what’s what and what to avoid and I thought it would be useful to dedicate a post to cleansing. This is mainly aimed at people who’ve never thought about skincare before, whether you’re 12 or 20 I hope this is somewhat useful for you!

Review | Sleek Blush by 3 in CALIFORN.I.A


Oh sleek. How I adore thee. One of my favourite drugstore brands without a doubt, they never fail to deliver when it comes to the cheeks. I purchased this blush palette a while ago, but I’ve only got around to playing with it recently as I’ve not been the biggest cream blush fan –too much pigment and always too thick//too runny in my experience... That is until now!

Requested | How I Cover Up Really Dark Under-eye Circles

Hello everybody! This is one of my most asked about posts, and it’s taken me a long while to finally write it up! I think its probably because I’m worried that the products I recommend won’t work for everyone, so I’ve decided to make it into a bit of a ‘guide to covering up dark circles’ and I’ll explain everything as thoroughly as possible while recommending other products too. (Read: this will be a long one! In fact one of the longest I have written to date ._.)