Morning Skincare Routine

morning skin care routine

Hello! Whenever people ask me about my morning skincare routine, I always think ‘morning skincare? what morning skincare??’ but actually recently I have made myself stick to a routine (which was one of my goals of 2014!) and although it looks like a LOAD of stuff, it takes me around 5 minutes max, because I’m not really a morning person (said every student ever)

E.L.F Hits & Misses

e.l.f hits and missses

Hello everybody! Now when it comes to makeup, e.l.f (eyes, lips, were the first drugstore brand that I saw talked about ALL over YouTube a couple of years ago and I became very intrigued! It seemed like a cheap but good quality makeup brand, perfect for beginners to makeup and students! I think some of their products are fantastic and fast forward to now, with a good few hauls later I want to share with you the products that ticked my boxes, and the ones that left me feeling disappointed.

April Update & Northampton Bloggers Meet-up!

april update northampton bloggers meetup

Hello everybody! I haven’t blogged for what feels like weeks and weeks! This week in particular has been horrendous, with Uni kindly giving me three exams in three days! I do still have one left next week, but after a little refreshing nap I decided I need to type up a little post, which is almost two weeks overdue. It has been far too long blogging world!