February 2016 Update

Hello ladies, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’ve enjoyed this extra day that only comes around eveRY four years! I’ve been pretty productive, taken some blog photos, been to the gym and spent some time with the family too. Today I am writing my monthly update/catchup post and I have to say that February has been a pretty great month overall (Alhamdulillah - thank God). After a tough January I feel like I deserved a nicer month to follow!

LOTW | Wet'n'Wild Spiked With Rum

wet'n'wild spiked with rum review and swatch

Hello everyone! This week’s #LOTW is the 14th, woop! I'm rather impressed that I've stuck to this for so long, definitely recommend my fellow bloggers to do it too if you have a large lipstick collection and tend to stick to them same shades. BTW, sincere apologies for the blurry quality of some of these posts, I've have to squeeze photo taking around a very hectic schedule and sometimes I just don't get the right shot :( the blog post must go on though...

Beauty Bay Haul | Zoeva, Morphe & Makeup Geek!

beautybay haul zoeva cocoa blend eyeshadow palette, morphe m330, MUG eyeshadows UK

Hello everyone! I have a very exciting post to share with you all today…it is my haul! After over 140 days of not buying makeup, this is the haul that I purchased with my gift card from work (which I talked about in my January update!). So just to clarify, I am still on my no-makeup-buying challenge till my 21st, which is exactly 90 days away now so just three months to go. Anyway I was very grateful to get a £50 voucher of my choice, it was like a little reward 5 months later for sticking at the challenge ^_^ and of course I had to pick beauty bay as they have so many wonderful things that are on my wishlist. 

I must say here that I am extremely impressed with beauty bay’s delivery, I placed this order at 7pm on a Thursday and it arrived at 12pm the following day! Normally I don’t have much luck with hermes delivery, but for some (great) reason my order arrived extremely quickly and everything was in tact, yay!

LOTW | Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcream in 56K

manhattan soft mat lipcream in 56K review and swatch

Hello everyone! Now I was a little hesitant to write this weeks LOTW because sadly it is no longer on fragrance direct and there isn’t a great deal of variety on eBay or Amazon :( The reason why I’m sad is because I really like this line, the Manhattan Soft Mat Lipcreams and they’re essentially dupes for the NYX version - which are unethical! It annoys me SO much that L’oreal bought NYX a few years back, making the brand unethical…but anyways onwards and upwards. 

Review | Primark £1 Nails

primark false nails review

Hello everyone! Last week I stopped by Primark and decided to pick up some of their false nails. I’d gone past them many times before but no colour or pattern really caught my eye, until I saw this beautiful dusty/nude pink! This is my ideal nail polish shade because its so simple, classy and flattering at the same time. I have been wearing these nails for two days now and thought I’d type up a quick review for you all, because for the price tag I think more people should hear about them!

LOTW | Sleek Matte Me Up in Petal

sleek matte me up in petal review and swatch

First of all apologies for the lateness of this post and also for the poor quality of the photos! My Sunday work shift was moved to the morning and I didn’t have time to take them before work…anyways excuses aside, lets get on with this post. So Petal, getting straight to the point, is a shade I really struggled to make work. Eventually at the end of week I found a way, but it was a challenge!

Price: £4.50

LOTW | Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lip - In The Flesh

Wet N Wild Mega Last Matte Lip - In The Flesh review and swatch

Hello everyone! This is technically lipstick of two weeks, because I didn’t want to post twice in a day last Sunday, so I decided to just stick with the same lipstick for another week. The fact that I am absolutely in LOVE with these lipsticks (and this particular shade) made everything a lot easier though.

January Favourites 2016

This is the latest I have ever posted a favourites video, I do apologise! Again like I’ve already said in my January update post, I have to prioritise uni over this little area now and again…but anyway, without further ado lets get on with my favourites of January.