Review | Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365/123

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in Y365/123 review and swatch

Hello! This review has been in the pipeline for months, so I'm excited to be sitting down and finally writing it. So this is the second foundation I have purchased from Make Up For Ever, the first was the Face and Body (reviewed here) and I absolutely love it. It's quick to apply, water based and has great longevity. I've always wanted to buy the more famous sister though and when they reformulated it, into an 'Ultra' version of the HD designed for 4K cameras, I jumped at the chance last summer. Whilst I still love the Face and Body, this Ultra HD foundation has seriously impressed me, quickly becoming my go-to foundation. In fact I think I'm down to the last few pumps which never ever happens so quickly as I'm usually always switching between bases.

My 21st Birthday Sephora Haul!

sephora birthday haul beauty insider 2016 ordering to the UK

Hello everybody! Today is my 21st Birthday 🎉 And it's becoming a bit of a tradition to treat myself to one Sephora order a year, in my birthday month. Ordering from Sephora is expensive without a doubt, customs, taxes and shipping in total probably cost me around £36! So now you know why it's more of an annual treat haha. Having said that, like I said last year the way I see it is £36 is a lot cheaper than a ticket to America and hotel costs SOOOO I think all in all, although its a splurge it's rather justifiable ;D. Before we get into this haul, I'd just like to apologise for the lack of consistency with these photos, I was getting brave and shooting in RAW mode...this was my first try and some of them didn't quite come out as I had hoped. ANYWAYS, on to the good stuff!

LOTW | Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Lipstick in Everything Nice

Hello everybody! I hope you had a great week. I have really enjoyed this week's LOTW, it's the first one I've tried from Gerard Cosmetics and I featured it in this haul. It's the shade Everything Nice, which I described as one of the most perfect shades for me ever. It's still a tad dark for me to feel comfortable to wear at home, but perhaps that's because I'm so used to wearing lighter nude shades! Anyway it's been great testing out another formula of liquid lipstick and I am a big fan.

Review | Organza Natural Skin Care Silk Cream & Lemon and Blackseed Scrub

Organza Natural Skin Care Silk Cream & Lemon and Blackseed Scrub review

Hello everyone, today I'm going to be reviewing two products from an Instagram business. The lovely people at Organza Natural Skin Care, got in contact with me a couple of weeks ago and sent me the Silk Cream* and the Lemon & Blackseed Scrub*. I've been using them both for quite a while, so I'm ready to share my thoughts. You may know that skincare is actually the key to makeup success, as when the initial base is looked after properly, anything you apply over the skin goes on smoother and lasts longer! I don't mind spending a little extra on skincare, sometimes it really is an investment, however aside from the price of the products, one thing I am becoming exceedingly careful about is the ingredients in the products themselves.

The First Haul After My 7 Month Makeup Challenge!

haul coty airspun, gerard cosmetics liquid lipstick in everything nice and 1995, NARS velvet skin tint in stromboli, Morphe E6, Morphe eyeshadow brushes, stila liquid lipstick in caramello, milani eyeshadow primer, MUG eyeshadows, MUFE large empty eyeshadow palette, koko lashes in queen B and goddess

I had a really hard time naming this post...but yes my makeup buying ban/challenge is over and I am so happy, proud and excited! I actually cut my ban short by a month, it was initially supposed to be 8 months altogether and end on my birthday (25th of May). However I decided to cut it short, mainly due to the sheer amount of stress I was under with University (sometimes the only thing that helps is spending money, we've all been there!). I'm so happy I set myself the challenge and I'm even more happy that I carried it through for so long. Whilst looking back at my posts, there does seem to be this theme of 'spending bans' and 'opps I spent some money' and I realised I'm slightly hard on Iqra, when you're reading this in the future, remember that  - you work hard, so don't feel so bad about spending your money pls, tysm.

Anyways I'll have a post about this whole not buying makeup thing, up on my blog soon, because as a self-confessed beauty addict and beauty blogger too, of course buying makeup is something I LOVE doing on the regular! However I learnt a lot from this experience and I'm pretty excited to share it with you all too. Yes treat yoself sometimes, but also sometimes just using up the lovely makeup you already own is the better option...Anyways I feel like this is the most rambliest intro ever.. let's get stuck into the first haul of the month!! (and there are a good couple more to come later on hehehe).

LOTW | IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Babydoll

IMAN Cosmetics Luxury Lipstick in Babydoll review and swatch

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a great week. I've spent most of mine at work, trying to catch up on the hours I missed during all the stress that was third year! My lipstick of the week was one mentioned in this haul, the IMAN Luxury Moisturising Lipstick in Baby Doll* which I actually picked out myself. I can't believe how perfect this shade is, yaaaaaaaaaas!

Lumea Update | Post 3 Treatments

Hello everybody! I know this post has been highly anticipated by those of you who were curious about the Philips Lumea, however if you missed my original post and have no idea about what I'm talking about, I'd recommend you click here before continuing! Also if you don't have a lot of time and simply want to know 'So far do you recommend this?' my answer is YES. YES I DO.
But do read on for my full experience thus far!

LOTW | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07)

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Nude-ist (07) review and swatch

Hello everyone! I am officially finished with University!!! Woooohooo! Excuse the lateness of this post, but I had to get the last of Uni done before I could get properly stuck into blogging again. Anyway I know I've been gone for a while, so naturally I've been wearing more than just one lipstick of the week, however I've been rotating between a couple so that when I did eventually get back to my blog I'd have some posts to share. Now you may remember the first time I featured one of these Rouge Edition Velvets on my blog (post here) and I was just not very impressed. I won't go back into the reasons, but in short I found it didn't stay put and to be honest that colour in particular just wasn't my cup of tea either. Also I was probably applying too much product, one of my lovely readers suggested I wipe off more of the product before applying it, as it is a wetter/creamy formula and a little means it'll kind of dry faster.

Introducing IMAN Cosmetics! Haul & Review

IMAN cosmetics haul UK
Hello everybody! I promise I'll address my one month break soon, but the short of it: Dissertation *shudders* Anyway, today I'm sharing a haul from IMAN Cosmetics, a brand which I had heard of here and there but never tried out myself. IMAN Cosmetics is a brand founded by the model Iman (who was married to David Bowie). She created the brand because she recognised the desperate need of makeup for ethnic WOC and the best thing about the brand by far is the extensive shade range, especially for the deepest of skintones! Starting from the 'sand' range, to 'clay' and finally 'earth'.  I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out a selection ^_^ This post is going to be a haul and a review of the items, I've been testing them for over six weeks and feel like I can you a well rounded review.  Unfortunately I don't have swatches for two of the things, but I will be going into more detail in future posts. So on we go..