About Me

Hello and welcome to my beauty blog! My name is Iqra and I am Psychology graduate, who has a slightly unhealthy obsession with beauty and bargains.

After spending a year and a half watching YouTube videos and avidly reading other blogs, I decided start my own. Especially for us medium/olive skintoned ladies, I hope shades and swatches can be particularly helpful to you! The Blushing Giraffe, is a place where I share my opinions on products, hauls and favourites. 

 There's really not a lot worse than buying something that's not worth your hard earned money, and as I read reviews on 95% of the makeup I buy first, I wanted to do the same for other people, in the hope that my experience with a product could be of use! 

For reference I have normal skin with a slightly oily nose (lol).

Shade References:
NARS Sheer Glow: Stromboli
NARS TM: St Moritz
Dior Star/Nude/Forever: 31
MUFE Ultra HD: 123/Y365
MUFE F&B: 32
Bareminerals Bare Skin: Bare Buff 10
EX1: F200
Bourjois Healthy Mix: 54
Bourjois Happy Light: 53
Bourjois CC Cream: 33
Mehron HD: Eurasia Fair

In regards to skincare please note that what works for myself may not be perfect for you, and vica versa so please do a little research into any skin care purchases before buying!


From Mid-July 2014 I have decided to boycott all companies that support Zionism and fund the oppression of Palestinians. Though this may appear a political decision to the uninformed individual, it is much more from a humanitarian standpoint. I refuse to allow my hard earned money to end up in the pockets of any company or organisation that funds this kind of cruelty. The main ones in the beauty industry are; L'oreal, P&G and Estee Lauder. These are HUGE corporate organisations with many brands under their belts. 

 No amount of makeup is worth the life of a child, so I will only be using and subsequently talking about brands that have no affiliation with Zionism and Israel. The issue of Zionism is one which MANY people of different faiths are against, including christians AND Jews. So this decision has absolutely nothing to do with faith, it is only about what is right and supporting the people who have no voice, very limited human rights, access to clean water and electricity monitored and taken away at any given moment and the daily threat of being persecuted for being Palestinian. 

Why is this such a big deal to me? Firstly and simply because I am a Human being, just like those people living through oppression which WE are funding without even realising it. Secondly from the 8th July-22nd August Israel have killed 2106 people, 500 of those were children and 287 were women. If that Mascara from L'oreal or that eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay is worth more than those hundreds of lives lost, please continue to buy products from those organisations, I however will not. 

There are many of brands that DON'T support Zionism so fear not :)

You can access this list under the ethical beauty tab on my blog.


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Thank-you for stopping by, I hope you grab a cuppa tea and enjoy your time here!