July Update

Phew, July flew by so quickly and it’s been so jam packed I’m still in shock that we’re already at August! I don’t know about wherever you are in the world, but here in the UK the weather has been in its usual ‘can’t make my mind up’ state, with stiflingly hot days during the final part of Ramadan, and torrential rain two weeks later! As usual I’m gonna try and sum up my month with the use of my camera roll and the occasional DLR snap as usual and hopefully I don’t turn this into a full blown essay like June’s one!

BLAME IT ON NARS! [Cheek Palette Review]

blame it on NARS Cheek palette review satellite of love, casino, day dream, new attitude, mini Ita brush

Hello everyone! Today’s review is of the new Blame it on NARS Cheek Palette (£45) which is a Selfridges exclusive in the UK. I don’t know how long it’ll be around, so I wanted to review it as soon as I had gathered my complete thoughts on it. It was quite an impulsive purchase I have to say, I was umming and ahhing about it, but in the end I was clearly sold!

My Z Palette ft. Sleek

Z Palette with Sleek Eyeshadows

Hello everyone,  apologies for the second palette post in a row but I wanted to share another way to make your own custom palette and although it was a bit of a faff it’s been so worth it! I LOVE Sleek eyeshadow palettes, they are some of the best on the market and worth a lot more than the £7.99 price tag. The Ultra Mattes palette was the first ever eyeshadow palette I got from my 17th birthday and since then my collection has rapidly grown, including a few beautiful limited edition palettes. The only problem I have with them is they all look the same from the outside, so when stored away and stacked neatly its hard to distinguish one from the other - meaning that unless its a special occasion I rarely reach for them. They just weren’t getting enough love, so when I saw that my lovely fellow ethical blogger (and talented MUA) Tamanna had made her own custom Z palette I couldn’t help but be inspired to do the same!

My Inglot Freedom System Palette

Ingot freedom palette review 5 palette 313, 155, 357, 42, 327 eyeshadows

Since I first saw the custom Inglot palettes I knew that one day I had to make my own. With a HUGE selection of colours to choose from, the possibilities were endless and to create your own palette with colours you know you’ll actually use is perfect. The trouble is the nearest Inglot store to me is...well not all that near, so when I did finally get the chance to visit one, years later (sounds dramatic but its true lol) I jumped at the chance to create my own! Actually seeing all the shadows in-front of me was both exciting and slightly overwhelming, it took a good half an hour to settle on the shades I wanted. I knew I was going to put together a neutrals palette because lets be honest, they’re the shades I reach for the most and I have to say I’m over the moon with my final palette. From the beautiful, sturdy, magnetic design to the fantastic quality of the shadows, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

Review | L.A Girl Pro Conceal Correctors in Yellow, Orange and Green

L.A Girl Pro Conceal Correctors in Yellow, Orange and Green review and swatch

The permanent first position in my most read posts is the L.A Girl Pro Conceal concealers and I’ve also reviewed the shade Creamy Beige which I use to subtly highlight. So it probably comes of no surprise to you that when I heard they came out with correctors I logged into beautyjoint without a second thought!

There are three correctors in the line so far and to be honest I was excited to try all of them. Most people have a little bit of discolouration on the face and especially those of a south asian ethnicity, so correctors are essential because colour correcting is the key part of make up if you have any form of discolouration on the face. As you may know I’ve started a makeup course online, and though I’m only 17% done (getting there slowly but surely) there is a very detailed module on colour correcting. Way too much for me to take in 100% but enough for me to get the basics down - of which I shall be explaining below!

Review | Topshop Lip Liner in Beestung

Topshop lip liner in beestung review swatch

Lip-liners are all the rage these days and whilst I adore the Rimmel line, I was interested in trying out a few more on the market. Topshop lip liners cost a mere fiver which was reason enough for me to give them a go, despite not hearing much about them (especially in comparison to the Topshop lipsticks which are well loved!). The first shade I bought did not leave me disappointed - Beestung is GORGEOUS!

Review | Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eyecream

review of  Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvenating Eyecream

Today’s review is on my favourite eye-cream that I have tried in the one year since I’ve added an eyecream to my routine. Even though it’s been a fairly recent step, I’ve tried a couple of eye-creams and so far the Soap and Glory Make Yourself Youthful Rejuvinating Eye Cream (£14) has been the one that I am loving enough to repurchase in the future. Eye-creams are an essential in my skincare routine because my under-eye area is my biggest problem area on my face - dark circles, fine lines, occasional dryness, you name it I’ve probably dealt with it!  So keeping that area hydrated is a must and this eyecream does a fantastic job at doing just that. Even if you don't have to face half of the issues I mentioned, it's important to keep the under-eye hydrated as it's such a delicate area of the face, with the thinnest skin so it's worth spending a little more and giving the under-eye some TLC. I'm still a huge fan of Sweet Almond Oil for brightening dark circles, however it doesn't provide quite enough moisture alone - especially for this stubborn dry patch that I have under my brow and the only thing that can help that go away is this eye cream - it's amazing!

Review | Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure waterproof in ‘bells and whistles’

Review Broadway imPRESS Press-On Manicure waterproof in ‘bells and whistles’

Hello everyone! Today I am going to be reviewing the new version of the Broadway ImPRESS Press-On Manicure in the shade Bells and Whistles*. I have used the older version of these in the past and can give you a little insight on the differences, the main one being that these are waterproof and so will adhere to the nails better and last longer too! Also the new version includes a beautiful accent nail which really jazzes up the mani.

Eid Gift Guide Part 2 | Non-Beauty, Clothing & Online Stores

Hello everyone! Welcome to part 2 of my Eid gift guide. You can read part 1 here which was focused on the best of beauty. I tried to cater to all budgets so items started from £3-£45. Part 2 is all about non-beauty gifts. Perhaps your sister is already a beauty lover and she knows what make she likes, so you don’t want to risk getting her something random, or maybe your cousin seems to have just about everything and you’re struggling to think of something unique. This guide is for you and it too includes as many links as I could find to the items in my collage above, plus some lovely small independent businesses which I love to support. All details will be listed below!

Starting off with my second favourite thing to browse after makeup...stationary! You can get cute Notebooks from super-markets to paperchase who btw offer 10% student discount - yay! Although most things are done in the digital age these days, there is nothing quite like putting a pen to paper y’know?

Eid Gift Guide Part 1 | Beauty Edition

Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing fantastically. As it will be Eid in approximately two weeks I thought it was an appropriate time to post a little gift guide or two for you all! Although these are titled with Eid they are great ideas for any occasion, be it birthdays or anniversarys, so I hope they're useful to all my readers. Gift giving is a Sunnah therefore is highly encouraged, plus we all like getting gifts so why not shade the love? ^_^ Life is too short not to spread a bit of happiness. This guide will be for the ladies, so your sisters, mothers, aunties, cousins and friends. I have linked everything I'm mentioning so have a click and check it out for yourself, also I've tried to get the best prices and any special offers on too.

The fist category is of course beauty (high-end)  so lets begin...

The Ultimate Eid gift you could give a sister this month has to be the Blame it on NARS cheeks palette! (£45) It’s a little bit pricey but if you have the budget for it, or wish to combine it for their Eid and birthday present, believe me any woman would be thrilled to own it. The first cheek palette
which does not contain any of their iconic shades, including Laguna - because I’m sure we all have at least one of those! It has Casino which is the ideal bronzer for medium/dark skintones a deeper highlight shade (satalite of love) as well as two limited edition blusher shades AND A MINI ITA BRUSH! Yes I do blame it on the NARS, cause mine arrived in the post today and I am overall very impressed. Whether for yourself or a loved one this is seriously one of the best gift anyone could give that's make-up related.

June Favourites 2015

June Favourites 2015

It’s JUNE FAVOURITES TIME! No skincare bits this month, I’ve been loving the same as I did last month and basically everything mentioned in my Skincare Routine. As you know I’d been doing a lot of shopping in May and now is the time I get to try out all the beautiful things! Lets get started shall we..