March Update

march update

Hello beauts! This month, seems to have been the month of S T R E S S. I had two group presentations and three assignments and it was a real challenge. I have no idea how I’ve done with the latter, but I’m pleased and relieved to report that the group presentations both went well and I’m happy with the grades we achieved ^_^

Haul | French Pharmacy

french pharamacy haul

Hello! I wanted to share this haul with you today because there is still time for you to get your hands on some lovely skincare which isn’t always the easiest or cheapest to get from the UK, for up to a third off!

Review | Accessorize Baked Bronzer Duo – BONDI (shade 4)

accessorize baked bronzer due bondi 4

I have LOVED highlighting for about a year now. It all started with my beloved Mary-Lou (reviewed right here if you’re interested) and the love is still very much alive! There is something so beautiful about adding some subtle highlighter to the face that just lifts and brightens your appearance ^_^ Highlight is good all year round but to me it’s especially pretty during spring, when makeup is generally worn light and the more light/radiance from your face the better!

Honey Fried Bananas–quick, sweet AND healthy!

honey fried bananas snack diy yummy

Hello lovelies! As the warmer weather is approaching, I cannot lie, I have already indulged in ice-cream…I know I know, its STILL not even properly warm but you know what? stress does funny things to people. Today I wanted to share a really delicious addition to my ice-cream, which involved no artificial colours, flavourings, chemicals or sugars….lets just say it not only made the whole eating ice-cream thing more delicious but it also made me feel less guilty for having several bowls of the stuff.

Review | REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel

ren centifolia cleansing gel review
REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel | LINK | £14.00

Hello lovely people! I didn’t do a weekly round up, because most of the things I’ve been wearing whilst having a cold are on my last post. Instead I wanted to talk to you about this cleanser that I have been using on and off for a good couple of weeks now :)


Hello! It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to blog, in fact I’m currently ill in bed with a fever, cold and a sore throat. After sleeping as much as I could I decided to write up the blog post that should have been posted on Sunday. These are as usual the products I’ve picked out from my stash and mini reviews/impressions on each of them. As always let me know how you got on with any of them!

on my face this week

Primark Haul!

primark the blushing giraffe

Hey beauts, on Friday I popped into Primark with my lovely friend Ayesha and picked up a few home essentials. As I have 85% moved out the two things I was missing were a mattress and hangers. I thought I’d share with you all most of the things I picked up, including a very adorable pair of giraffe slipper socks WHICH HAVE EYELASHES!!