Reviewing 2015's Goals

reviewing 2015s goals

I started the year off with seven goals and reading the post back made me chuckle. Well mainly the end bit where I proclaimed that I ‘strongly disbelieve in resolutions’...which isn’t exactly untrue. The whole new year = new me attitude just isn’t realistic, but I am someone who loves the new year and the feeling of freshness. I also think setting goals to work towards are a productive way to get stuff done, so lets have a little review at the goals I’ve set ^_^

The final update of 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well. I took a week’s break from blogging and all things blog related, because a lot has been going on. I have a couple of posts planned for the end of the year, but before I started posting about my beauty favourites and reviewing my goals I wanted to write a good old catch-up post. I kind of skipped out on Novembers so I’m almost out of practice here, but here goes nothing!

Top Three | Drugstore Concealers

rimmel lasting perfection concealer, collection lasting perfection concealer, barry m flawless light reflecting concealer review

Wooo we are back with another top three post! This time its my favourite concealers that are budget friendly and all three of these can be picked up easily from boots or superdrug. Before 2015 I would only swear by ONE concealer from the drugstore, so to find two more this year that I love enough to put in a top three post - is pretty darn awesome! Concealers are a key in my makeup routine and they always have been. Back when I first started wearing more makeup than just a bit of eyeliner, I stayed away from foundations because I didn’t see the need for it and I was always advised to protect my young, fresh skin. But concealer to cover those horrendous hereditary dark circles was something I just did not want to avoid! It almost became a comfort blanket in a way. There is NO was I could afford or justify a gorgeous little pot of the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer when I was 17!

1000 Followers Giveaway #1 [CLOSED]

1000 followers giveaway, yaaaay

Hello my lovely readers! IT IS FINALLY TIME TO LAUNCH MY 1000 FOLLOWERS GIVEAWAY(S) WITH YOU!! For me hitting 1K on bloglovin was a huge milestone and the day I got the ‘congratulations email’ from bloglovin I really couldn’t stop smiling ^_^ I think its incredible that I have such a lovely group of readers, whether you access my blog through bloglovin, IG, or twitter I appreciate you all so much. The comments and messages I receive inspire me on a daily basis to keep blogging on regularly so thank you ALL for that! It means so much that I can help make a small difference through my blog, especially when it comes to boycotting and buying ethically for the sake of innocent Palestinians *high-fives all fellow ethical beauty buyers hehe*

1000 Followers Giveaway #2 [CLOSED]

Hello my lovely readers! Welcome to the second giveaway that I'm launching as a celebration and thankyou for both hitting 1K followers and to mark two years of blogging. Putting time and effort into my little space on the net has produced so many wonderful opportunities for me so far, with one of the biggest being meeting YOU guys and getting to share our love of beauty (and other stuff) on a daily basis.  I have met some truly beautiful women thanks to blogging and I feel very grateful! It also means so much that I can help make a small difference through my blog, especially when it comes to boycotting and buying ethically for the sake of innocent Palestinians *high-fives all fellow ethical beauty buyers hehe*

LOTW | Barry M Matte Me Up in 3 Dress Rehearsal

Barry M Matte Me Up in 3 Dress Rehearsal review and swatch

I’ve had a couple of weeks of pretty deep or bold colours so this week I wanted to go back to my usual low maintenance, MLBB sort of shade. I purchased the Barry M Matte Me Up in 3 towards the end of the summer time and I didn’t really get a chance to use it much. So it’s been really fun wearing this all seven days of the week, as (finally) its a shade I get to wear to work as well as to uni - woohoo!

A Trio Of Empties #4

a trio of empties soap and glory body wash clean on me, good things manuka honey creamy cleanser, embryollise creme concentrate moisturiser review

Hello everyone, welcome to the fourth and final trio of empties post, of 2015! If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you’ll know that I am notoriously slow at finishing up products which is a big reason why I am on this no makeup buying challenge! I have so many things that are in rotation which means it takes months before one of these posts get written up. (Also I do sometimes forget and chuck stuff away, it’s a habit!). Since starting the challenge I have been using stuff up a lot more, its been 75 days since I’ve not bought makeup (well aside from the NARS One shocking moment palette - but that was in my own terms and conditions hehe) and I hope there’s going to be one of these posts once a month from now on, because although buying new makeup/skincare is always fun - using it up feels so just that little bit better! ^_^ Anyways lets get on with the post.

LOTW | Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 11

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 11 review and swatch

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. I am going to be totally honest with you, I have only worn the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate in shade 11  twice because I’ve hardly left the house all week and when I have its mainly been for work. Personally a red lip is too much for my work environment (tuition company) but I do feel like I have already formed a solid opinion on this particular lipstick from those applications. Plus its my most reached for red lipstick so I was fairly familiar with it already! If you’re a regular reader around this site you’ll know that I am a big fan of this line of lipsticks and I’ll link the other reviews at the end if you’re interested.

Review + HG | Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C and 3C

Make Up For Ever Aqua Lipliners in 2C rosewood and 3C review and swatch

Hello everyone! Today’s review is of my favourite lip liners of ALL time, yes they’ve even managed to beat the AMAZING Rimmel lip liners (which take the top spot for me from the highstreet). The Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliners (£13.00) were one of the first purchases I made when MUFE hit Debenhams this year. I had three things on my wishlist, the Face and Body foundation, the Ultra HD foundation and these lipliners and I am so pleased with my experience of each so far. The launch of MUFE in Debenhams was one of the most exciting beauty events of the year for me as it is SUCH a high quality brand, with prices that are in the good medium ground similar to MAC, but of course this is ethical. I had seen Huda Beauty use these in quite a few of her videos and she said these were her all time favourites. If you’ve ever watched Huda you’ll know that she is constantly trialling out different makeup, so for these to be labelled her absolute favourites meant that I had to give them a go and now I have these, I will always be repurchasing! Okay enough rambling, on to the review!

November Favourites 2015

november favourites the blushing giraffe

We have reached the LAST favourites post of 2015, WHAAAAAT??? Honestly I have no idea where this year went and this time next month I’ll be sharing my 2015 beauty favourites ._. (I’ve already jotted down some firm HGs but we’ll get to that in a few weeks!) So November has been a month of ‘5-10 minute makeup’ routines, filled with pretty much Uni or Work and not a lot of other stuff in between - which is why I didn’t bother with a November catch-up post. So I definitely don’t have a tonne of products this month, but knowing me its still going to be a looooong post so lets get into it ^_^

LOTW | Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Beau Brun 12

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Beau Brun 12 review and swatch

Hello everyone, this weeks LOTW has to be the most confusing for me. I don’t particularly love it, nor do I totally dislike it a way I was a little disappointed because the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets are pretty raved about and there’s a couple of cons which I didn’t hear much about on the blogosphere when reading about them, but anyway a mixed review for sure!

Price: £8.99 - pretty pricy for a drugstore product! But they’re around the same price as the Sephora versions, so not too outrageous.

Top Three | Drugstore Blushers

makeup revoluution loved me the best, rimmel blush pink rose, sleek blush in suede review and swatches

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good week so far! Todays top three is regarding my favourite drugstore blushers, the ones I reach for the most and the ones I recommend you check out. Now it is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of NARS blushers and I do wear them probably 70% of the time that I wear makeup, because that have the best longevity and I love all the shades I own! However I am quite the blush-a-holic and own two Muji drawers stuffed to the brim of single blushers, plus a couple of palettes too, so I try and rotate as much as I can. I know that not everyone can afford NARS (although they’re worth saving up for and picking up with ASOS have 20% off!), so I thought it would be helpful to put together a post of my favourites from the highstreet. This post should hopefully be useful to those of you who aren’t really blush fans and don’t want to spend more than a fiver on a blush you may not wear that often! Don’t worry ladies, I have just what you need!

LOTW | Wet’n’Wild Megalast Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy

Wet’n’Wild Megalast Lipstick in Sugar Plum Fairy review and swatch

Hello, welcome to my sixth lipstick of the week post - how exactly it has been six weeks I have NO idea ._. but anyway, this weeks lipstick was another from the Wet’n’Wild line which have some real winners! Sugar Plum Fairy has been a pleasure to wear, I’m surprised by how much I enjoyed this bright/bold shade but I think it had something to do with not having to try and make such a deep shade work (like last week!). It is also an EXACT dupe for MAC’s Rebel which is amazing as it’s a much cheaper and ethical alternative ^_^

NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette

NARS One Shocking Moment Cheek Studio Palette review swatches

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS POST, I CANNOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO EXPRESS IT WITHOUT THE TRUSTY CAPS LOCK. Also this post is going to be VERY picture heavy, just a little warning because A. I couldn’t pick a couple B. I want you all to appreciate this beautiful palette C. Its the only thing I’m gonna buy makeup wise in an 8 month period, so allow me my excitement please ^____^

Bedside Beauty Essentials

bedtime beauty essentials, facial oils, pure rosehip seed oil, this works deep sleep pillow spray, sudocrem face cream, sweet almond oil

Hello lovely people, todays post is on my bedside beauty must haves - not the cleansing and toning, but the items I use on a daily basis just before I go to sleep. The two oils I have been using for months now and I have seen a real difference in my skin so I whole heartedly recommend them if you have the same sort of skin issues that I do..which I'll get into later.

Review | Kiss GelFantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nails

 Kiss GelFantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nails review

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review these Kiss GelFantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nails* which are part of Kiss’s x-mas range, to add some easy sparkle into your festive beauty routine! I have tried stick on nails before, you can read that review here and those were not the gel type. So I was interested to see how these would look on. I believe Kiss is quite a prominent American drugstore brand, but from what I know you can find selected products from their range in Boots, ASDA and Tesco stores.

LOTW | Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 04

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 04 review and swatch

Hello everyone! I cannot believe its been a whole week since my last post, I apologise! The amount of hours I took on at work, combined with a deadline last week just proved too much and I had to put my blog on the backburner whilst I dealt with it all. I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou to ALL of you for helping me reach 1000 bloglovin’ followers! I am so incredibly happy with this milestone and I can’t wait to post my TWO giveaways (to mark two years of blogging also!) very soon.

So this weeks lipstick, as I mentioned on Instagram, was one of the most challenging ones to work with and I have to be very honest here...I didn’t do a great job at sticking to it. The Rimmel Lasting Finish By Kate Lipstick in 04 is by far the darkest, deepest, most vampy lipstick in my collection. I bought this a good while ago from FragranceDirect for around £2 and apart from the odd vampy moment in my room it hasn’t has a lot of use.

Price: £2-£5.99

LOTW | Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Baci

Stila eternal love liquid lipstick set baci review and swatch

Hello hello! We meet again for my fourth lipstick of the week and I am writing this SO late. It has been a super tiring week, I feel like I’ve got a lot done but at the same time I have so much to do in a short amount of time..anyways let me stop rambling and get into this! I was very kindly gifted the Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set from MyBeautyFix2015 on IG here and I was super excited because I have never tried any of the Stila liquid lippies but I’ve heard a lot of good things. As the gift arrived this Monday I simply couldn’t resist trying out one of the shades (I’ll have a review up of the whole set at some point too). So this weeks LOTW was Stila’s Liquid Lipstick in Baci* which is a brand new shade!

Price: You can only get this as part of the eternal love set which costs £20 from MyBeautyFix2015.

Top Three | Hydrating Face Masks

top three hydrating face masks, super facialist rose hydrate intense moisture mask, super drug hydrating face mask, antipodes aura manuka honey mask

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Today I have another instalment of my new Top Three, this time my favourite hydrating face masks. My skintype is normal to dehydrated, with a couple of dry patches during the colder months. So hydrating facemasks are absolutely essential for my skincare routine! You don’t need to have dehydrated skin to benefit from this type of face mask, in fact I believe that everyone should have at least one in their routine for A/W time OR for using after an intense clay mask, which can be very stripping. Sometimes when my skin is feeling extra dehydrated I’ll leave one of these on over-night and wake up with soft, plump and supple skin. So in no particular order, lets get started...

Review | Brush Cleaning Egg

brush cleaning egg born pretty store

Hello everyone! I’m so glad my first product review from Born Pretty Store was such a hit, a lot of lovely ladies told me that they ordered the mini beauty blender dupe and they were super happy with it! Today I am going to be reviewing the Brush Cleaning Egg* which I have used a couple of times now and I’m ready to give y’all the low down!

October Favourites 2015

october favourites theblushinggiraffe

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re all doing well. Before I get into my October favourites I’d just like to apologise for the quality of these photos, I’ve had no time to retake them and with poor lighting and darkness at 4:00pm I’ve just had to work with what I can! Anyhoo lets get started ^_^

LOTW | Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Matte Lipstick in Sandstorm (913C)

wet n wild mega last matte lipstick in sand storm matte lipstick review and swatch

Hello everyone! This weeks lipstick was Wet’n’Wild Mega Last Lipstick in Sandstorm. This is the first shade in my series that I have actually disliked on my lips and struggled to make work :c When swatched it looks like a gorgeous browny-nude shade and in theory a fantastic shade for me. But in reality it just looked very blah. Anyways here are the deats:

Price: $2.75/£1.78 - these lipsticks are absolute bargains!

October Update/ Smoky Not Smudgy

smoky not smudgy 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing fantastically. I am officially under University pressure again and I almost didn’t see it coming? The first week into Uni was very relaxed and then bam it’s been a month already - time is f l y i n g!

Review | The Balm’s Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in Jac B. Bronze

The Balm’s Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in Jac B. Bronze review and swatch

Hello everyone! Another review from the awesome Balm Cosmetics, this time focusing on their  eyeliner in the shade Jac. B Bronze* (£13.50). If you’re familiar with the brand you will know that they consistently produce high quality products in the cutest packaging. They have a retro 1950’s theme with adorable characters to match. We are all very familiar with Mary, now let me introduce you to Jac B. Bronze and the rest of the Mr. Write (Nows)!

Review | The Balm Time Balm Foundation in Medium-Dark

the balm balm time foundation in mediumdeep review swatch

Hello everyone! I have another foundation review for you today, but this time its of a cream foundation which is very different to my norm. Introducing The Balm Time Balm* in the shade medium/dark. This is the first time I’ve tried any base products from one of my favourite brands The Balm cosmetics, who make fantastic cheek and eye products. (I’ve also heard great things about their liquid lipsticks, those are firmly at the top of my ‘to-buy’ year!) So when I got the opportunity to try out their cream foundation I was intrigued.

LOTW | E.L.F Mineral Lipstick in Beautiful Berry

E.L.F Mineral Lipstick in beautiful berry rimmel exaggerate lip liner epic review swatch

So week two of my new ;lipstick of the week’ series is a colour I have never reached for before, but much to my utter surprise I loved wearing - who would have thought?! I do apologise that this is late, I had a VERY busy sunday, but more of that in this month’s update post!

Price: £6.00

Colour: It is a maroon/burgundy colour with a hint of brown. Absolutely perfect for the colder months as it has a hint of vampyness, but it’s not too dark for a newbie to lipsticks which fall into the not-nude category. It actually really reminded me of a colour my mum used to wear all the time, around 10 years ago and it bought back fond memories. Beautiful berry is pigmented in one swipe but you can apply two layers to get a deeper shade.

Top Three | Autumn Nail Polishes

Hey all! Time for another Top Three, this time with my favourite nail polish shades for the season. I don’t know what it is about autumn, but it brings out the vampyness in me, especially when it comes to the nails. I don’t always find it easy to choose nail polish colours which are complimentary to my warm skintone, some shade just look so off! These three however are my go-to, ride or die shades, y'know the the ones which just look on point every single time? These are those..

LOTW | Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit

sleek matte me in birthday suit review swatch

Hello! Welcome to the first instalment of ‘lipstick of the week’...if you’re wondering what on earth that means click right here. So for my first week, I decided to go for a pretty easy choice, nothing too crazy or out there...the Sleek Matte Me in Birthday suit. When this line was first released I’m pretty sure Birthday Suit was sold out for weeks! Let me give you the low down on how it went for me..

'Lipstick of the week'

Hello everyone! I thought I’d publish a post explaining another new series to my blog - this time a weekly one! Since deciding that I won’t be purchasing any more new makeup for the next 8 months, more on that here, it’s now time to figure out the best way to use my large and lovely collection. Now when it comes to lip products I am very much a neutrals girl. I LOVE my pinky,brown toned nudes and they’re the colours that are most in my comfort zone. I recently wrote down every single lip product that I own and around 70% of them are all in the nude/neutral family. However I do have a fair amount of lipsticks which are not ‘me’ at all. Usually this is because I’ve picked them up on special offer or ordered a bunch of things online and not checked the shades properly, very clever I am aware.

Review | Lush Milky Bath Bubble Bar

lush bubble bar milky bath review

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing brrrillintly on this chilly autumn day. Today I have a Lush review for you all, which is exciting because I don’t get around to doing these too often. It is of one of their newer Bubble Bars - called Milky Bath. I saw this demo’d in the store and instantly knew I had to have it. As a child, bubble baths were the BEST, but as you get older the bubbles seem to disappear and are replaced with scents and colours and even the occasional handful of glitter! Now I’m all for a bit of glitter, but seeing the bubbles in the Lush store, as well as hearing about the inspiration behind this bubble bar urged me to buy it. Inspo: Cleopatra and her alleged love for bathing in milk! According to the reviews on the Lush website, this bubble bar give the most amount of bubbles - I’ve not tried any of the others but I certainly did get a satisfying amount in my tub which I was very pleased with.

Top Three | A/W Daily Bases

top three daily bases diorskin nude foundation 31, bourjois healthy mix 34, make up for ever foundation in 32

Hello everyone - welcome to a new series on my blog called ‘top three’. I love doing detailed reviews on here, those won’t stop, but I thought it would be useful to group together a lot of my favourite products and write about them! I aim for this to include makeup and skincare and for it to be seasonal too...I’m not so great at narrowing things down (you’ve probably noticed this from my favourites posts!) so this’ll be a challenge, but it’s one I look forwards too.

So to kick this series off I wanted to start with my top three daily bases from Autumn/Winter, the ones I’ll be reaching for most and why.

Review | Mini Beauty Blender

mini beauty blender micro beauty blender dupe born pretty store
 Hello everyone! When born pretty store contacted me and asked if I wanted to review a few products, I was SO excited because this is an online store which is kind of like an ebay...just for beauty. They sell very affordable makeup and tools, with a good few dupes too. I ordered a couple of things and I am very pleased to report that when the package arrived, around two and a half weeks later, I was chuffed with what I picked. Today I’ll be reviewing the ‘mini beauty blender*’ which is clearly a dupe for the beauty blender micro minis. Now the micro minis come in a set of two and cost £13.50...I’m all for paying the £16 for the original beauty blender, but no way am I spending that much on two mini sponges! So to see this on the born pretty store for a mere £1.30 was an absolute no brainer!

September Favourites 2015

september beauty favourites the blushing giraffe

Hello ladies, I hope you’re all doing well. I missed out my favourites of August, because most of them were the products that I put into my travel makeup bag post. This month I have a bunch to share with you, a couple of new things and some older rediscoveries so lets get started.

August/September Catchup

Hello everyone! I didn’t have time to do an August catchup last month so it made sense to just combine the two - if you’re unaware of what these are, they’re pretty much a collection of photos and a little bit about my month. They’re not the most interesting but I like to add a little more of a personal element ^_^

Review | Colourpop Lippie Stix In Brink

colourpop lippiestix in brink swatch and review

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be reviewing my favourite lip product of the moment, the Colourpop lippie stix in Brink. For those of you who have been living under a rock, colourpop is a U.S brand which is only available online - they have a HUGE selection of colours for lipsticks and eyeshadows, not to mention a bunch of blushers, highlights and bronzers. Price wise they’re very affordable which is probably one of the reasons why they’re so loved. Unfortunately colourpop still don’t offer shipping to the U.K so to read about how I got my hands on them click here. I ordered 3 of the lippie stix and Brink has been my go-to and one that I’ll be repurchasing in the future.

The Makeup Collection Is Complete

This year I have hauled a LOT of makeup, checked off so many things from my wishlist and built a collection I am pretty proud of. However I didn’t think I would be saying ‘I have enough makeup now’ for a while. This probably sounds ridiculous to those of you who aren’t really into beauty, but for a bblogger it’s not uncommon.

Introducing SoapNSkin - A British Natural Skincare Brand

Hello everyone, I have a really exciting post today, one that has been in the works for over a month! Right before I set off to the Lake District in August the lovely Rabia got in contact with me and asked if I wanted to test out some products from her brand ‘SoapNSkin’. I didn’t realise that I had actually seen this brand before at the Smoky not Smudgy event!  I remember being really impressed because they pride themselves in providing high quality, luxurious products for an affordable price, using pure and natural ingredients. I also had no idea that every single product is handmade in their (Samar and Rabia’s) kitchens. You’ll understand why I was surprised to read this when you see what is inside this lovely box...ladies you have created a brand with products that not only look swish, but work very well - it totally exceeded my expectations!

Requested | Battle of the drugstore liquid liners

battle of the drugstore liquid eyeliners best liquid eyeliner uk

Hello everyone! I frequently say that eyeliner is a staple in my makeup routine and if I could only wear two makeup products for the rest of my life, it would be concealer and liner for sure. So, because of this unending love for the stuff I have quite a large collection of them and as I keep getting questions for recommendations I thought I’d combine them all into one post. It’s not a good idea to have such a huge collection by the way, since eyeliner’s 'recommended' shelf life tend to be around 6 months, but normally when there are special offers...3for2s etc. I end up buying a new liner or two..this has got to stop!

New Stationary!

sainsburys stationary 356 diary gold notebook

A bit of a different post from me as this doesn’t include a single makeup or beauty item (nope not even a lip balm) but I just had to share this with you all. When at Sainsburys, I’ll quite often check out their stationary section for any special offers and I love that they regularly switch up the designers/collections. Usually one or two items will catch my eye but this time EVERYTHING from a particular collection had my eye turning into little love hearts, seriously I was in my element! The brand itself is called ‘gostationary’ and you can find them online but their stuff is a lot more expensive from their site then it was in-store so I highly recommend you checking out Sainsburys if you like the look of these ^_^

Review | NARS Blush in Torrid

NARS Blush Torrid review and swatches

Hello everyone! I’m back today with another NARS blush review, this time in the shade Torrid. I’ve had this blush for almost a year now and it fast became one of my favourites. Encased in the typical NARS rubber, finger-prints-attracting packaging, you get 4.8g of product and a mirror too.

Tarte Miracles From The Amazon 4 Piece Collection (QVC)

This purchase is entirely blamed on Instagram, I was casually scrolling through my feed when I saw a beautiful photo on the Tarte account and then I read that it was available from QVC for a limited of course I jumped online! I feel like QVC beauty is a neglected source for many UK makeup lovers - although I knew they stocked Tarte, I never really felt compelled to have a browse, but after this experience I’m pleased we have a reliable and not too pricey online site from which we can get our hands on the brand!

Tarte Miracles From The Amazon 4 Piece Collection (QVC) review and swatches

 Tarte is a cruelty free brand which is a huge plus and it's ethical too. All Tarte products are formulated without parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates and gluten and in general I’ve read many glowing reviews about the line. Before this purchase I owned two products from Tarte, a lip gloss and their Maracuja concealer, so I was very excited to pick up the Miracles from the Amazon 4 piece collection as it has a fantastic selection of things! Before we delve into the collection, lets take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging of the box. I really love it when a high-end brand makes the effort to be creative with packaging because lets face it, at the price of £34 you want to see something special.

This or That | Beauty blender Vs. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Hello everyone! It’s time for another ‘this or that’ post, with today’s one featuring two well known sponges in the beauty world. Both of these have rave reviews and both of them on the whole work well so I don’t regret picking either up. Before I get into it, I’ll try to give you a quick run down on just why sponges are so popular.

Review | Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit

kiss beautiful brow kit the ultimate brow bar review

Eyebrows are one of the most important features, they express so much emotion and also structure and frame the face so having ‘brows on fleek’ is never a bad thing! There are so many brow products on the market, with different price points too. However I had never seen such a useful kit until I got my hands on the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit* which claims its ‘the ultimate brow bar’. The kit is designed to give you perfectly defined brows without much effort at all and I am thoroughly impressed with how much they have included.

Review | Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette

kat von d shade and light contour palette review and swatches

Ladies I want to introduce you to...the BEST contour palette I have ever seen, let alone owned and I am so exited to be reviewing it for you! I picked up the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette ($46.00- £30) when I placed my Sephora order post here back in May. By the way guys you can skip the customs from sephora and order it here, if you're from the U.K. Although I had seen many rave reviews about the Anastasia Beverly Hills original contour kit, the shades just didn’t draw me in enough to purchase it. I felt like the grey toned one wasn’t quite pigmented enough and the highlight shades (other than banana) weren’t my cup of tea. To be honest I didn’t really see the need for a whole palette when I would only end up using one or two of the shades. Plus the price-tag was pretty steep! When this palette came out I watched as many YouTube videos as I could and quickly realised it was the one I had been waiting for.

Review | DiorSkin Star Foundation in 31

Dior skin star foundation in 31 review and swatch

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Today’s review is of Diorskin Star* a foundation which has landed a spot in my top 3, so I’m very excited to be reviewing it for you all. Dior Star was released around a year ago and it had a lot of sparkling reviews from makeup artists and bloggers alike, so I knew it was one I had to try. I actually picked this up for free using my boots points which was amazing, imagine getting a Dior foundation and paying £0.00 for it?! (For more info on how I save money on makeup check out this post.) It was one of the best bargains of 2015 for me and I highly recommend my fellow U.K ladies to do the same with their points - treat yourself ^_^

Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

Hey everyone! I was hoping to have this post up before my short trip away to the Lake District, however I just didn’t have the time, so here’s a look inside my makeup bag with a little feedback of how I got on with the stuff I took. Such great English I speak!! Anyways isn’t the bag itself gorgeous? Such a bargain of a find from Primark for only £3! The moment I saw it I thought of the popular Urban Outfitters version and it was a great buy because I easily carried my makeup, skincare and body-washes inside.

Charlotte Tilbury Harrods Makeup Experience + Haul

Charlotte Tilbury Harrods Makeup Experience Haul Retoucher 2 flawless airbursh finish powder lip cheat pillow talk

Last Thursday my family and I made a trip to central London - something we seldom do! The first stop we made was to the V&A museum which completely surpassed my expectations - they have so many wonderful things and if you’ve ever overlooked it, do pop in next time because I guarantee you’ll learn a couple of new things. Next stop was Harrods, a place I had never actually been to (I know, shock horror! D: )

Requested | My Take On Strobing (AKA Intense Highlighting)

my take on strobing intense highlighting kiko 208, kiko radiant touch creamy highlighter, laura geller gilded honey, NARS dual intensity blushers jubilation, topshop glow in polished, the balm mary-lou maniser, kroylan for glossybox cream higlighter cashmere, mememe beat the blues liquid illuminator oyster gold

I was so excited when a lovely reader asked me to do a post on strobing because it’s a makeup ‘trend’ which I LOVE and one of those reasons is because I know that anyone can try it without difficulty. Or any harsh streaks or muddy cheeks (i’m looking at you contouring!). As always when I do these kind of posts I have to say, I’m not an MUA nor have I had any master classes in strobing, this is just how I personally like to achieve the look. Strobing is basically intense highlighting, which means bringing features that we want to stand out forwards in a slightly over the top manner. As I do have medium/olive skin these products will work best with those of you who have the same, but I will try my best to recommend alternatives where I can and the whole technique can be replicated by everyone of course!

Lush Event August 2015!

I am very lucky that my local Lush store is kind enough to put on blogger events, which are always fun and informative to go along too ^_^ When I was invited to one last week, the words ‘Oxford Street exclusives’ immediately caught my eye...for those of you who don’t know, the Oxford St. Lush store is FOUR floors high, so you can imagine that it’s packed full of exclusives that you can’t find elsewhere! My local Lush was adding some permanent goodies from that store and of course I was delighted to attend. Please excuse my photography though, it was right after work and I didn’t have time to get my camera, so my iPhone will have to do for this post.

Cult Beauty Haul + 15% off discount code

This is the fastest I’ve ever received an online order and written the haul post up for you, but because I don’t know how long they'll have this discount I wanted to be speedy! Last week I was browsing on one of my favourite sites - Cult Beauty and I noticed they had the gorgeous Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminators, just not the one that I had my heart set on ‘Gilded Honey’. I love online stores which email you when stuff is back in stock and turns out I didn’t have long to sit and be disappointed because Monday morning I got the email I was waiting for - it was back in stock! You guys know me, firstly I do my best to find some sort of a deal whenever ordering online and secondly I refuse to pay over £3 for postage and packaging. I added the discount code to the basket and the amount I saved was basically the cost of postage?? ._. Nope couldn’t have that, I’d much rather *ahem* fill up the basket till I get free postage even if it was over the budget I had originally planned - I know I’m not the only one who does this so stap judging me haha!

Review + HG | MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation in 32

MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation in 32 review and swatch

Ladies..I have some pretty big news...I have finally found a new favourite base and it only took a couple of weeks of this being in my possession for it to land that title. When MUFE launched in Debenhams I was incredibly excited, because I had only heard good things about the professional brand. My previous favourite base, the MAC F&B was no longer an option to purchase, since boycotting Estee Lauder more about that here if you’re interested. I had heard about the MUFE version of course but it was so difficult to find I just decided to look elsewhere for an alternative. I came close with the Bareminerals Bare Skin Foundation (review) but it just wasn’t THE ONE and of course the search continued. Recently one of my favourite YouTubers Kathleen Lights did a foundations video and I’m sure this is the one that came out top of her list so I leaped at my chance to purchase this as soon as I could and I’m now ready to give you the detailed review!