December Favourites 2014

december favourites the blushing giraffe

Hello everyone, I hope you’re well! Can you believe today is the last day of 2014? Where on earth did this year go? I did a little review/look back on this years goals which you can read here and I’ve just sat and thought about some of my goals for 2015, which will of course be up tomorrow. But this post is about all the products I’ve been loving throughout this month...leggo!

Part 2 - Smoky Not Smudgy - KDivision, Natura, Jawhara Jewellery and more ^_^

smoky not smudgy event the blushing giraffe

Part two and the final post on Smoky not Smudgy 2014! Read part 1 here

Smoky Not Smudgy part 1 - Hijab Bowtique, Samia’s Treasures, Hijab Candy and more!

smoky not smudgy part 1 the blushing giraffe 7th year

First things first I am SO sorry this post is weeks late! I blame that on taking over 300 photos and not having the time nor head space to sort through them until the holidays. So a word of warning - this post is extremely picture heavy! So picture heavy infact that I’ve split it into two. Enjoy!

Smoky not Smudgy is an annual charity event hosted by the ISOC at Imperial College London. This was their 7th year running and it was truly wonderful. It’s a female only event, for women to come together, have a shop and browse at the bazaar and attend workshops about makeup and skincare and there is a fashion show too! Very exciting!

My Favourite Blog Discoveries of 2014

favourite blog discoveries of 2014

Illustration displayed at GFW2014 - NOT MINE! (I WISH)  Photo taken by me, how could I resist?

Bloglovin is one of the best thing’s that has happened to the blogging world in my option and through it I have found so many great blogs. If you read this post you would have seen some of my absolute favourite blogs of all time. Today I thought it would be nice to share 5 of my FAVOURITE blog discoveries of 2014. Each of these are wonderful additions to anyone’s bloglovin feed and I highly suggest checking each of them out!

Reviewing 2014’s Goals

reviewing 2014 goals

Right at the start of this year I set myself 10 goals. Not resolutions, but clear focused goals. And today I want to review them on the blog, and hopefully share the new goals for the new year sometime next week. You can read the full list and reason for 2014’s goals here.

Central Heating Repellent!

central heating skincare winter time protect soap and glory hand food superdrug vitamin e face mask

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the holiday period. Today I wanted to share two products that have really helped me to repel the effects of central heating on my skin. Now don’t get me wrong, having radiators is a huge blessing, and I always think about the poor souls who have nothing but a thin blanket to keep themselves warm in the harsh winters. Something we probably take for granted most days.

However heating can be pretty damaging to the skin, especially if your skin type is normal/dry. Personally I have found itchiness, irrtated skin and general discomfort of my face and hands. My feet actually seem ok because they’re normally wrapped up in my favourite slipper socks, but you can’t really wrap up your delicate face and hands so it’s important that we take the steps to give our skin a helping hand, and here are two of my absolute favourites.

Hijab | Lulu Bag Review!

lulu bag hijab subscription review

Hello everyone! I want to introduce a new section into my blog titled ‘hijabs and jewels’. It’ll probably only be once a month at the most, but as you probably know I wear a hijab and there are so many companies out there offering lots of hijabs (and jewels) that I thought it would be beneficial to review some of them here on my blog! The first review is on an awesome concept and very similar to beauty boxes but with hijabs instead! It’s called a ‘Lulu bag.’

Review | Topshop Glow - Gleam

topshop highlighter gleam glow review swatch

Hello lovely readers, I hope you’re well and enjoying the holidays - I know I’m enjoying posting daily for sure! A couple of months ago I picked up Topshop’s cream highlighter in Gleam (link) - £9 and I’m now ready to let you guys know how I feel about it.

Update | It’s not a spending ban - it’s appreciating what I already earned


Cor, talk about the longest title in the whole wide world eh!

Anyways today I wanted to write a post about some of my recent reflections. Beauty blogging has so many positives, and I have learnt so much since beginning. I’ve gained confidence in myself through The Blushing Giraffe and received the most lovely messages saying I have helped others, which is most definitely the BEST part! However reading beauty blogs almost every other day builds temptation after temptation, and what with online shopping making it easier than ever, suddenly my parents find parcels on the regular and nothing being chucked out either. My mum’s friend used to have a ‘one in one out rule’ which sounds brilliant, but I personally cannot part with makeup or anything I have bought, till I have got my moneys worth. So that’s not really an option for me, which means only one thing...I gotta STAP buying da makeups!

Review | Lush Eau Roma Water Toner

review lush eau roma water toner review

This year, one of my goals was to start a skincare routine and that involved doing some reading into it, understanding where my skin lies in the spectrum of dry-combo-oily and then trying to purchase products for it. At the start of the year my skin was a little on the drier side and so every time I used a face wash or exfoliated, my skin would feel pretty tight, even when I moisturised. I purchased the Lush Eau Roma Water when I got to go to a bloggers event (more info here) and after hearing about what this is good for I thought I’d give it a go!

Review | Rimmel London 1000 Kisses lipliner in ‘Spice’

rimmel london 1000 kisses lipliner spice review swatch

Lip-liners are the THING this year aren’t they?? Almost every single blogger and YouTuber I’ve come across has raved about at least one, especially since Kylie Jenner’s selfies took the world by storm. Personally I have always loved one lipliner even before the craze began, and today I’m going to share it with you all!

Inner-corner highlights

inner corner highlights the blushing giraffe

I remember the first time I inner-corner was a sparkling moment (hehe). Ok so why bother adding that highlight into the inner corner you ask? Well it helps your whole face look a little brighter, your eyes look bigger and it somehow pulls together the whole eyeshadow look. Of course you don’t always want a shimmery colour in your inner corner, but I think when makeup is neutral and matte, you need a bit of suttin suttin to liven it all up! Especially in the winter time when lighting is gloomy, weather is cold and everything just feels a bit blurgh.

November Favourites 2014

november favourites

Hello everyone! I’ve typed another update post for tomorrow so I won’t make this intro too long, but I have quite a few things to share with you all as I didn’t do an October faves, so on we go.

Best of Black Friday UK

best of black friday uk

Hi! I’m not sure why this sudden Black Friday trend has started in the UK seeing as we don’t even do Thanksgiving, but hey as a bargain LOVER  I ain’t complaining.

I’ve been getting emails all week regarding the sales and so I thought I’d put them all together in one post so you can all access them together. This weekend for me personally will be very busy under the books and fun of SPSS *growls* but I’m sure I’ll be sneaking the odd sale in here and there, especially as it’s payday tomorrow, yeah mullah!

Each site is hyperlinked, and I have tried to include when everything ends, but do double check just incase.

November Birchbox review and first impression

birchbox novemeber 2014 review and first impressions the blushing giraffe

Hi ladies! I would like to start be apologising - this was actually written two whole weeks ago and I have only JUST gotten around to taking photos for it, so I will have to slightly reword it (darn it). Also I’m sorry for my absence from the blog, second year is really starting to kick in already so sometimes (sadly) the blog has to go on the backburner.

Just to run through the basics birchbox costs £10 + P&P £2.95 for the rolling monthly sub, you fill out a beauty profile which explores any skincare problems, your complexion, hair type etc. so your box can be best catered to you AND you can collect reward points which you can use to spend in the e-shop. read about my experience of that awesome feature here. Oh and update! I redeemed my second free gift from birchbox and I picked up the Liz Earle skincare set and 2 BARS OF ORGANIC WHITE CHOCOLATE. ain’t no other subscription box getting my love ever again. ever.

Review & Giveaway | Travalo

travelo review and giveaway the blushing giraffe

Hello everyone! Today I am very excited to be reviewing one of my all time favourite products, something I have loved for over 2 years now and it pretty much stays in my bag at all times.
I discovered this through a youtuber two years ago, and it seemed like the perfect solution to the annoying problem of lugging around a perfume bottle all day. Once I had this in my life, I could never understand why ANYONE would carry around their perfume, not only does it weigh down your bag, but usually bottles are all sorts of awkward shapes and sizes , and can be a hazard at times too (especially if you’re clumsy like me.)

Haul | The high-end kind (Oops)

nars velvet matte lip pencil in bahama nars sheer glow in stromboli chanel tan de soleli thebalm autobalm california palette byterry baume de rose high end makeup the blushing giraffe

Hey lovely people! So a while back, I think around the end of August I did a rather insanely large SpaceNK haul, and I bought a lot more than I anticipated, all because of this special deal they had on. The way I see high-end makeup is that it’s a real treat, especially as I have more than enough makeup circulating right now anyway ._. so when I do get a new NARS blush or whatever it’s a big deal! The majority of the haul is still in it’s box, and whenever I reach a personal goal I treat myself. I’ve worked out (as a psychology student har har) that I am highly motivated by rewards so its brilliant achieving something and getting that instant gratification! said every human being. ever.

Review | Rimmel Provocalips 16hr kiss proof lip colour - 730 Make Your Move

Review and swatch Rimmel Provocalips - 730 Make Your Move

I am SO excited to writing this review! In fact I don’t think I’ve been this excited to review a lip product ever, because quite honestly Rimmel have blown me away! First things first the Rimmel Provocalips lip colours are available 8 shades and cost £6.99 each,which is a complete bargain for how well they deliver.

Updates | Life lately


Hello everyone! I have been quite terrible at my monthly updates haven’t I? It’s a mixture of not having enough time to take interesting photos, and being too busy to post enough beauty related posts, let alone updates of the month! Today I’m going to run through the past couple of months and end with where I am at now.

Top Tips For New Bloggers

top tips for new bloggers beauty blog tips blogging help

Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well. Today I wanted to share some of my top tips for any new bloggers out there. I’ve gotten a number of emails asking for this type of thing and although I’ve added bits and pieces here and there I’ve never dedicated a whole one just for this.

So I’ve been blogging for 15 months now and it has honestly been one of the best decisions I made ^_^ I love being able to share my views, my favourites and not so favourites and to get to know other’s who have a similar interest to me.

The Tag For Makeup Addicts

The Tag For Makeup Addicts

Hello, hello, hello everyone! Today I am back with a TAG post which is exciting because I’ve not done one of these in a while. A huge thank you to the lovely Sheri from She is a lovely Australian blogger, who focuses mainly on beauty but writes wonderfully well in whichever topic she chooses. I especially love her tips on starting University - very helpful!

My Autumn Nail Picks

rimmel salon pro my denim ciate dangerous affair zoya aubrey rimmel posh trash

Hello ladies ^_^ today I want to share the polishes that will be in my autumn rotation. For this season I like royal blues, maroons, and antique(ish) shades.

My Autumn Essentials

my autumn essentials the blushing giraffe

Hello everybody ^_^ I hope you’re all well. Uni has really started to take it’s toll on me, hence the lack of posts. I think more than anything it’s the lack of light and less time for photography which is adding to this dilemma! Anyway’s the clocks are turning this weekend so hopefully that extra hour will help us bloggers out a little ^_^ I wanted to make a little post about the things I think are Autumn Essentials, on we go;

Get a Benefit Bigger than BB for FREE (best reward system ever)


Hi ladies! I hope you’re all well, just a quick post today after yesterday’s Harry Potter book - I wanted to share with you all how I got Benefit’s bigger than BB BIG EASY for free. without paying a penny. Like f’real!

Review | bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation - bare buff 10

bare minerals bareskin foundation bare buff 10 swatch review

Hi everybody, I hope you’re all well! Today I am going to be reviewing bareMineral’s brand new foundation, which I mentioned in this haul. It is their first ever liquid foundation, made with the same philosophy as the rest of their line to ’provide women with good-for-you alternatives to foundation’.  It has been made with ‘bare minimum’ ingredients and provides a brighter, youthful finish whilst still providing a natural look and feel. Sounds almost too good to be true right?!

Current Night Skincare Routine

current night time skincare routine
Hello ladies! A couple of months back I shared my morning skincare routine (read here), and today I’ll be discussing the items I’ve been using recently at night. As I said before this is the first year I even started a skincare routine, and so I’m switching things up pretty often. This is why every now and again I’ll be sharing the items I’m using ^_^

I also want to mention that skincare is SO important. A lot more so than you may realise at first, but without a good bareskin base it’s hard to achieve an even finish with makeup on top. The best way to address what YOU need for your skin is to think about the issues your skin has, is it blemish prone? Oily? Dry? Dehydrated?

Personally my skin was normal/dry and sits now more on normal because I’ve consistently been using moisturising products, oils and just generally taking care of my skin! I also have uneven pigmentation and very dark circles. Aside from that I have been blessed with fairly decent skin so do keep that in mind, what works for me may/may not work for you.

Review | Bourjois Délice de Poudre bronzing powder & highlighter

Bourjois Délice de Poudre bronzing powder & highlighter review

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well. Today I am going to be reviewing Bourjois’s bronzer and highlighter duo, or the fancy term: Bourjois Délice de Poudre (£7.99) After using it for about 3 weeks straight I am well and truly ready to share it with all you lovely people! The drugstore are getting good at creating these 2-in-1 products, but I can’t think of many decent contour and highlight kits aside from Sleek’s, so this was already well anticipated since I saw the release!

Here are a few of my favourite blogs...

Here are a few of my favourite blogs...

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well! This weekend it has been Eid, and I’ve enjoyed two days of kicking back and spending time with the family. Although I love my job, I don’t remember the last time I had the full Saturday and Sunday to myself and it was awesome!

Brilliant Benefit Box - Cheeky Sweet Spot (Not To Be Missed!)

Benefit cheeky sweet spot box o blushes

Hello ladies! Just a quick second post for today to show you this wonderful gift set from Benefit! I adore Soap & Glory x-mas gift sets but I’d never really looked at higher-end ones before. When I saw someone on twitter share a photo of her set I googled it and was so impressed by what the ladies at Benefit have put together! 5 Blushes, 1 Bronzer and 1 Highlighter plus a mini brush all encased in an adorable tin.

September 2014 Favourites

speteber beauty favourites the blushing giraffe

Hello! I hope you’re all doing well. September has been the month of new beginnings for everyone aside from University students. Does anyone else feel like our holidays are too long? I have to say despite having a load of work already, I am pretty happy to be back at Uni. (Having said that it’s only been two days, but still lets start off on a positive note!)

This month I started somewhat of a rota again with my stash. In an effort to use up unethical products and also try out new products, I had a strict list to work with for two weeks and then a one week break to just wear whatever I wanted. I’ve really enjoyed doing this rota because it’s meant I have had to use products in my collection that I normally wouldn’t be too fussed about. E.G Sleek Pumpkin Blush-By-3! (Reviewed here).

Contouring 3 Ways |Sculpting-out-ya-cheekbones Contouring

the balm bahama mama benefit hoola elf brow kit medium

Hello! I hope you are all well! I have started my second year at uni, and aside from some extra transport issues, its been a fantastic day, quite glad to be back to a having a routing and just getting educated y’know? Anyway todays post is the final part of my contouring series. I hope you’ve enjoyed them so far!

Review | I heart Chocolate Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution i heart chocolate eyeshadow palette too faced chcolate bar review dupe swatch

Makeup Revolution is EVERYWHERE right now, and there’s a great reason why most bloggers can’t stop raving about the brand. It’s the new budget makeup option which gives other drugstore brands a real run for their money. Over the past few months I’ve bought a bunch of their products, and today I will be reviewing the I <3 Chocolate eyeshadow palette. Its the only palette I’ve used for the last three weeks, I wouldn’t be exaggerating by saying I’ve fallen head over heels for this.

Contouring 3 ways | 2. The Light/Natural Contour

contouring 3 ways the light natural contour

Hello ladies! Today I am going to be sharing the second part of 3 in my little contouring series. Please remember I am not an MUA, Pro or specially training. I’m simply a makeup lover who has trialled and error-ed her way through YouTube tutorials and a bunch of bronzers, and now I want to share my tips and methods.

Review | Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin

review swatch sleek blush by 3 pumpkin
Hi ladies! Today I am reviewing another one of Sleek’s blush-by-3’s in ‘Pumpkin’.

Contouring 3 Ways | The Quick Contour


Hello everybody! When I ask on instagram and facebook what posts you would like to read, I am often asked about contouring. I thought I would create a 3 way contouring guide, sharing the ways in which I contour and how I do it. I also have a contouring Q&A coming up....please remember I am not an MUA, this is just what works for me and what I have learnt from lots of MUA’s online ^_^

guide to contouring quickly hoola benefit bourjois duo sleek medium and light
1. Quick Contouring
This is the everyday-makeup contour. I go through phases of contouring on the regular and then not really bothering, but it can make a HUGE difference in a very subtle way which is exactly how it should be! You want a product you can apply quickly which is hard to get wrong. Nothing too orange or too dark and certainly keeping away from the crazily pigmented products!

September Beauty Haul (Feelunique & Soap and Glory)

september beauty hall feelunique soap and glory

As summer is ending I have been getting spendy. Well there’s less than two weeks till I’m back to being a full-time student and we all know how student budgeting works don’t we? My money book is back on my shelf and I will NOT be buying anything else beauty related till xmas sales. She says firmly to herself. Anyways on to the things I did pick up.

September Birchbox (+Special free gift)

september birchbox first impression review the blushing giraffe

Hello ladies! Today I wanted to share with you my first Birchbox. A few months back I tried Glossybox and I really enjoyed it ^_^ What I also loved about it was how easy it was to unsubscribe from the monthly subscription. There are so many boxes out there and I would rather dip into one box at a time, so this time around Birchbox got my monies!

NOTD | A Classy Ciate Duo

ciate pain pot golden sands antique brooch lush bowtique coin necklace

Review | NARS Blush in Deep Throat


Everyone has a guilty pleasure, chocolates, shoes, netflix...and for me its NARS blushers. The first one I purchased was a limited edition, and since then I have picked up 3 more shades, which is excessive for one year ._. but once you’ve tried a NARS blush you will understand why I just can’t get enough of them! They are the blush masters, their shade range is stunning and the formula is long lasting too.

Drugstore Makeup Starter Kit

drugstore makeup starter kit

Hello ladies, I’ve watched quite a few of these makeup starter kits on YouTube and when I was asked to recommend some products for a beginner in makeup I thought I would put together a post (thanks Rebekah!). Today I am going to share with you the items I would tell myself to buy a couple of years back when I first got into makeup. 

Introducing Huggleup! Polaroids without the camera


Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well. I am incredibly excited by todays post because I am going to be introducing you all to a company that I stumbled across accidently on the App store and soon became obsessed with!

huggleup photos app polaroids, squares, magnets

August Favourites

august favourites

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well. I cannot believe we’re at September 2014 already, summer has gone by so quickly...infact this whole year has been such a blur, I can’t believe I’m weeks away from entering the second year of Uni ._.

I have five favourites from the month of August, so lets begin.

Collective Beauty Haul | Superdrug, Fragrance Direct & E.L.F

collective beauty haul

Hello ladies, I hope you’re all well and enjoying the last few days of summer.
This is a collective haul of the past two months, and the last bit of makeup shopping I’ll be doing till I get the chance to get my hands on the Lorac Pro palettes!

bourjois happy light foundation bourjois healthy balance powder 53

Starting with my superdrug bits, after loving the Bourjois CC cream so much I have really been experimental with drugstore bases from ethical brands. The happy light foundation is the 4th base I now own from Bourjois (YES FOURTH D:)...and I bought it in the shade 53 which is a TAD darker than I would normally go for. First impressions are mixed, so I’ll have to dedicate a month to properly road test this before I report back, have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

Review | Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream

review and swatch bourjois cc cream

Hello ladies! I’m very excited to be sharing my favourite base with you all! When my best-friend asked me to recommend a natural looking base which feels light on the skin but provides decent coverage this CC cream was the first thing that came to mind (and she loved it too!).

Bronzing on a Budget | E.L.F Warm Bronzer

bronzing on a budget elf warm bronzer review

The second bronzer in my series is one of my all time favourite makeup products of ALL TIME. Again when swatched in the pan it looks nothing like how it appears on the skin...I’m beginning to see a theme shouldn’t judge a bronzer till you’ve applied it on your face! It is made up of four shades, a light brown and a cool dark brown, a highlight and a pink blush shade and on the back of the paper packaging it claims to ‘Create a healthy looking tan’ which I am pleased to report it does very well!

NOTD | Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish with Lycra - Stormy Skies (431)

Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polish with Lycra - Stormy Skies (431)



Hello ladies!

I hope you’re all very well. You may have entered my last giveaway which actually only just ended today! The winner for that giveaway is @Amilly_aa and I would just like to say a huge thank-you to everyone who entered. It was actually quite frustrating to host that because a couple of ‘competition websites’ decided it would be ok to add my giveaway to their website, and I was inundated with tonnes of people who have nothing better to do than go around entering giveaways as if they’re competitions. See there is a difference between and competition and a giveaway, and its just so frustrating!...gah ok rant over.

I was contacted by fellow blogger Maryam who runs a lifestyle blog, who wanted to see if I would like to participate in a colab giveaway. I of course said yes, and was super excited to find out some of the surprises this lovely girl had up her sleeve! Firstly I’ll introduce you to the four of us bloggers, then prizes and then rules.

My Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Collection

rimmel moisture renew lipsticks

Hello ladies! Today I wanted to share with you all my favourite drugstore lipstick line. Rimmel does affordable good quality lipsticks like no other in my opinion. I love them so much so that I own over 15 different lippies/laquers just by Rimmel, which is rather a lot for someone who tends to stick to neutral colours, tsk.

Haul | Essence Cosmetics!

essence haul 2014 UK the blushing giraffe

Hello! I have upset my bank account so many times in the last month, I don’t even want to use the ‘H’ word anymore, but it is pretty exciting to share with you all! Last week we went to Wilko, a store I’ve literally never been into before. Its 15/20 minutes away from where we live depending on traffic, and we have a larger shopping centre much closer so we don’t tend to go to that area much, but as soon as I saw the large Essence sign and the 3 for 2 I knew it was fate! Don’t worry if you don’t live near a wilko though, I have linked each product to their site so you can order online if you feel like it!

Bronzing on a Budget | Rimmel Natural Bronzer 021 Sun Light

Rimmel LondonNatural Bronzer 021 Sun Light review

Hi ladies! Looking through my stash, I have accumulated....lets be honest here....a LOT of everything over the past year! But one part of my makeup wardrobe, that has been silently growing, almost unnoticed by me, has been my bronzer draw! I thought I’d start a mini series on my blog, called ‘bronzing on a budget’ because although I have now dabbled into high-end bronzers (and I love em!) I have so many good drugstore ones that I’d love to share with you all ^_^

Requested | How I Wear Berry Lips (Eid Makeup)

Hello everybody!
Ages and ages ago I was asked to write a post on how I wear berry lips, and even though I had a vague idea on how I would - I had never actually worn them before! I’m very much a natural my-lips-but-better type of girl and so berry lips on me are something not done often at all! Having said that I’ve discovered that it IS fun to have a play with colour, and when my Eid outfit was such a neutral colour with a berry pop, I knew I had my chance!

Review | Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Brush Set

Regular readers of The Blushing Giraffe will know that I have quite a few brushes in my collection. That was one of the main reasons why I didn’t get too excited when I saw this brush set released. That and the mixed reviews, but after a few months, I did end up getting it (surprise surprise).