Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

Hey everyone! I was hoping to have this post up before my short trip away to the Lake District, however I just didn’t have the time, so here’s a look inside my makeup bag with a little feedback of how I got on with the stuff I took. Such great English I speak!! Anyways isn’t the bag itself gorgeous? Such a bargain of a find from Primark for only £3! The moment I saw it I thought of the popular Urban Outfitters version and it was a great buy because I easily carried my makeup, skincare and body-washes inside.

Charlotte Tilbury Harrods Makeup Experience + Haul

Charlotte Tilbury Harrods Makeup Experience Haul Retoucher 2 flawless airbursh finish powder lip cheat pillow talk

Last Thursday my family and I made a trip to central London - something we seldom do! The first stop we made was to the V&A museum which completely surpassed my expectations - they have so many wonderful things and if you’ve ever overlooked it, do pop in next time because I guarantee you’ll learn a couple of new things. Next stop was Harrods, a place I had never actually been to (I know, shock horror! D: )

Requested | My Take On Strobing (AKA Intense Highlighting)

my take on strobing intense highlighting kiko 208, kiko radiant touch creamy highlighter, laura geller gilded honey, NARS dual intensity blushers jubilation, topshop glow in polished, the balm mary-lou maniser, kroylan for glossybox cream higlighter cashmere, mememe beat the blues liquid illuminator oyster gold

I was so excited when a lovely reader asked me to do a post on strobing because it’s a makeup ‘trend’ which I LOVE and one of those reasons is because I know that anyone can try it without difficulty. Or any harsh streaks or muddy cheeks (i’m looking at you contouring!). As always when I do these kind of posts I have to say, I’m not an MUA nor have I had any master classes in strobing, this is just how I personally like to achieve the look. Strobing is basically intense highlighting, which means bringing features that we want to stand out forwards in a slightly over the top manner. As I do have medium/olive skin these products will work best with those of you who have the same, but I will try my best to recommend alternatives where I can and the whole technique can be replicated by everyone of course!

Lush Event August 2015!

I am very lucky that my local Lush store is kind enough to put on blogger events, which are always fun and informative to go along too ^_^ When I was invited to one last week, the words ‘Oxford Street exclusives’ immediately caught my eye...for those of you who don’t know, the Oxford St. Lush store is FOUR floors high, so you can imagine that it’s packed full of exclusives that you can’t find elsewhere! My local Lush was adding some permanent goodies from that store and of course I was delighted to attend. Please excuse my photography though, it was right after work and I didn’t have time to get my camera, so my iPhone will have to do for this post.

Cult Beauty Haul + 15% off discount code

This is the fastest I’ve ever received an online order and written the haul post up for you, but because I don’t know how long they'll have this discount I wanted to be speedy! Last week I was browsing on one of my favourite sites - Cult Beauty and I noticed they had the gorgeous Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminators, just not the one that I had my heart set on ‘Gilded Honey’. I love online stores which email you when stuff is back in stock and turns out I didn’t have long to sit and be disappointed because Monday morning I got the email I was waiting for - it was back in stock! You guys know me, firstly I do my best to find some sort of a deal whenever ordering online and secondly I refuse to pay over £3 for postage and packaging. I added the discount code to the basket and the amount I saved was basically the cost of postage?? ._. Nope couldn’t have that, I’d much rather *ahem* fill up the basket till I get free postage even if it was over the budget I had originally planned - I know I’m not the only one who does this so stap judging me haha!

Review + HG | MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation in 32

MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Foundation in 32 review and swatch

Ladies..I have some pretty big news...I have finally found a new favourite base and it only took a couple of weeks of this being in my possession for it to land that title. When MUFE launched in Debenhams I was incredibly excited, because I had only heard good things about the professional brand. My previous favourite base, the MAC F&B was no longer an option to purchase, since boycotting Estee Lauder more about that here if you’re interested. I had heard about the MUFE version of course but it was so difficult to find I just decided to look elsewhere for an alternative. I came close with the Bareminerals Bare Skin Foundation (review) but it just wasn’t THE ONE and of course the search continued. Recently one of my favourite YouTubers Kathleen Lights did a foundations video and I’m sure this is the one that came out top of her list so I leaped at my chance to purchase this as soon as I could and I’m now ready to give you the detailed review!

Review | Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum

Rihanna Rogue Love Eau de Parfum perfume review

Hello all! A new one from me today, a review of a perfume - oh la la! I’m not a massive fragrance girl so I’m certainly not snobby when it comes to celebrity scents. Sure some are awful, but there are more than a handful which are awesome. My first ever perfume was Britney Spears - Curious and since then I have loved Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday and also Vera Wang’s Princess (does that count as celebrity??), so when I got the chance to try Rouge Love by Rihanna* I was excited!

Review | Frank Body Original Scrub

Frank body original scrub review
I’ve had the Frank scrub for a couple of months and I’ve used it a handful of times. It’s finally time to write a review and let you guys know my experience with the stuff! So the Australian brand ‘Frank’ produce coffee based products. It all started with this original scrub and now they have expanded their line to facial scrubs, cleansers and moisturisers. Frank have been one of the smartest brands ever to use social media to their advantage. With the hashtag #Frankbody all over Instagram and the bizarre yet intriguing photos of people covered in coffee scrub, I have to say I was drawn in enough to order myself a bag without much persuasion! This truly is a case of #theinternetmademebuyit. The rather ‘out-there’ website boasted impressive claims and  before I knew it I had one posted through my letter box.

New Muji Additions + a peak inside

Muji storage, makeup storage, CD acrylic holder, foundation holder

I remember the day my first ever Muji package arrived. It was glorious. Unwrapping the beautiful acrylic drawers and setting them up on top of each other, then carefully filling each one up and arranging my makeup so I could see exactly what I have - it was (and still is) a brilliant feeling. I love knowing what I own just by glancing at my dressing table and lets not forget that organising each section by the brand is SO satisfying! (I can’t be the only one ._.). I think I bought my first Muji drawers a year and a half ago, and now I’ve finally completed my set up. They’re fairly affordable for what they are, however I found it easier to purchase 2 drawers at a time, rather than all of the set up in one go. This post is going to talk about my new Muji additions, but let me know if you’d like a full ‘tour’.

P.S Don't judge me whilst reading this post - remember I'm very very savy, those Dior foundations? I've not paid full price for a single one :p I actually got Dior star totally free thanks to the Boots advantage card system! I shouldn't have to justify my collection, but I've had a couple of, well not very subtle remarks - so there you have it. Work hard, play hard as they say. *clears throat* so lets get started:

July Favourites 2015

July favourites

July has been an interesting month beauty wise, I have my usual make-up bits but this time I have a couple of hair related things too! The majority of these favourites are quick and easy to use things, convenient beauty bits which last well and look good. Lets start with my base of the month a newbie, which I refrained from opening for months because I was trying to use up a similarish product (the Bourjois CC Cream - reviewed). However the lack of light weight bases which were dark enough to match my summer skin finally meant I had to whip it out and what can I say, NARS have done it again!