The January ‘14 Update. | #JANBLOG 31

january update the blushing giraffe
Hello lovely people! (The flower fairies used to be my favourite so this calendar was essential!)
I really am hoping this won’t be too rambly, but it’s more of a lifestyle post so if you’d rather not read this, click around The Blushing Giraffe there’s plenty of other beauty stuff around ^_^ January has been an absolute blur! *re-reads those goals haha* and I really do have a strange feeling that the rest of this year will follow suit which is slightly alarming because 2014 STILL doesn’t seem real??

Review | Bourjois 16hr Linear Pinceau Liquid Liner in Black |#JANBLOG 29

Hi guys! Today I’m going to be talking about this liquid liner I’ve been using recently  As I’ve mentioned before liner on the top lid is just me, smudged on with kohl or drawn with slick liner, either way it works!
 Bourjois 16hr Linear Pinceau Liquid Liner review swatch

Barry M Berry Cosmo | #JANBLOG 28

barry m berry cosmo review swatch nail paint polish
Barry M Berry Cosmo | LINK | £2.99

Glitter Cups | #JANBLOG 26

glitter cups ikea
Hello! I hope you are all well and ready for the week to start (oh Mondays how I love thee)

Review | Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream | #JANBLOG 25

oilatum natural repair face cream review

Hey guys! I’m absolutely gutted that I missed my first post of Janblog yesterday :( But honestly I had the WORST day, from start to finish it was one of those days where nothing was going right and by then end of it I had to have a huge cry, one of those cries that pour out a lot of the stress, and exhaustion (and one that I secretly relish sometimes because I really think those great big cries can help). Anyways…onwards and upwards! So on to the review-

The Ps & Cs of Beauty Blogging (A six month review) | #JANBLOG 22

Hello! The Blushing Giraffe is six months old today! I’m finding it pretty hard to believe that this tiny little space on the internet has been up and running for over 180 days, has nearly 200 bloglovin’ followers, a beautiful group of ladies to support it on Instagram, and nearly 375 awesome people who have liked it on Facebook! What’s more is I cannot get over the fact that I have blogged every single day so far this month, a massive pat on my back because that’s something I deemed unachievable!

Illamasqua Haul! | #JANBLOG 21

illamasqua haul

Can I just ask how we’re at the 21st of January already?! Time is FLYIN’!

So I mentioned that before my SB would start, I did a cheeky splurge on both Illamasqua and Sleek. All for good reasons of course! I did go a LITTLE bit over the top with this haul, mainly because it’s two orders worth (hey they offer free delivery, what's not to love??). But also because as one of my lovely Instagram followers said, Illamasqua really do know how to to put on a SALE!

On My Face This Week (OMFTW) #1 | #JANBLOG 20


How I Save £££ On Make-Up | #JANBLOG 19

how to save money on makeup
Hello lovely readers, I hope you are all well! I am currently hating myself for procrastinating and essay by doing just about everything possible to avoid it ._. It is going to be a looong night..but for today’s post I thought I would share with you my top 10 make-up money saving tips, following on from my 101 day spending ban post – I hope this is helpful!


Hello fellow beauty lovers!
Following on from The Money Book post, yesterday I ordered what I had been waiting for (SLEEKS NEW COLLECTION OH MY GOODNESS ITS GORGEOUS) and then set about thinking how long I wanted this ban to be for. Now 1 months of wages was weak, two months a good start…but THREE MONTHS OF WAGES UNTOUCHED AND STRAIGHT INTO SAVING? Now that is what I deem to be an achievement! And coincidently yesterday started off 101 days of no spending (till April payday!)

Brush Series | Ebay Brushes pt.1 | #JANBLOG 17

real technique dupes ebay brushes
You may have seen these brushes floating around the blogosphere, and of course when I saw them I had to pick them up! For just under £2 each, these brushes have been reviewed as wonderful alternatives. I really wanted to try them out a little before I gave my two pennies, and here I am! The reason this is part 1 is because I have ordered another set but it’s yet to arrive ._.

Review | Super Facialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask by Una Brennan | #JANBLOG 16

super facialist by una brennan review
Now I’m no expert in skincare. Not by a long way off. I put my hands up and admit I am always drawn to the makeup isles and counters more than the skincare – but this could be changing. I think on the whole I’ve been blessed with good skin, not acne prone, not oily and not very sensitive. I am however prone to dry patches, have uneven pigmentation and horrendous dark circles. The last two can be ‘temporarily corrected’ with makeup, but I know paying a little more attention to my skin would probably help in the long run!

Review | Rimmel Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer Touch - Shimmering Sand | #JANBLOG 15

rimmel wake me up instant radiance shimmer touch shimmering sand review

The Money Book. | #JANBLOG 14

money book

Regular readers of my blog will probably know that a little spending ban is coming up (two days till it starts). This isn’t out of the blue, I’ve been wanting to start managing my incoming and outgoings for a while, but never actually sat down and thought about how to do so. Some people are fantastic with money, saving every penny and only spending when they absolutely need too. Other’s like to treat themselves and others, buy nice things and get tempted by ‘free delivery if you spend £X* offers. Can you guess which category I fall into?

The ‘I’ve had a full night’s sleep’ (but not really) essentials | #JANBLOG 13


Whilst a little bit of worrying isn’t terrible, a lot of worrying is not good news for your health. Neither is it great for your sleeping routine. I have quite a few deadlines approaching and last night I must have had about three and a half hour’s undisturbed sleep worrying about it all! Needless to say I woke up looking like a zombie and feeling much worse....thank goodness this is where make-up comes in and works it’s magic!

A Brow-Raising Impulse Buy | #JANBLOG 12

Anastasia Beverley Hills brow wiz and dipbrow pomade

Brush Series | How I Thoroughly Wash My Brushes!

how to clean your makeup brushes

hello! welcome to the second post of my brush series – just a quick note as I am currently moving bedrooms (which is almost as stressful as moving house!) a few of my brushes have gone for walk-abouts so whilst I wanted to have more than 2 posts up already, I’ll have to blog as and when I can ._.

Review | Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm | #JANBLOG 10

Boots botanics hot cloth cleansing balm review swatch

Hello beautiful people!

So a while back I picked up this hot cloth cleanser, partly because I was curious if it would be as effective as the superdrug own brand one (reviewed here) and mainly because I needed a proper cleanser - I had gotten into the habit of just using micellar water which is almost the same as using a makeup wipe one and certainly not the best thing for your skin (but better than nothing I suppose..D:) The beautiful Amelia from had also recommended this during her skincare work shop at the smoky-not-smudgy event and I’d made a note of it on my phone, so when I saw it on sale a few weeks later I was pretty chuffed to pick it up!

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag #JANBLOG 7

the procrastinating beauty blogger tag
Hello! Today has been a slightly crazy day, and I really had no time to photograph anything so I thought this tag would come in perfectly for JANBLOG #7! I did a quick google search and saw that Emily Noel had done this tag and it’s short and sweet so lets get into it!

Review | E.L.F Studio Blush – Mellow Mauve #JANBLOG 5


This blush was mentioned in my ‘2013 ultimate beauty favourites’ because I LOVE the colour of this on my NC30-35 skin tone! The E.L.F studio line retail for £3.75 each but I ALWAYS shop from them during a 50% off sale meaning these cost me less than £2 which is brilliant. I initially picked up a few of these budget ones hoping to test out which colours would suit my skin tone before splurging on high-end blushers, however I was pleased to find that these work very well and are by far one of e.l.f’s stand out products!

Boxing Day Haul! JANBLOG #4

boxing day haul the blushing giraffe

Brush Series | Favourite Makeup Brushes Of All Time JANBLOG #3

Hello! A big welcome to my brush series here on The Blushing Giraffe! Make Up Brushes are an important investment, but can be incredibly dear to your bank account, so I’m doing this series in a hope to share some of my favourites and hopefully save you some money! I’ll also be doing a ‘how I clean my makeup brushes’ post as well as a ‘Top E.L.F makeup brushes’ post. Do let me know if you would like to see anything else in particular, by commenting bellow or tweeting me @blushinggiraffe.

The Blushing Giraffe Just Got It’s Own Domain! JANBLOG #2

finished painted version
Sorry for the short post today, but I just thought I should let you guys know that my little blog now has it’s own domain name! ^_^

My goals for 2014! JANBLOG #1

2014 bbloggers beauty blogging

Happy New Year Beautiful People!
I truly hope 2014 brings you all happiness, success, good health and endless laughter.

I think one of the great things about blogging, or writing in general is being able to look back, reflect and hopefully improve. Whenever I stumble across an old diary I find myself in hysterics at some of the woes of that particular date back in 2008 and how much those tiny things impacted me! Although I don’t write in a journal anymore, I do want to try and set myself some little targets for the new year and Insha'Allah (which means God Willing) be able to review them when we reach the end of 2014!