June Update | True Friends & Ramadan

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. The month of June has been over-all a much needed wind-down from University and on the whole it has been wonderful. I want to start this post by kinda redefining what 'update' or 'catch-ups' are here on TBG. Sometimes I'll have had a really busy month, and it'll just be the highlights in a few photos and words. More often than not however, it's a little glimpse into non-beauty related things in my life and a chance for me to just pour out my thoughts out into a post and be a bit reflective once a month. If it's not your cuppa tea then I have loads and loads of beauty posts to read instead, but if you do stay and read please do drop me a comment, they're some of my favourites to read ^_^

Anyways no beautiful flower pictures this month (sadly I broke my memory stick and since my new one has arrived I haven't had time to hunt down beautiful flowers.) SO I thought I would show you my brand new phone-case instead, pictured on the left HOW CUTE IS IT?!? JFBSFBFEU. It was less than two pounds and the illustration has me going all *heart-eyed emoji* everytime I look at it! Also as much as I loved the glitz and glamour of the gold case, it was rather bulky and not that comfortable to hold due to the size of the phone.  This one is soft and though I've only had it for a day, I'm already enjoying it more (plus it protects the whole phone). The link is here if you're interested and they have so many beautiful designs to choose from with bargain prices - highly recommend!

First Ever Sephora Haul!

Sephora Haul UK
Hello ladies! Firstly I want to apologise that this haul is two days late, I’ve just been very busy with Ramadan and working extra shifts too...but anyways enough of that, I am SOO excited to be posting this! This is literally a ONCE-IN-A-YEAR haul on the blog because there’s no denying that shopping from Sephora is a real treat/splurge.

Before we get into the haul I’ll just break down the payment side of things, so hopefully my fellow UK beauty lovers can have an idea of whether they think its worth it. Personally I’m not planning to make a trip to the U.S anytime soon and there are so many ethical brands that are easily available in America and not here in the UK! :c I always knew the shipping costs were steep so I decided that I would make an order for my 20th birthday and I reckon it’ll be an annual treat which, yes I’ll have to save up for, but after this experience it’s totally worth it.

A Trio Of Empties #3 | Eyeko Skinny Liner, Bioderma and Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in Lavender

eyeko skinny liner, bioderma micellar water, dr bronner's magic soap lavender

Hello! It’s time for another trio of empties post, where I give you a mini review on three products I have used up and if I’d repurchase or not.

Review + Dupe | Mario Badescu Facial Spray - it’s better than MAC Fix+

Do you ever look back at old photos and wonder what makeup you were wearing? A few weeks ago I was doing just that and trying to remember how I got such a glowy complexion without the use of a highlighter. I love love love glowing skin! It looks healthy, bright and more natural than a matte finish. I finally realised that I had a glowing complexion in past photos because I had started using the E.L.F Makeup Mist & Set on a daily basis. It contains Aloe, Green Tea and lots of vitamins which helped to get rid of any powderiness and make my face glow. Recently E.L.F UK closed down and so I was looking for a replacement, after trying the whole rosewater mixed with water and just not getting the same effect. After doing a bit of reading online I discovered the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and there were simply rave reviews after rave reviews about the stuff. And well....not to ruin the surprise or anything but this is going to be another one!

My 'Dream Team'

dream team rimmel london lasting finish primer and soap and glory make yourself youthful sunshield

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share my 'dream team' with you all. What is a dream team you all ask? Well let me explain...before 2015 I never bothered with using a separate SPF and nor did I dabble much with primers. I just stuck with my moisturiser and left it at that. However I've tried out so many bases in the last 12 months and found that some of them have really required a bit of extra skin prep which lead me to pick up a few primers. I also got more knowledgeable regarding skincare and decided to invest in an SPF because my bases usually have SPF 15 if anything at all and the moisturisers I’ve been using don’t contain any. It’s incredibly important to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun and this little step could potentially save you from a lifetime of skin related issues. (Okay enough of that, I sound like I'm trying to sell you suncream - you get my gist!) 

Haul | XO Beauty Lashes

XO Beauty Eyelashes Haul UK

Hey ladies - haul number 3 features my first ever XO beauty lashes! I’m not a huge eyelashes person and because of this I’m not willing to pay over a fiver for a pair of lashes. At the same time my attempt at getting decent lashes from ebay failed, they turned out uncomfortable to wear and they looked far too false! D: I had previously purchased Red Cherry lashes which were decent too, just a little on the large size for a beginner. (Some of the styles, I believe the DW ones are great for those starting out but they seemed to be out of stock from most of the sellers on ebay).

 So I decided to venture out and try ShaaanXO’s brand as I enjoy her tutorials and her lashes always look great. They turned out to be surprisingly affordable and the shipping seemed like good value too until...

This or That | MeMeMe Beat the Blues ‘Pearl Pink’ Vs Benefit High Beam

MeMeMe Beat the Blues ‘Pearl Pink’ highlighter and illuminator Vs Benefit High Beam review and swatch

Hello lovely readers! Can you believe it’s been a whole 5 months since I’ve added another part to this series?? The first was Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Vs Brow Wiz which you can read here. To sum it up this isn’t necessarily about finding dupes, but more about comparing two similar products I own, listing out the pros and cons and hopefully giving you an idea about which one you may prefer. Having said that today's This Or That is actually more of a dupe, using a mini of Benefit’s High Beam and the budget friendly MeMeMebeat the blues Pearl Pink. I have already reviewed the golden version of this here which I really have been enjoying, especially for mixing in with my more matte foundations.

Review | Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit

Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit review and swatch

Barry M are my all time favourites when it comes to nail varnishes, but aside from those I’ve never really tried much of their makeup line. As the high-street is catching up with contouring craze (though I feel like Sleek were there way before anyone else) it’s exciting to try out what there is to offer at a budget price. The Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit costs £6.49 and just to give you a heads up I liked this so much that I bought one for each of my best-friends!

Night Time Skincare Routine

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I updated my night-time skincare routine and it has changed a fair bit since I last shared it so here we go:

Everyday (when I wear make-up)

Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil by Una Brennan and Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser



MAKE UP FOR EVER haul UK Debenhams Face and Body Foundation 32, Rouge Artist Natural N14

It’s Thursday again which means time for another haul! This time a first look at a new brand to the UK - MAKE UP FOR EVER which launched on the 19th of May 2015 in Debenhams. You can purchase a relatively large amount of their products online or you can visit the Debenhams on Oxford street to see the whole counter. Needless to say I was VERY excited, it’s about time we got easier access to the professional, polished and relatively affordable high-end brand - not to mention another ethical one.

Review | Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser

Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser review

Hello everyone, today’s review has got me very very excited because the Good Things Manuka Honey Creamy Cleanser might just be the BEST cleanser I have ever used and the best part? it costs a mere £4.99! I have tried many cream cleansers, from the well known Liz Earle C&P to the original ponds cold cream cleanser and for my skintype (normal/dehydrated with the odd dry patch) they tend to work well. Having enjoyed the good things eye cream (provides light moisturising and sits well under makeup) I decided to give their Manuka Honey line a go. Especially when I read that it includes the ingredient Royal Jelly and Manuka honey (ofc) which is often found in much more expensive skincare, but more on that later.

Review | L.A Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealer in Creamy Beige

L.A Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealer in Creamy Beige review and swatch
One of my most read posts is my review of 6 of the L.A Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealers which you can read here. I bought them from beautyjoint.com which is one of my favourite U.S sites and they only cost me just under £2. However the price has now gone up and the shipping price is also a lot more 😕. So I would recommend purchasing them from beautybay, where the full range is available.  These concealers have been named dupes for the MAC Pro-longwear concealer just with more coverage and after using them for a good few months now, I have to say I am still just as impressed as I was before. However when I did my first haul, I didn’t pick up a brightening/highlighter shade which is what I was really lacking, so a couple of weeks later I ordered ‘creamy beige’ and it is just perfecto!


Hello everyone!  As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I’ve done quite a bit of online shopping throughout May, so instead of posting haul after haul, I’m going to make Thursdays on the blog - HAUL day!  I have more than 5 hauls coming up ._. some are high-end like this one and some drugstore, so hopefully something for everyone!

I don’t think I should have to keep justifying myself, but once again, everything I’ve bought has been because of some sort of special offer or sale and most of these hauls have been things I’ve been wanting for a good few months too. It just so happened that the sales and offers coincided with exam stress AND my birthday month which = lots of beautiful additions to my makeup collection!

I had planned to treat myself to some Charlotte Tilbury goodies BUT now I will force myself to wait till the xmas sales for some of that good stuff, or possibly even next year..we shall see.

NARS Haul May 2015 the blushing giraffe


May Favourites 2015

may favourites the blushing giraffe beauty blender bare minerals bareskin foundation soap and glory face mask topshop lip liner in beehive

It’s MAY favourites time! For the lifestyle post of the month click here. Now let’s get started with my favourite products of the last month ^_^