Welcome to my blog! It'll be mainly focused on beauty, after spending a year and a half watching YouTube videos and avidly reading other blogs I have plucked up the courage to start my own. The Blushing Giraffe, is a place where I intend to share my opinions on products, hauls and favorites, as well as to discover other beauty lovers and connect through that blogosphere.

I'll start with 5 random facts to introduce myself with;

  • I am 1/16 Burmese.
  • I have a terrible sweet tooth and am also fond of baking, which leads me to a ambition in the future to one day be able to open up a bakery in memory of my grandfather.
  • I pick online shopping over real life shopping every time, there's nothing better than sitting in your PJs having a cheeky splurge and then receiving a parcel (present) a few days later.
  • I am a children's tutor, currently hoping to get into University so I can study Psychology and then become a primary school teacher.
  • I'd much rather be behind the lens than in front of it.

Please bear with me as I find my feet on blogger, but I'm very excited to be joining this platform ^_^