Morning Skincare Routine

morning skin care routine

Hello! Whenever people ask me about my morning skincare routine, I always think ‘morning skincare? what morning skincare??’ but actually recently I have made myself stick to a routine (which was one of my goals of 2014!) and although it looks like a LOAD of stuff, it takes me around 5 minutes max, because I’m not really a morning person (said every student ever)

REN Rosa Centifolia Cleansing Gel

Starting with a cleanser, if I’ve used any oils or spot treatments the night before I like to make sure all residue is removed. Currently I’ve been using the REN cleansing gel, which I reviewed here. It is lightweight and free from parabens, sulphates, fragrances etc;

I pump a small amount on my fingers and rub it into my skin, then using a damp flannel I remove the cleanser, finishing off with a thorough rinsing of the skin.


Once I’ve rinsed the cleanser off, I tone my skin to make sure all dirt and remaining residue is wiped off. I firstly spritz my face with Lush’s Eau Roma Water which claims to ‘hydrate the skin without causing it to overreact’.Then I take half a cotton pad and gently wipe off the rest of the water. The main ingredient in this is lavender water, which has very calming properties for the skin. (I also love using rosewater on the skin.)


Now my face is fresh and clean, as I have normal-dry skin I do find the gel cleanser a little drying on the skin, so I go in with a serum. I squeeze a small blob of hydraluron on my ring finger and rub it into my face, forehead and chin.  This claims to ‘increase skin hydration from below the surface….and holds up to 1,000 times in its weight.’ I do definitely find myself using LESS moisturiser after I have applied this and I enjoy using it, but I’m also curious to try out other serums similar to this when I’ve used this tube up.


My current moisturiser of choice is the Reve de Meil Ultra Comfortable Face Cream which is pretty high-end, for me anyways!  I used to swear by the oilatum one, however my skin got too used to that and it stopped retaining the moisture :(

This french cream is thick and nourishing, and I am really enjoying using it!


I always try to apply an eye cream morning and night, but especially before I do my makeup as I still have dry patches around my eyes which means they need extra tlc. I’m using the Good Things bright eyes, eye cream which claims to tackle puffiness and dark circles. I can’t say it’s done much for the darkness after consistent use for at least three months, however I do like how moisturising it feels for the delicate under-eye area. My face cream feels a little too thick for under the eyes, but this seems just right.


Finally I apply my Reve de Meil Lip Balm, y’know the one every blogger who has tried it seems to love? I think to be honest I was quite undewhelmed by it at first…but I do love how it moisturises my lips, leaves a matte finish (so any lipstick ontop applies evenly) and also lasts for longer than the average lip balm.

…and that is about it! My morning skincare routine complete! I will be posting a nightime skincare routine in a couple of days as I do tend to switch my products up a little. What are you favourite morning skincare loves?

Thanks for reading!