Introducing Huggleup! Polaroids without the camera


Hello everybody, I hope you’re all well. I am incredibly excited by todays post because I am going to be introducing you all to a company that I stumbled across accidently on the App store and soon became obsessed with!

huggleup photos app polaroids, squares, magnets

I’m sure you’ve all seen the craze for Polaroid's over the last year and a half, those cute little memories that can slip into a wallet, be arranged nicely on a wall or even hung up around the room. I know I was certainly temped to purchase a Fujifilm Instax camera, but two things stopped me: 1. The price of the camera (generally around £70, which is not super cheap especially after I bought my SLR earlier this year!) and 2. The price of a roll of film- it costs around £18 for 20 prints!

I knew that if I did decide to splash out the £90 for a camera and 20 prints, I would find it SO hard to actually take a photo. I think I would be so hesitant to go ahead and take a picture, the camera would just end up gathering I held off.

huggleup app photos squares polaroids

When I moved into my new bedroom a few months back I wanted to decorate it tastefully and quite minimalistic, but still have personal touches. Much to my delight when looking on the app store for new photo editing tools, I stumbled across ‘huggleup’. It is a photo printing company which focuses mainly on the ease of printing photos from Instagram and Facebook. Huggleup understand that technology is the forefront of most of our lives, and so finding the perfect gift can be very difficult! They states that they’re ‘ designed solely to help people be more thoughtful with their
gifts. Seamlessly, without time or effort.’ Huggleup have come up with an ingenious bit of technology themselves which is called ‘Hugglebot’ BUT more on that later!

huggleup app photos squares polaroids

 We’ve all gotten into such a habit of taking photos on our smartphones and quickly uploading them online, but how many of us actually print photos anymore? I think that was the main appeal of the instax, in this digital age we are starting to miss being able to see our memories without staring at a screen!


That is what I love so much about HuggleUp - they offer printing Polaroids, Squares, Magnets, Frames and Postcards all from the ease of your phone!

huggleup app

The app is incredibly easy to use, as you can see from these photos, you simply pick what option you would like and choose where you want your photos to come from (camera roll, facebook or instagram). I’m so impressed with how much the company have developed, I actually ordered my first set of prints months ago, and the second time around there are so many more options, including minis and frames!

huggleup app

The biggest advantage of using HuggleUp for me (aside from the ease of use!!) is that you can choose exactly what your prints will look like. I am the type of person who needs to take 20 photos before I pick the right one, so having the option to choose the photos I would have on my wall was a huge bonus. I made a folder using some photos from my holiday last year on onedrive and simple downloaded them onto my phone, without the need of USBs and other lengthy processes.

huggleup photos polaroids squares

I was in two minds, but the first time around I decided to go for squares, just because they seemed the obvious choice for making a collage. So when it came for my second batch I added more squares to my collection! However next time I really do want to try the polaroid's, I’m thinking of having an area in my room which is just polaroids of me and my best-friends.

huggleup photos polaroids squares kavita ramdas

I love reading inspirational quotes, and also having positive words around me that remind me that everything will be ok. I know that might sound a little lame but I do get stressed out at times, and seeing these words and memories make me feel a whole lot calmer. Positive vibes are always a good thing, and that is what I adore about these squares, I’ve printed out 6/7 that are just text and having them around my desk/dressing table really helps.

huggleup photos polaroids squares

The price point for Huggleup is in my opinion fantastic. Like I said with the instax it costs around £1.10 a print, whereas on Huggleup it costs £12.50 for a pack of 20 which makes it around 60p a half price in comparison to buying an instax camera! You can buy 20 squares for £12.50 too and 22 magnets for the same price. Your favourite photos on magnets, right there on your fridge is such a lovely idea! If you want to print out a lot more photos I would opt for the Petit Square option, you get 44 prints for only £12.50 which is amazing!

Each option has the exact size measurements underneath, so its a great idea to measure them out on some paper before you make your choice :)


I printed out quite a few family photos which I’ve decided not to share on the net, but I also printed out some of my favourite flower, animal and places photos! Since investing in my SLR I’ve been trying to remember it on all occasions, and now I can print out beautiful high quality photos, AS polaroid's and mini’s without buying a whole new camera! The quality of the card is amazing and I love how the back of the squares are blank, these really do make a great gift. I was thinking of printing out some of my favourite memories with my bestfriend and writing a sentence of two on the back, which would make them even MORE personal!

huggleup photos polaroids squares

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my beautiful squares on display on my Muji tower ^_^ I love the pop of colour that they add to my wall and the fact that I took all of those photos means so much more than a canvas I could have bought from a shop.

When I ordered my first set of photos I showed my friend and she loved them, the second time around I decided to get in contact with the lovely people over at Huggleup and ask to work with them. I was SO excited to share this company with you all, and there is an exited giveaway coming up shortly, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime check out their amazing website right here: and download their app (Apple version) and (Android Version).

Thanks for reading!

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