2017 Goals

Hello all! I do apologise for the pretty late post, but I hope you had a great start to 2017🎉. I have been trying to get an assignment done, which is due in a few days so its been a very homey couple of days for me. I also didn't have anything that stood out to me massively that should be a goal for the year, until I sat down and really thought about what I wanted to achieve this year and I managed to six in total.

1. Lose my muffin top! 🍰🏋🏽‍♀️

I have put on a fair bit of weight whilst at Uni and now that I'm out of University, I really want to get my fitness back on track. Whilst I don't really mind being a bit heavier, because honestly when I lose too much weight my face looks gaunt, I would like to lose some of my tummy weight. This sales I found the most perfect Zara mom fit jeans but sadly my tummy meant they didn't fit and the size up wasn't available in store or online :( I should have kept them for my goal weight, but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. I just want to get fit and active and hopefully lose the muffin top in the process! Sometimes in photos I notice my stomach sticks out more than I would care for, plus I do suffer with a  lot of bloating...only making the issue worse. So heres hoping I get into a good routine in 2017, not just with the gym but with drinking more water and avoiding the sugary stuff too.

2. Wear all the clothes in my wardrobe or pass them on. 🚪

I've noticed that my storage areas have become full to the point of almost bursting recently, but there are definitely items in there which I haven't worn in months. Basically they're just taking up a whole load of space which is very unnecessary, so I'll be a lot more vigilant this year with passing stuff on or chucking it out if its too old.

3. Keep my dressing table relatively tidy. ☀️

I have a long table/storage system in my room, which serves as both a dressing table and a desk. This year I really want to use it as more of a desk, as well as a dressing table so I need to ensure I make the space clear and inviting to actually work on. Plus when the table is clear, it makes a huge difference to the rest of the room and the more I remind myself, the easier this will be.

4. Use up all my backups! 💄

I have got a drawer full of items which are either backups, or things I purchased cheaply from fragrance direct a good year or two ago. Instead of regularly swapping them out and using them, I tend to just leave them be. So this year I want to get through the draw and use my moneys worth! Whilst I won't be imposing any sort of makeup buying fast in 2017, generally I won't be as financially free to pick up whatever. At least for two thirds of the year! So I think its more important than ever to use up the stuff I have. Sometimes I get so tempted to repurchase things I know work well, however its a massive waste of money to have products left unopened at home, whilst I'm buying more and more.

5. Make time to blog 💻

2016 wasn't a great year for blogging for me. I didn't manage to post double digit amounts very often but I don't feel too guilty for that, as it was also a year to work very hard and achieve milestones. However at the second interview for my teacher training course, I was asked about my hobbies and both the head and deputy said how important it was to make time for them. Teaching is a physically and mentally draining job, especially when everything is so new and overwhelming. So this year I really want to schedule more time into my calendar for blogging. I'm not saying I'll get 12 posts up a month, every month. BUT I'm going to try and be a little more consistent!

6. Refrain from buying the odd thing here and there. 💸

What I mean by this is the odd meal deal here, the odd latte there. These things add up more than I realised at the end of 2016 and considering I'm running a car on a limited bursary, I really need to watch where my money goes. The only problem with the school I work at, is its a 30 second drive away from a bunch of fast food and a huge supermarket...which also sells Krispy Kremes! I'm a huge advocate of treat ya self every now and again. But there has to be a limit, otherwise its not a treat its careless money down the drain. I'm a little worried that if I don't break out of this habit before September (when I'll actually be earning money in'sha'Allah!), its gonna stick and I don't want to be irresponsible with money my whole life. Some people are great at saving from a young age, like my 15 year old sister, others like myself are not so much. Instead of having a goal as 'to save', which is unlikely given the amount I have to live off of from my bursary, tackling the cause of the problem seems like a more sensible and long term goal to reach for!

Have you set goals for 2017? Please link your post below ^_^

Thank-you for reading