Colourpop Series | Just Peachy Trio Review

colourpop just peachy trio review and swatches colourpop speed dial colourpop instigator colourpop screen shot

Hello everyone! Back with another colourpop post, and this time I'm focusing on one of their cute value trios - Just Peachy ($15.00). They currently have free international delivery over $50 - check out this post if you're interested in the ordering process and customs. If you were to buy this kit, you'd save a total of $3, which isn't much..but savings when you're already having to pay customs, well every little helps haha. Now when they launched all their peachy shades, I was glued to their website with this emoji reflecting back at the screen: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. BUT I had JUST ordered a bunch of things in the haul I linked above, so could I justify another $50 order, jobless, as a trainee teacher? Nooooope. I refrained with a heavy heart and left it be, till a couple of weeks later when they had the free international delivery offer on again and lo and behold they had just put together this it was just meant to be hehe.

colourpop just peachy trio review and swatches colourpop speed dial colourpop instigator colourpop screen shot

In the just peachy trio, you get two ultra matte lips and one ultra satin. I was sure that I wanted their deeper shades, but I do find their swatches to be quite hit and miss. Getting a range of peachy colours was definitely part of the appeal with this set and I have to say, it was a fantastic decision over all. Now lets get into za reviews!

Colourpop Screenshot | $6  | Ultra Satin Lip

The first shade in the kit that I tried was the ultra satin - and I LOVE this formula so much! It's super comfortable to wear and although it doesn't last quite as long as the matte lips, I really enjoy it enough for me to reapply as and when I need to (which isn't as often as a regular lipstick). Screenshot is the most flattering peachy nude for an olive skintone, that I have ever come across. Whilst the swatch comes out a lot darker, because my lips are quite pigmented it appears lights and I really like it. At first I was like no no nooo way too light! But I think thats because my comfort zone is definitely more into the deeper mauve shades, so once I got used to it I really liked it.  Screenshot is definitely a beautiful spring shade and I feel like as long as my makeup isn't too over the top I can pull it off nicely.

Favourite way to wear it: I like to line my lips with any neutral liner, usually I'll go for Rimmel Tiramisu, and then I'll apply this over the top. I find with any nudeish shade, a defined lip is essential for balancing it out, cause otherwise it'll look messy.

Repurchase: I like it, I'm not totally obsessed because it is a little out of my comfort zone, however its a gorgeous nude shade which actually works with my skintone so yeah I'd pick it up again in the future.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Colourpop Instigator | $6  | Ultra Matte Lip

This is a matte formula and again the swatch on the website is NOTHING like how it appears in real life, which is honestly a little irritating ._. I will say though that it is a hard shade to photograph! When you first apply it, it looks a lot brighter and a little intimating, but it dries down to a more wearable shade. Because I have a very olive skintone, it pulls coral on me, however its the only coral that I don't mind too much. That bright shade will never be my favourite because it does clash again yellow undertones, however I feel like I can just about pull it off, JUST ABOUT. It is a lot more out of my comfort zone than the shade above though. Also once again, the swatch below isn't very accurate to how it appears on the lips unfortunately :( You can check out my IG (@theblushinggiraffe) for a swatch video, which'll give you a more accurate idea.

Favourite way to wear it: So far I have been wearing this alone and it wears well nicely without the need for a liner. I don't think I have one that would match with this shade anyway! 

Repurchase: No I wouldn't, if it came out how it swatches or even how it looks in the tube then of couseeeee. But the coral tones...I mean I'm gonna wear this tube and hopefully finish it at some point, but I won't buy another one.

Overall Rating: 3/5 

Colourpop Speed Dial | $6  | Ultra Matte Lip

And finally on to my all time favourite shade from the trio - speed dial! First of all, I don't know why exactly but the formula for this shade is soooo lovely, light weight, thinner than usual and hardly drying at all...I'm not sure why it's different but I'm not complaining at all! Secondly this is the most gorgeous dark peachy/burnt orange/terracotta shade ever. It's very very flattering against olive skintones and its one of those shades that you can wear with minimal makeup and it'll be the focal point, or you can wear it with a heavier glittery eye and still look fabulous. If you are a WOC, you NEED to add this shade to your basket, it's so unique and so stunning, the swatch below doesn't do it enough justice.

Favourite way to wear it: like I said the formula for this is so fab, that I don't even go in with a lip liner, despite the fact that it is a darker lip shade. 

Repurchase: YESSSSS, definitely need me some back ups on speed dial!

Overall Rating: 5/5 🙌🏽

colourpop just peachy trio review and swatches colourpop speed dial colourpop instigator colourpop screen shot

And here are the swatches, but like I said its hard to judge shades by arm swatches because they do look so different on the lips. I recommend searching youtube, google images and my IG ;D before purchasing.

Have you tried any of the shades from their peachy collection?

Thank-you for reading