Review | Anaqa Lashes & how to apply!

anaqa lashes nour lashes how to apply false eyelashes

Hello, todays blog post is going to be fairly short and sweet, but hopefully informative too!

I have become a little obsessed with falsies, as you will probably be aware of if you follow me on SC or IG! Recently I've been on the hunt to find the best of the best online and I'm pleased to tell you I've been really successful too 🙊, but thats for a separate post of its own! Today I'm going to be reviewing these gorgeous lashes from the IG company: AnaqaClothing and these particular ones are in the style 'Nour'*. There's also a 10% off discount code at the end of post, until stocks lasts!

anaqa lashes nour lashes how to apply false eyelashes

Anyway these lashes are the most dramatic one I have EVER owned! They're super full, thick and glamorous. I definitely had to trim them down to my eyeshape, but I have to do that for pretty much every pair of lashes anyway. Now before I get into the steps to easy lash application (and believe me, I struggled for AGES until I had finally cracked it, which took me practicing several times in a row haha), I'll review the style Nour. The band is thin enough to feel comfortable on the eyes, but a little thicker than other bands due to how thick the lashes are. These are not the kind of lashes which you should wear for a casual evening, they're definitely special occasion ones! And because of how thick they are, I do find them a little heavy on eyes after a few hours, so I'm only planning to wear them to an evening wedding or something of the sort. What I LOVE about them, is just how much wow, they add to any eye look! Even if you're not the best with eyeshadow application, popping on a pair of Nours will add all the glamour you need. My makeup went from a D to an A haha.

How to apply false lashes:

1. Measure!

Like I said it's likely that the lashes will be too long for your eye shape, so pop the lashes on and carefully see how much you should snip off. I have cut off way too much before and thats painful, cause you can't replace it! So start with a tiny bit and carry on measuring till it fits perfect.

2. Reshape

Take the ends and *thinks for a good few minute, about how to word this* push one side up, then the other side, over and over till its curled again. I hope that makes sense - if not I have a lil video on IG showing this whole process, so hopefully that'll help! Anyway this step will help to reshape the lash and when you put it on, it'll sit properly and just make it easier.

3. Mascara

A light coat of mascara is a necessity, because otherwise your natural lashes won't blend as easily into the falsies and that just looks odd!

4. GLUE!

This is the part where I was messing up BIG TIME! I was applying a crazy amount of glue onto the lash to begin with, then I was plonking it onto the eyelid and expecting all that glue to just work well and stick down. So first things first, find yourself a really good eyelash glue. I'm still in the process of doing this, right now I'm using Duo dark tone, but I'd like to find a glue that dries a little quicker. Next you should squeeze a little of the glue up to the end of the tube and then carefully run the lash band along the glue. What I was doing previously, was squeezing the tube up and continously applying more and more glue to the band adding probably 3X the amount of glue that was neccessary! A little goes a long way, so having a little glue availble in the first place makes matters easier. However it's a good idea to add a little more to both ends, to keep them extra secure. If you are using duo, it would be a good idea to wait almost a whole minute, till the glue is really tacky. This is the part that is also essential to get right, if the glue isn't tacky the lash will not stick and you can really mess up all the hard work of the eyeshadow - so wait it out!

4. Tweezers

Another thing that has helped tremendously is using a pair of tweezers, the ones I'd recommend most are from primark actually! Not the regular slanted kind, but the sharper ones which have more precision, ( I got two types of tweezers in a pack for a great price ^_^). I like to grip the middle of the lashes with the tweezers, hold a small mirror in my other hand at about a 45 degree angle, and carefully place the end of the lashes down, then the middle of the lashes with the tweezers. Sometimes I'll just get the middle on and then secure the ends, but with a heavier style like Nour, I wanted to make sure that I was placing it on precisely so I started with the outer corner.

5. Blending

Another important step is blending the natural and falsies together, and with this bit you have to be SUPER careful because it can be dangerous! Taking the same tweezers, I gently press together my lashes and the falsies and this ensures that the lash band is stuck as close as possible to my natural lashes. Sometimes in the past I've not done this and there's been an obvious gap inbetween, which has not only made the lashes look wonky, but it has also felt uncomfortable on my eyelid! So squeezing them together is the final step, et voila you are done.

It does take practice, but honestly once you get the hang of it, wearing falsies will up your makeup game 10000 levels! There are so many beautiful styles out there and they add a tonne to any makeup look. Whilst I won't ever be a daily lash wearer, I do love to pop them on now and again and I really hope this post was helpful for those of you who hate the process! It is so satisfying once you've got it haha. The code for the Anaqa lashes is 'Iqra10' so enjoy ^_^

What are your favourite lashes? And can you recommend me a lash glue? I'm on the hunt!

Thank-you for reading


*This post contains PR samples or products gifted to me. All opinions are my own. For more info check my Disclaimer