Colourpop spring haul | Trying pressed shadows and glossy lips

colourpop spring haul 2017

Well hello lovely people! It feels wonderful to be writing an actual beauty post again and this one has been a long time coming. Whilst I was drowning in the intense pressure of teacher training, I had a cheeky splurge on colourpop thinking I was going to avoid customs...but sadly it was quite the spectacular fail, I can tell you that much! 🤦🏽‍♀️ I don't really want to go too much into the ins and outs but it was a huge error on colourpop's behalf as they didn't bother to change the prices on the customs label, meaning it looked like I had spent a lot more than I actually did - which, yep you guessed it, customs GALOR 🙄. Its a jolly good thing that I actually like most of what I ordered, since I ended up paying a lot extra for it...and hey, the day colourpop comes to beautybay will be a wonderful one haha!

colourpop heavy hitter palette

Starting off with what I was most excited for, their new(ish!) single pressed shadows. I did always wonder if colourpop would release their own because their super shock versions are pretty much what they started with. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the super shock, I do own around 12 shades, but I don't think they're the best value for money since they do dry out within a year - especially the mattes. So when I saw the pressed powder versions I was really looking forwards to giving them a go. I purchased a palette and then six single shadows cause there was some sort of deal on with them.

colourpop heavy hitter palette

It's been a good few weeks since I've had these in my stash and although I am currently trying to review all my single shadows from ABH and MUG together, I've decided to keep the colourpop one separate. A full review for each of this shades'll be up very soon because I've tested them quite a bit. I'm going to run through the shades I picked up now, but if you're impatient for the review I'll give you the bottomline now: these shadows are not as good as ABH or MUG but they're decent shadows to own and the shade range already is beautiful. Now that I've had a good chance to try out the different formulas, I don't think I'll be rushing to pick up their newer shades. Don't get me wrong, they're great if you're in America and can order them with no customs or excessive shipping fees - even better if you can get them on sale for like $3 each! However if you're like me, from the U.K and you HAVE to go through customs etc. I personally don't think they're worth the extra amount of money. If there is a shade or two that I really love (and knowing colourpop's amazing shade range, there will be), and I'm placing an order anyway then I'll probably pick it up and let you guys know about it too haha. For the most part though, I feel pretty 'ehhh' about them - they're good, but they're not on the same level as MUG or ABH, which you can get for a cheaper price point in the U.K if you combine the customs that are added to the colourpop price tag. (To read about my MUG shadows click here and to read about ABH click here).

colourpop heavy hitter palette

This palette is called heavy hitter, and it has a nice range of warm toned shades. I have been loving the matte ivory shade as well as that deep red. The shades in order left-right: Full-Zip, Ringer, Side Tracked, Top Notch. My palette doesn't look like this anymore though, because I have done what many other have done, I've ripped the inside of it out! Which means I can now hold all of my 10 shadows comfortably inside, which is awesome ^_^ I highly recommend you do the same if you own any of these palettes because it's so good for travelling. The actual palette itself is made out of cardboard, but its sturdy and will last a decent amount of time. The only complain I have is that white colour, combined with the matte - it's already so grubby which was inevitable.

colourpop single pressed shodows Labyrinth, High-strung, Boxer, Paper tiger, I owe you and cut-outs swatches

I also purchased the following 6 shades: Labyrinth, High-strungBoxer, Paper tiger, I owe you and cut-outs. I have definitely spent long enough chatting about these shadows for one post, but if you're interested on a full review of the shades, watch this space! And for now, enjoy some swatches below. I will say though that paper tiger wasn't the colour I had hoped it would be, I've just had a look on their site and a newbie which is already sold out -  'tiki' is definitely the colour I was hoping for!

colourpop single pressed shodows Labyrinth, High-strung, Boxer, Paper tiger, I owe you and cut-outs swatches

Some VERY pretty colours there, like that yellow is nice and I have to say I was kinda lacking on just matte light shades for the brow bone (check out my single shadow series here for the brow shades I already own). I think you can see some of them are kinda lacking though, so I wouldn't recommend them all.

colourpop ultra glossy lip in weho colourpop ultra satin lip in strip

Okay moving on to some lip products, I was VERY excited to get my hands on both of these! The first thing I wanted to try out was one of their ultra glossy lips, and I went for weho, which is a very opaque nude shade. I LOVE it. So so much, and I think its particularly because I have been so obsessed with liquid lipsticks for the longest time, so to go completely the other way is probably what I've needed for a while. Especially for spring, throwing on some gloss is just the perfect thing with a glowy base and light eyes! I then had to pick up another ultra satin lip in strip. I own a couple of these and have reviewed half of them here, so I thought picking strip up would mean I'd have that perfect wearable nude....and it's not bad! I wouldn't wear it without a deeper lipliner, cause it can appear a little too chalky, but it's definitely more wearable than some of the shades I own and I do reach for it to add some lightness.

colourpop bangin brunette brow pencil

And a product I HAD to repurchase is the colourpop brow pencil, absolutely love this thing. Now I am definitely a brow pomade fan, especially cause I don't remove the hair from my brows and like to go for that super au natural look, but this brow pencil is fantastic. It reminds me a lot of the ABH brow wiz, which I also liked but wouldn't pay that price tag for again. This time I picked up bangin brunette AND dope taupe, which I've not had the chance to try yet, but I shall keep you posted. They also threw in a cute little ultra satin lip, which is perfect for the handbag and luckily in a shade I don't own - dopey (which was hugely popular after it released some time last year). I like it, a little darker than I imagined but still, it's a shade I'd reach for often so I cannot complain #FREEBEZ.

And that is my final colourpop haul for a long time, because let me be real frank, my cheeks are still stinging after being slapped with those custom charges 😭. Have you picked up any of that new new from colourpop lately? What do you recommend?

Thank-you for reading
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