Light Up Skincare Review + Discount code! | Autumn Skin Survival Kit

Hello everybody, it feels fantastic to be sitting here and writing another blog post for you all! This one is about a subject dear to many of our hearts', it is on skincare, and not just any old drugstore brand mind you, but a beautifully natural organic brand which has really caught my attention the past few weeks. When the owner of Light up skincare, reached out to me on instagram to review their autumn skin survival kit, I was more than a little bit excited. Products made with zero chemicals, plenty of oils and promising to help my dry dehydrated skin as the weather changed for the worse? Yes please! I've been testing these out for a good couple of weeks now and I'm ready to share my thoughts.

So first of all, this kit was so beautifully packaged, it really did feel like a gift for my skin, and I LOVE it when brands go the extra mile to perfect their customers' experience! Talking about superb packaging, the kit also contains an adorable, yet super handy, mini booklet which has important info about each and every product - from ingrediants, to use-by date (since there are no chemical preservatives in any of the products). I was really impressed by this, and I wish other brands would do the same. The autumn skin survival kit contains five of their products and it literally has you covered from forehead to toes. You get the following:

Lip balm (2 ml)
Heel balm (30 ml)
Patchouli Hand Lotion (30 ml)
Sugar scrub cube
One mini lotion bar

So I was happy to be able to test out so much from the range and get a real feel for their products.

I'll start off with my absolute favourite from this kit, the lip balm! It has been my absolute go-to in the past couple of weeks and I've been choosing it over previous favourites like my blistex, and it performs much better than the over-priced nuxe one too. I apply this at night time and it doesn't feel greasy or sticky in the slightest, it just makes my lips feel very hydrated and when I wake up in the morning they have retained that hydration which is pretty much all I can ask for! I also love popping this on when I moisturise my face, so that by the time I'm ready to put on my lipstick, my lips are prepped. It contains cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E oil, so theres no wonder my lips have been a huge fan. But best of all? No chemicals at all! And it's only £3.50, which is fantastic value for a really really great balm. This has impressed me so much more than I expected and I've already shown it to you all in my October favourites video - in which I said I would repurchase this again! It's one of the best I've tried!

You can purchase the balm separately here.

Moving on to a newer kind of product for me, their lotion bar is another item I am a huge fan of! First of all, I can't believe I've never tried anything like this before, but thats the beauty of smaller independent brands you get to trial out newer things that the giant companies have made yet. The idea of this lotion bar is that you literally rub it into the hands and body and it melts into the skin, providing much needed hydration. I particularly liked using this for my elbows, knees and areas which are quite rough and not best looked after, because the blend of oils and butters were perfect for my dryer skin. This is recommended for people with dry and sensitive skin, but also for those who have eczema and I think that's fantastic, to have a product which has such gentle ingredients but still does what you need it to do, and in a more fun way than the conventional bottle! The beautiful varity of flowers available also makes me happy ^_^

If you want to purchase this individually for £5, you can do so here.

Another unique product from this autumn kit is the sugar scrub cube, which is this funky green colour! I have to say, the amount of uses this cube has is fantastic and for just £2 it is one of the best body care items I have tried in a while. This bar moisturises, exfoliates AND cleans. It contains brown sugar, poppy seeds, and an abundance of essential oils which leaves the skin feeling and smelling delightful. I am very picky with my exfoliators because I do have very sensitive skin on my legs especially, so anything with large granules can irritate and aggravate my skin. This stuff works really well and I'm guessing its a combination of the natural ingredients and the texture overall combined, which allows it to work so well. The only thing is, you'll need to store it in a tin (similar to the Lush shampoo bars), otherwise it'll most likely dissolve/get over other products.

You can purchase the sugar scrub bars individually for £2 here.

Now I'm pretty sure this is the Patchouli hand lotion, although the cute little booklet above says this is the regular one! Anyway this is probably the only product in the kit that I'm not crazy about. It's a solid balm in a nice cute little tin, so portability wise it's fantastic. However as it is so solid, I find myself spending much more time 'warming up' the product to get some onto my fingers and then applying it to my hands...its just a lot easier to use a balm in a bottle! If this had a creamier texture, I'd love it, as like I said the ingredients are fantastic and the size of it is super handbag and pocket friendly. It's just too much of a firm texture for me personally.

You can purchase the full size for £7.99 here.

And finally, a similar looking product, but one I definitely prefer - the heel balm which contains: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E oil as well as Wild orange essential oil and Peppermint essential oil is just lovely. This has a slightly more creamy texture and this is what I've been using for my dry hands, cuticles, heels and elbows. Again the packaging is fantastic and I love how there are no mineral oils, animal preservatives, artificial fragrances or colours. It's just naturally great stuff which the skin LOVES!

And that's the full autumn skin survival kit summed up! I am so happy with my experience of this brand and I think that some of the products will replace my typical drugstore ones for sure. The price of this autumn survival kit is £18.50, which in my eyes is a bargain because you get to try out so many goodies for a subsidised price. The things that you then end up loving you can repurchase individually, and to make matters even more fantastic the lovely owner has kindly given my readers a discount! If you use the code BLUSH15 purchase anything over the next two weeks you will receive  15% off 🎉🎊🙌🏽 which is soooo kind of her ^_^ So you can pick up the autumn skin survival kit for just over £15, which is SUCH A BARGAIN! Alternatively you can get any of the other products and still apply the discount, I know I'm going to be stocking up on some of those lip balms and scrubs myself hehe😍.

Please make sure you check out their site here: and also have a read of the owner's blog here. She has posts on skincare tips, as well as myth busting which made for very interesting reads.

A massive thank-you to light up skincare once again for the generous discount code, and for sending me this lovely kit to review ☺️ All opinions were my own as always, and I really am pleased you found me on insta, because otherwise I'd have never discovered the beautiful products you have so carefully handmade!

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