Boxing Day Beauty Haul (Just a LITTLE late to the blog(!))

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing really well. Todays blog post is a bit of a continuation from a recent youtube video I boxing day beauty haul. I ended up filming a bunch of videos that day which I then posted over the next 5-6 weeks cause...there is such a thing as too many hauls haha. So I've had a GRWM up since this and I've just finished edited the brand new makeup revolution concealer review (yes THAT one which is a dupe for the shape tape!). However I wanted to dedicate a whole blog post to the haul and add some more thoughts behind the products. Some of these things I've used more since then and sometimes it's just nice to sit and fellow bloggers will know exactly what I mean haha. I don't just want to post blog posts with the video embedded, I want to actually blog when I can...and clearly since it is already February I am finding it hard to juggle everything...and that is o.k!

brazillian bum bum cream uk review haul

So the first thing I've been loving from my haul is the Brazilian bum bum cream (£18.00), which
was in the majority of youtube videos in 2016/17! I finally gave into the hype on boxing day as this three pack was fantastic value for money, but also because I wanted to step up my body care routine. Since I've opened my first post this month I have been LOVING how hydrating this is. The scent is nice, not as insaaaane as it has been made out to be, lets be honest, but the product works REALLY well. Will I still use up my more affordable moisturisers for the body? Of course, since I hate wasting product in any form. However I can see why this has been so popular, a little goes a long way and my skin drinks it up in the best way. So far, I am a big fan of this cute lil thang which is supposed to be pronounced as I said in the video haha!

Alpha-H skincare starter set review and haul

Moving on to this adorable little set from Alpha-H, I couldn't resist it. Mainly because it contains a version of my favourite chemical exfoliator - liquid gold, but also because they didn't give ridiculous sizes for their sets. I know some brands are insanely expensive, so getting a mini is usually great value for money, but I noticed that a lot of brands were selling 5ml things and that just doesn't sit right with me. These sets are meant to give you enough product that you can come to a good judgement as to whether it works for you or not....5ml isn't going to cut it for me! I need to be able to use a product for a good 3 weeks - to a month at least in order to come to the important decision of if I should spend my hard earned coins or not. So yeah, anyway, this set ticked a lot of boxes. I'm currently using up a few cleansers and trying out a new moisturiser AND glycolic product, so this will sit in my drawer till the summer time I expect, since I do really want to try all three together as a separate but still consistent, skincare regime.

mini gucci perfume gift set

Moving on to this lil bougie set that I really couldn't resist, bougie for me cause I usually don't splash the cash on this was a bit of a treat. I justified it as the end of my first term as an NQT treat haha. These will most likely last me for agesssss too because I also purchased a bunch of new Zara scents, which are much less expensive and also less strong, so I'll reach for THOSE on a daily basis. A-N-Y-W-A-Y-S all that to say
bourjois gift with purchase

bourjois gift with purchase

And finally I couldn't help but share this adorable Bourjois gift with purchase! Honestly to me this is one of the only advantages of actually browsing stores like boots and superdrug. I HATE how most items have been opened and swatched/touched/USED, so I generally avoid purchasing from the stores themselves, but back in uni days, I would always have a proper browse. This time around I was looking at some of the new things and I noticed that bourjois had this really generous gift with purchase offer. The contents are below!

bourjois gift with purchase

Bourjois rouge velvet lipstick in flaming rose 02

So as you can see I managed to get my hands on FOUR free items! All I had to do was spend £15, so I picked up a beautiful rouge velvet lipstick in the shade flaming rose, the bourjois sculpt light illuminator, a pink gel nail polish and the bourjois volume clubbing mascara (which I remember reading about on a blog AGES ago and really wanting to try!). Can I just say how happy I am that all the colours and items I'm actually going to wear and use?! Bourjois did real good 🙌🏽

Bourjois rouge velvet lipstick in flaming rose 02

Now to be totally honest, the lipstick shade is a LITTLE bright, but I can mix it with deeper shade and make it the formula is delightful. The packaging is also super luxe for drugstore, I mean I know prices of lipsticks are getting higher and higher, but I feel like they're also upping their overall feel of the products - glass bottles, sturdy packaging etc.

To see EVERYTHING I picked up, have a little watch of the actual video:

And that is about it for this post! I honestly feel really guilty every time I think about my blog, because I've been pouring the majority of my spare time into my youtube channel, but it's always somewhere in the back of my mind haha.

Thank-you for reading