Review | Blistex Relief Cream (HG STATUS)

Blistex relief cream
Blistex relief cream
This is a simple but very essential review of a lip balm…infact not just any lip balm, but the best you can buy for any lip woes you have and YES it IS at a purse friendly price too.

As the colder months are approaching I thought now would be the perfect time to talk about the Blistex Relief Cream (link) available from a number of pharmacies and drugstores. It is priced at around £2.25 and you get 5g of the good stuff. For me, using a decent lip balm throughout the year is a must because I’m always suffering from dry, peeling, rough lips! (sounds AND feels horrid ._.)

I picked this up a few months ago during a 3for2 and honestly since using this, nothing can compare. It is described by the company as ‘A soothing cream with a conditioning blend of ingredients to bring medicated relief to sore, sorry-looking lips’  So it’s suitable for bigger lip woes such as cold sores too but it works wonders on your average chapped and sore lips. I love to apply this before bed and a few minutes before I’m going to put any sort of product on my lips.

The packaging is in a simple tube, small enough to fit into pockets and I quite like that it’s not ‘girly’ in any sense, because men could easily carry this around without feeling self conscious. The tube itself isn’t made out of plastic exactly, but that metal which stays in the shape you’ve bent it and is always cold (I know you know what I'm on about!). The little nozzle makes it easier for enough product to come out without wastage so thumbs up from me! Simple, functional and portable.

Because it is medicinal it does have that medicinish smell which doesn’t bother me too much as it fades away shortly after applied. The main 'issue' is it's white colour, it is fine for at home before bed or before applying makeup but because it IS coloured white it's a difficult balm to carry around in your handbag for touch ups on the go. That being said, since using this regularly I haven't needed to remoisturise my lips as often as before, but for those with extremly dry lips it could be worth having a clear balm too! It contains two main ingredients ammonia and phenol which help to relieve pain and kill germs and when applied, straight away I feel a bit of a tingling/cooling sensation and within minutes my lips are soft, smooth and the perfect canvas for even the mattest of matte lipsticks. Honestly this is a HG for me because I’ve never found a lip balm/treatment as effective as this.

I haven’t been lured into purchasing any other sort of chapsticks since then because once you find a product that ticks all the boxes, why look elsewhere? But that still won’t stop me from asking you guys – what is your favourite lip balm/chapstick? ^_^

p.s I've wanted to take a lot more photo swatches but I'm having a little trouble with my SD card atm :( please bear with me until another one comes through!