Updates, 7 weeks of ‘the blushing giraffe’ and apologies!

little update

Hey Guys!

This is a bit of a different post for me and although this isn’t a lifestyle blog I felt like I owed you all an explanation as to why I’ve been off the blog-rader the past two weeks. Essentially life has caught up with me! I have been off from education since the 18th of June and so I’ve been a lady of leisure aside from the 3 shifts of work a week and don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed it just as much as the next person! But the thought of routine again is quite an exciting prospect.

The last two weeks have been really hectic, I’m preparing for my first year of university and there has been such a lot to sort out – travel passes, student ID, documentation, purchasing books etc; I have also started the lengthily process of learning to drive and it’s been going really well so far! There is a lot to remember though, in the right order, all in a short amount of time! But they say it’s like riding a bike, once you get the knack of it it’s like second nature.

Anyways so the point is yesterday in Sainsbury's I picked up some brilliant bargains (a tiny haul will be up tomorrow) and along with those was a whiteboard, perfect for a weekly timetable. I’ve scheduled in time for taking photos, time for blog reading and time for blog writing as well for working out (or starting too!). So basically I’m pledging to get back on track. I’ve loved blogging so much so far! It’s been a brilliant short journey so far, and if I stick to my little timetable hopefully I’ll keep the motivation to keep blogging even as term starts and routine gets going again.

So here are a few adorable kittens all the way from the streets of Istanbul until I start posting actual beauty blogger posts tomorrow ^.^

Instanbul Kitten
Instanbul KittenInstanbul KittenInstanbul Kitten

Aren’t they simply adorable?! I want a kitten so badly D:

Anyways how have you guys been getting on with your September changes? ^.^