Review | E.L.F Studio Blush – Mellow Mauve #JANBLOG 5


This blush was mentioned in my ‘2013 ultimate beauty favourites’ because I LOVE the colour of this on my NC30-35 skin tone! The E.L.F studio line retail for £3.75 each but I ALWAYS shop from them during a 50% off sale meaning these cost me less than £2 which is brilliant. I initially picked up a few of these budget ones hoping to test out which colours would suit my skin tone before splurging on high-end blushers, however I was pleased to find that these work very well and are by far one of e.l.f’s stand out products!

e.l.f studio blush mellow mauve review swatch

The studio line is all packaged in a very sleek manner, black plastic (which does have the tendency to get a bit dirty but a wipe or two will sort that right out.) There is a small window in the front which is very useful when picking out the colour you need in the morning! And the inside includes a decent size mirror too which is useful for when traveling. They also stack nice and neatly in my acrylic storage (something ROUND BLUSHERS CANNOT DO).

e.l.f studio blush mellow mauve review swatch

This is actual the first blush that I have slightly hit pan on - pretty amazing because I do like to switch my blushers up, so the fact that I’ve used this so often on my face says a lot! It is the shade that goes perfectly when I have bronzed and/or contoured and adds a beautiful pink glow to my cheeks. A slightly darker ‘dusty pink’ mixed with a plumy pink kind of shade with a VERY subtle amount of..not shimmer but more or a ‘glow’ about it. When I say shimmer I mean someone would have to be standing right in your personal space and analysing your cheeks so notice haha, so when popped onto the cheeks it’s a warm healthy colour which is gorgeous and so failproof for me. As it isn’t a crazy bright shade (like some of my sleek or NARS ones!) I know if i’m in a rush I can just grab this blush pop it onto the cheeks et voila, I’m good to go! Though it isn’t the longest lasting blush on the market, it is worth the pennies and I’d recommend you all to pick it up when you next shop from e.l.f (especially all you slightly warmer skin toned girls out there!)

Final Verdict:

Product rating: 9.5
Pros: Its a beautiful colour and would suit all skin tones, its easy to blend into the skin, super cheap, failproof, has a handy mirror in the packaging, nice sleek packaging, pigmented well.
Cons: Doesn't last forever on the skin (without primer)
Repurchase? YES it's on my next 'to-buy-list' for when they have a 50% off!

Have you guys tried this shade out? What are your ‘go-to’ blushers? ^_^