Review & Swatches | L.A Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealer–Medium Beige, Pure Beige, Fawn, Warm Honey, Toast and Beautiful Bronze

L.A Girl Pro. Conceal HD Concealer–Medium Beige, Pure Beige, Fawn, Warm Honey, Toast and Beautiful Bronze review swatches

Hello everybody! You may have seen my first Beautyjoint haul here and I had such a good experience that I placed another order! I purchased 6 of the L.A Girl HD concealers, a NYX blusher in ‘spice’ and a Jordana mascara. HOWEVER - update, the price from that site has increased a little and so has the shipping price, so I recommend you pick them up from here instead, cause the whole vast range is easily available. They kindly threw in a full sized Duo lash glue which I was chuffed about too! So why pick up so many concealers you ask?…

L.A-Girl-Pro. Conceal-HD-Concealer–Medium-Beige,-Pure-Beige-Fawn-Warm-Honey-Toast-and-Beautiful-Bronze review and swatches beautyjoint

Firstly they’re incredibly affordable, although the price has gone up slightly. Secondly I had heard a lot of people talk about these, mainly for the variety of shades available – I mean sure you can get the same amount of shades from a high end brand but can you afford to pay £20+ for each concealer? Personally – nope! So these were a real bargain ^_^

After playing with them for a fortnight or two I want to share some high quality swatches because they’re pretty difficult to find on the internet! Also a brief description of each shade. I haven’t used every shade yet, but I purchased two for concealing, two for correcting and two for contouring. They haven’t all lived up to the reasons I picked them up, but I’ll talk about why with the swatches.

L.A-Girl-Pro. Conceal-HD-Concealer–Medium-Beige,-Pure-Beige-Fawn-Warm-Honey-Toast-and-Beautiful-Bronze review and swatches beautyjoint
L-R: Medium Beige, Pure Beige, Fawn, Warm Honey, Toast and Beautiful Bronze

As you can see I’ve managed to pick a real mix of shades! You get 8g of concealer which is pretty standard, if not a little more than others such as the Rimmel wake me up which has a gram less. The packaging is useful in the sense that it has a brush, so can be applied onto the skin straight from the package.

Medium Beige & Pure Beige
Starting with the lightest shades of the bunch, Medium Beige is darker than my skin tone and would be a good match for NC40. Its fantastic for someone with yellow undertones, and dark circles that don’t need heavy concealing as this is a ‘corrector and concealer in one’ type of product. Personally I need a darker shade of corrector, which is a little more thick and creamy to truly correct my very dark circles.

To read my post on how I conceal very dark under-eye circles click here.

 Pure Beige is the closest match to my skin tone, and a good concealer for blemishes. I was hoping this would be a good highlight shade, but it’s not light enough unfortunately so my next shop at beautyjoint will be picking some of the lighter colours! It is light enough to layer on top of a darker corrector shade however and I will be making use of this.

Fawn & Warm Honey
These are the two shades I picked up with correcting in mind. Fawn is the most orange shade of the bunch and actually reminds me of a turmeric mask when applied. The issue I have with this colour is it doesn’t provide enough coverage with one layer, and so you have to layer it up to get a decent coverage, and then apply a brighter/skin tone match on top so you don’t look bizarre. And then of course there is creasing and it’s just a bit of a faff. So pretty disappointed with Fawn as I hoped it would be a great corrector for my very dark circles, but its a bit of a waste unfortunately.

Warm Honey is a good corrector shade for skin tones of NC40+  it’s not too orange like Fawn, but it’s also effective with disguising dark circles. I haven’t tried this as a corrector myself yet, but it looks more promising than the first!

Toast & Beautiful Bronze

These were the two shades I was most excited about, and they haven’t disappointed! For a long lasting contour, it’s essential to layer cream and powder products together. Similarly for a natural looking contour, cream is best alone as powder can appear quite harsh on the skin.

So I have been testing out Toast, and I love it! It’s a slightly cool toned dark brown, and the applicator brush makes it amazingly easy to get chiselled cheekbones, as you can apply a thin line. The trick with this is to NOT over blend! I use this with either my E.L.F Stipple brush, or the RT sponge. Personally I think the sponge is best for contouring. With the bouncing of a damp sponge, the colour stays in the place you put it, which obviously is what you want for a contour! If over blended, my cheeks do end up looking a bit orange, so again don’t over-apply and be sure to have a damp sponge to hand!
  Beautiful Bronze is another shade I haven’t used yet, but from swatching it you can see it is a lot warmer than toast. This could work as a contour if used VERY CAREFULLY, but I think I’ll use this as a cream bronzer instead as it’s better for warming up the face, rather than adding definition due to its warmth.

Tips For Using The Concealers
  • Most people like to apply their foundation first, and then their concealer – with these do it the reverse way around. I applied my CC cream, and then was testing out the correctorish shades and then the lightest shades on top and by the time it had all dried and set it – there was a great big orange mess on my face ._. so do your correcting, concealing etc. first and then add foundation to the cheeks etc. to eradicate the orangeness!
  • Be careful when squeezing because sometimes it takes a while for a bit to come out and then BAM loads comes out!
  • These provide medium coverage, but can be layered up so a little tip is to not wait too long between adding the layers, (30 seconds should be good) as when the first layer is dry, if you add another it will cake up!
  • If you have shades for under the eyes, it might be more comfortable to squeeze some on the back of your hand and then apply with the fingers rather than using the brush as it can be a little uncomfortable.

I hope those swatches were helpful to anyone wanting to purchase these! I will do another round if I am brave enough to pick up some of the lighter shades (which do tend to run on the pink side according to swatches, but the lovely girls on Instagram have recommended me some shades so we shall see ^_^)

Since writing this I ordered the shade CREAMY BEIGE which I use for highlighting! Read the review of that here.

Thanks for reading!