Whats in my travel makeup bag?

travel makeup bag

Hello everybody! Today I am going to share with you what I took along with me when I went to London for a few days. Personally when I am away from home, the range of makeup I take with me is not important because 1. I’m going away to spend time with family/visit new places and 2. I have to lug it all around, no tank u

On that note, the things that I do choose to take with me need to be reliable and non-faff!

This is my travel makeup bag – its really cute if I do say so myself! By the brand ThursdayFriday,  I bought it from asos and you can find the same/similar right here (currently on sale!). I was pleasantly surprised about how much I got into it, and actually I didn’t need to take my RT brush holder (which you get with the core collection and starter eye kit) because I was only taking 4 brushes, and they fitted snuggly inside too!


The base I opted for, has been one that I am continuously impressed with whenever I apply it - the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream. Firstly it provides a light-medium coverage, and effectively covers up redness, whilst still giving natural finish. I love love love the finish and the SPF which is something my other bases actually lack. I think another reason why I adore this is how blend-able it is with my fingers! I mean sure you can use a brush, but I prefer le fingers because its quick, simple and great coverage for a CC cream.

Blush wise I went for a shimmery one Sleek Rose Gold blush and a matte one Natural Collection – Peach Melba. I opted for these because they are small, and if they do end up being broken due to travel it won’t be the end of the world (won’t catch me saying the same about thing for my NARS ones being broken!). Also I’m trying to use the NC ones up as I don’t really have room in my collection for them anymore, and their lasting power isn’t fabulous. However the two mixed gave a beautiful pink glow, which stayed put for a decent amount of time.

 Highlight, I went for the super versatile MUA shimmer kisses bronzer, which I’m considering doing a full review for because for it’s price, I really think it should be in everyone’s collection!


My normal concealer routine consists of these three products, so how could I leave them behind?! The Benefit Erase Paste – shade 3 as my corrector, the collection lasting perfection – shade 3 as my concealer and all set with the Ben Nye Banana Powder. My two every-day under-eye essential brushes are the RT detailer brush, for applying the corrector and the RT setting brush for the Ben Nye.


For the eyes I kept it really simple, with the MUA Undress me too palette, which is basically the perfect drugstore palette along side its elder sister. I mean for under a fiver could you ask for anything more? A matte base, a matte black, lots of golden, bronzes and taupes!  I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be without this in my collection ^_^ I decided to skip on liner, and just add some darker shadow if I wanted more definition.  For brows I took my ABH Brow Wiz in the shade Brunette, which has the perfect spoolie!

Lips wise was a random selection that was already in my handbag – MAC’s Peach Blossom and the MUA Power Pout in Rendezvous.

I know it might seem like a lot for some people, but it was a toughie to narrow my collection down to a couple of things! I mean I didn’t even put in a contour, eyeliner or mascara (shock horror!). Actually I quite enjoyed not having all that choice, it reminded me of during my spending ban time when I restricted myself to a few products for the whole week – I feel like that’s how you really get a feel for the products and how to best use them y’know?

What are your must haves when travelling?

Thanks for reading!