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Hello everyone! I have been quite terrible at my monthly updates haven’t I? It’s a mixture of not having enough time to take interesting photos, and being too busy to post enough beauty related posts, let alone updates of the month! Today I’m going to run through the past couple of months and end with where I am at now.


This summer was one that was incredibly long, but seemed to travel at a relatively fast pace! I spent most of it working, taking driving lessons and shopping. I know, I know, does the excitement ever end?! There were a fair few weddings, and then of course the month of Ramadan which is always a wonderful time of the year.

I recently started my second year of University which is pretty crazy because I feel like I was just halfway into first year yesterday! I am struggling to keep up with the weeks, and my timetable has two long days and two days which are very wishy-washy with only one 1 hour slot - so frustrating for a commuter! It is already November now and the work pace has sped right up, just like they warned us it would, so it’s time to get my head down and save NOTHING for later!


This week (fireworks night in particular) I passed my driving test the first time *happy dances* It was the biggest relief in the world and if I’m honest everyone around me was unsure of whether I could do it, based on my sighing and lack of self-confidence alone! Although I was feeling very shaky and couldn’t eat much, I managed to stay calm and demonstrate that I can drive safely. If you are in the middle of test prep, then keep remembering that all they want to see if that you are a safe driver and you can deal with different driving conditions calmly. For some reason I kept over-complicating things, but my grandfather gave me the best advice ever: Just think of the invigilator as a passenger who will direct you to destinations and will want you to get there safely. Genius isn’t it?!

Plus once you do pass you have that for LIFE! So woo-hoo! Just waiting for payday so I can attempt to get insurance, which is more than £1000 *sobs as she thinks about the amount of food/clothes/home stuff/PJs/Makeup could be purchased with that sum*. Ahh well it’s all part of having the independence to drive at my age, so I shouldn’t complain too much .___.


Ethical blogging is going really well so far. I thought I would find it very difficult when I started, but I have discovered SO many great products which are not from these huge companies who fund the killing in Palestine. Furthermore L’Oreal have been exposed for more injustice, this time directly impacting their CUSTOMERS because of the amount of harmful chemicals they put in their products. I read this letter/blogpost here from a Harvard business graduate who had declined L’Oreal’s offer, a MUST read! It is also really encouraging to see other bloggers who have decided to buy and blog ethically, so far I know that Pauline and Vanessa are planning to, so if you’re an ethical buyer be sure to follow them both on bloglovin (already linked).

I am also doing a rota system again like I used to with the ‘OMFTW’. I’m not as strict on myself as I was before, but it is the best way to really get to know a product before writing a review, and also to use up more products in your makeup collection. I find when I’m not on some sort of rota I get stuck in a rut with what a use so easily.


In terms of health and fitness, I am trying to get back on track. I have cut down considerably on the sugar department which actually started when I began boycotting Coke. (read more of the BDS movement here). After I stopped buying the stuff and drinking it at people’s houses, I began reading more into what they put into coke and the implications it can have on household objects such as....your toilet. Yeah. Appetizing right?

 A couple of months later I just wanted to start feeling more energetic and less lethargic and lazy. I realised a huge reason why I felt this way was because of diet and exercise, so although I’m not going ALL out, I am planning healthier meals and cutting down on the junk has been a big step and i’ve already seen the positive results!

Finally, last but certainly not least, I will be attending the smoky not smudgy annual charity event which is held by Imperial college London. This year it is on Sunday the 16th of November and I will also be blogging about the day, so you can expect a post mid-November!  You can purchase all tickets here with all money going to charity.

How have YOU been recently? ^___^

Thanks for reading!