August/September Catchup

Hello everyone! I didn’t have time to do an August catchup last month so it made sense to just combine the two - if you’re unaware of what these are, they’re pretty much a collection of photos and a little bit about my month. They’re not the most interesting but I like to add a little more of a personal element ^_^

So in my Charlotte Tilbury experience post I mentioned that we visited the V&A museum which was such an unexpectedly amazing place to go to. It’s one that we have always overlooked in the past, opting for the science museum or the Natural History one - but it was well worth a visit!

  I especially loved the hall in which they had all the Islamic items and objects, from Iran, Istanbul, India etc. I LOVE ottoman print, with the blue and white tiles and it bought back so many memories from my trip two years ago. I also thought this was beautiful, one of the older Qurans - look at the detail! Very beautiful.

 We also made a trip to Harrods and I’m pretty proud of this shot - honestly nothing can prepare you for how huge the store is, till you see it with your own eyes! The doormen made the whole experience even more surreal to me because it reminded me of both old-school shopping and also royalty came to mind. As we walked through the designer bags we heard a woman purchasing a bag for £2,893 and we were like woaaaaah. Are you guys into designer bags? They’re beautiful to look at but I’m not sure if I’ll ever get one, even when I’m working because I would be so worried about it getting scuffed! However to own ONE Chanel bag one day...that would be pretty cool :p

 I was also introduced to GBK by my friend (guys I was literally calling this place gourmet burger king for the longest time SMH) and there’s one chicken option there that they make using Halal meat, so I was thrilled to be eating a chicken burger in a standard restaurant. Of course in this day and age there isn’t a shortage of halal takeaways, but it’s not easy to find restaurants who cater for a halal diet and oh my goodness the burger and very skinny fries!

At the end of August we went to the Lake District for a few days, with mum’s sister and her family. We had been three years previously and it was lovely to come back. As you can see it’s a beautiful area to have a good rest in the freshest of fresh air. I don’t live in London, so personally we are quite used to lakes and greenery, but for my London family I think it was extra special!

 The most exciting part of the trip was actually pushing ourselves to do the Go Ape challenge - which is basically being very very high up in the tree tops, attaching yourself on and off from wires above and walking, crawling and balancing your way through the 3 hour course. Did I mention you’re 18 feet in the air??? I don’t have a huge fear of heights, but I never felt totally at ease either, so to be doing this challenge was a huge deal. I went last in line from my family, not wanting to hold them up and it was terrifying! But...scary in a good way y’know? Some parts of the course were really fun, mainly the zip wires, but some were downright unthinkable. Especially the ones which were like a bridge made out of planks, but there was only room for ONE foot ANNNNNDDDDDD the planks swung! URGH. It felt so good completing those.

 Another literally unnerving experience was tarzan swing - you jump into the air and drop before you swing into a rope net. I didn’t realise (or look down at all at this point) that my parents had finished and were standing near the bottom watching me, so when I let out a bloodcurdling scream I heard them burst out laughing and clapping too haha. Overall though it was a fantastic experience and I really felt a sense of achievement when getting the little certificate. Especially as WE had to detach and reattach ourselves to each wire! No instructors were around at each base so our lives were literally in our own hands, welp. Click here to watch a short video - you won't believe I did it after you watch this! Adrenaline rush is an understatement. 

 It was also lovely to go on a little lake cruise and explore the surrounding areas. We then finished with a trip to Alton Towers - I didn’t take my camera but I was so so SOOO scared, because this year there was a huge accident on one of the rides and two girls actually had to have their leg amputated. I really didn’t want to go to be honest, however when we got there it was considerable quieter than usual (!) and because of this we got to go on all the other rides and even two of them twice. I sadly feel like I’m outgrowing themeparks already, I did have a lot of fun but I also am in no hurry to go to one again. Plus them parks be expensive y’know xD.

Then September there was just wedding event after wedding event, which was fun because I love playing with makeup and being creative in that sense. I also worked a lot of hours and managed to lose a bit of weight too, since I had put on quite a bit of weight towards to end of July/August. For me its just not buying junk food, my mum has always been an advocate of healthy eating, but when you’re an adult you have a lot more access to all the high fat stuff and it kind of got out of hand. I’m still working on my fitness, however just cutting down on the bad stuff and eating a bit more fruit really went a long way.

A bit of a longer post, but it was two months worth hehe. My favourites should be up very soon! Crazy that we’re already in October right! I’m so happy I can start layering up again, though here in the U.K it’s been VERY typical!

How was your September? 

Thank-you for reading ♥