The Makeup Collection Is Complete

This year I have hauled a LOT of makeup, checked off so many things from my wishlist and built a collection I am pretty proud of. However I didn’t think I would be saying ‘I have enough makeup now’ for a while. This probably sounds ridiculous to those of you who aren’t really into beauty, but for a bblogger it’s not uncommon.

I mean sure I had the basics for quite some time, a highend foundation, a drugstore foundation, a couple of concealers, one or two eyeliners and the list goes on. For the majority of people this is enough. But for those of us interested enough in makeup to write multiple posts a month about it (not to mention the fact that every single week we are reading blogposts from our fellow enablers, convincing us that we should purchase X,Y and Z)...well with time you have more than a makeup bags amount and the collection continues to grow! I love finding bargains, taking advantage of student discounts and getting online deliveries but really I just have one face...and more than enough makeup to last me.

I’ve spent the week preparing for Uni = clearing out my room. Part of that has meant dealing with my dressing table which has been covered in makeup, due to a lot of wedding and evening events as of late. Whilst putting everything away and shopping my stash, I’ve come to realise that I am so so happy with my makeup collection now! Okay so I still have a sticky note open with a list of things I’d like to trial in the future, but it’s nothing urgent. I honestly can’t think of anything I really want, which in itself is a great feeling, so I’ve decided to set myself a challenge.

I’m not going to call it a makeup ban, purely because I know I’m not so great at sticking to those. It’s just a rather large challenge...are you ready to hear what exactly that is? I’m going to try and refrain from buying any makeup until my 21st birthday. Which is approximately 8 months away. *Gulps*. Now I have allowed myself a small budget for when the x-mas sales begin, but aside from that I am just going to be using my existing makeup and hopefully hitting pan on a lot of items. Instead of hauls, there should be empties and of course a tonne of reviews because when you aren’t buying more, you have a lot of time to actually use what you own y’know? 8 months will literally be the longest time I have ever gone without buying makeup since I was like 15, so of course I will most likely be treating myself to another Sephora haul for my 21st but ONLY if I complete my challenge.

Please wish me luck! I’m sure you’ll be getting detailed monthly updates with how I’m getting on ^_^ I’m feeling a little nervous but a lot more excited to face this challenge head on - especially as recently I’ve been working hard on a budget and being more responsible with money *feels like a responsible adult*.

How long have you gone without buying makeup?

Thank-you for reading ♥