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lush bubble bar milky bath review

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing brrrillintly on this chilly autumn day. Today I have a Lush review for you all, which is exciting because I don’t get around to doing these too often. It is of one of their newer Bubble Bars - called Milky Bath. I saw this demo’d in the store and instantly knew I had to have it. As a child, bubble baths were the BEST, but as you get older the bubbles seem to disappear and are replaced with scents and colours and even the occasional handful of glitter! Now I’m all for a bit of glitter, but seeing the bubbles in the Lush store, as well as hearing about the inspiration behind this bubble bar urged me to buy it. Inspo: Cleopatra and her alleged love for bathing in milk! According to the reviews on the Lush website, this bubble bar give the most amount of bubbles - I’ve not tried any of the others but I certainly did get a satisfying amount in my tub which I was very pleased with.

So before we get into the review, I have a confession to make. I bought this bar almost two months ago when I attended the lush event and ...I forgot about it. I know I know! I am a rubbish beauty blogger at times, but in all honesty I’m not very good at giving myself indulgent ‘me times’. Having a good soak in the bath tub is not something I do often, which really should not be the case because that bath was AMAZING, it relaxed my muscles and just gave me time to chill out. No thoughts of my dissertation, of my blog schedule, of my weakness for junk food, of my lack of get my drift! It was just so good to be able to relax and I think everyone should give themselves time to have a nice soak now and again.

lush bubble bar milky bath

So anyway the Milky Bath contains orange oil and actual skimmed milk so I was a little worried that there was a use by date which I had passed, due to forgetting about the thing. I searched high and low on the Lush site and couldn’t find one, so I just went for it and used the whole cute milk bottle shaped bar in one go. If I had used it a month ago, I probably would have put half in and saved half for another time. The smell was quite strong, but I really liked it. Very comforting and not too sweet which made the whole bath a lot more relaxing. As the bar contains fair trade organic cocoa butter my skin was left feeling so soft, which is ALWAYS a bonus. And bubbles, the bubbles were fantastic - not your typical adult bath product, but it makes a nice change. The bar costs £3.75 and I think these are better value for money than your typical bath bomb because you can break it up with ease (mine was almost melting!) and as it creates so many bubbles, I find a little goes a long way.

I didn’t find a 'use by date' however I would obviously recommend you use this bar sooner rather than later because of the organic ingredients, I didn’t have a bad experience but at the same time I wouldn’t leave this bar that late again!

Repurchase: Yes, definitely in the winter time, its the perfect nourishing bubbly bathtime treat!

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Have you tried any of the Lush Bubble Bars? When was the last time you had a good soak?

Thank-you for reading ♥