Reviewing 2016 Goals and Catch-up

Hello everyone! My lost post of every year is a review of the goals I set 10 months ago. However I only set 4 so I'm going to turn this post into a bit of a catchup too. But first the goals:

1. Keep up the gym life
Achieved: No :(

I had bursts of a routine, but honestly since starter my teacher training course I really could not muster up the energy to go. I'm still in two minds about whether I should keep my membership, a huge part of me wants to but I just don't know if I'll end up wasting the money like the past few months. However I know for a fact that working out not only helps with fitness, but also makes one feel a good deal better I think I should give it a really good go in January at least.

2. Reduce my sugar intake.
Achieved: Kinda

Whilst I still eat more sugar than the average 21 year old, I have learnt to say no a lot more this year. I also don't spend a load of money on buying sweets anymore, maybe once a month I'll go all out, but for the most part I don't. Definitely something I'll keep working on in the new year.

3. Managing my time better.
Achieved: Yes

I'm most proud of this because my time management skills throughout uni were appalling. Procrastination is very real (so real that I did my whole dissertation on it!), however learning to manage it and to get through stressful periods in my life was a real high point of the year. Don't get me wrong, I do still put off important things, however it has gotten better and will continue to do so in'sha'Allah (God willing).

4. Spend less time on my phone.
Achieved: Yes

I have definitely gotten out of that obsessive on my phone habit now and it is great! I don't have to post on IG every day, or remember to schedule tweets. When I have time I check my phone, but otherwise I focus on the here a now. A part of the reason for this is because I am no longer a Uni student with lots of spare time. I work long hours, so my remaining time is quite precious and I try to use it wisely.

So I've not done too badly I guess! I do wish I have checked up with my goals around half way, cause its very easy to forget them, but 2016 flew by so fast I really didn't get a chance haha. 2016, though its been a beast of a year for the globe as a whole, has actually been pretty fantastic for me personally. In the most humble and gracious way possible haha. Its the year I wrote my dissertation and got a first for it, sat my final exams in my education, graduated with a 2:1, got onto the teaching course I applied for and became a trainee teacher too. It's been a whole year of challenged, goals and growth and I feel like I've never been so stretched mentally or physically in my life. Graduating was by far the highlight of 2016 for me, so many points in the year I thought I couldn't do it and to finally reach the end, don my hat and gown and walk to stage was the proudest moment of my life. People often belittle a degree, however its only when you've worked extremely hard and gotten through obstacles you couldn't imagine, that you realise how much more meaningful it is that 'just a bit of paper'.

Blogging and ethical beauty
Although I wasn't half as consistent on my blog this year, in comparison to previous I am still proud that I managed to squeeze in time to blog whenever I could. At some points I felt very disheartened that I had next to no time for my blog, but life just gets to busy post graduation and when working full time - seriously hats off to those power bloggers who juggle it all!

This year has been quite unfortunate for those of us who are conscious about where our money goes, whether thats for the protection of animals, or the people of Palestine. Unfortunately both Becca and Too Faced cosmetics were purchased by Estee Lauder, meaning I will no longer be buying from either or talking about them on my blog. A part of me wants to sell the products I have by them too, so do keep an eye on my depop account! Anyway as annoying as it is that yet another brand has gone over to the dark side, like one of my lovely readers said, we should see it as an opportunity to hunt out newer niche brands that are independently owned.

7 month spending ban
2016 is also the year I completed my longest ever spending ban, which was a brilliant experience. I know for a fact that constantly watching Youtube and reading blogs puts me into a mentality, where I feel like I NEED to try a lot of the latest products. However that loooong break of not spending money on makeup allowed me to realise that I don't actually need the makeup, cause I already have more than enough. There is something so wholesome and fulfilling about hitting pan on a makeup item, money well spent and I want 2017 to be the year of lots more pan haha. Part of this is because I no longer have a job, which is another big change for me. Having worked for four years straight and suddenly stopping, as well as not getting a wage every month, despite working even harder than I even have in my whole super difficult. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm gonna keep working hard till I get there.

Anyways i'm keeping it short and sweet because I have a game of uno to win! Hope you all have a fantastic start to the new year, I did plan to have more posts up but I'll have to take it slow and steady - thanks for sticking by my blog and I! Heres to more blog posts, recommendations and heart-to-hearts in 2017 🥂*chinks non-alcoholic drinks*.

Thank-you for reading ♥