Colourpop Series | 'out and about' trio

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well on this chilly December evening! I am trying to blog every single day for the rest of the year, as it's finally the x-mas holidays wooo ^_^ Todays post is another addition to my colourpop series, focusing on one of their value kits called 'Out and About'. As I've not reviewed anothing from CP in a while, I'll quickly update you on my thoughts about ordering from the brand, before getting into the review.

I've written a couple of posts of how to get colourpop to the U.K, with my most recent one being here. I do still stand by that post and using that method IF they do not have their free international shipping deal on. The last two orders from colourpop I've made were mainly because they were offering free international shipping. The age old question of 'will I have to pay customs', has the same answer: YES yes you will. However it works out at around the same cost if you use a shipping company VS ordering directly from them only when they have their free international shipping offer on! If you were to order from them without that offer on, you're looking at paying around $25 in shipping costs, plus minimum £16 in customs, which means you'll be paying a total of £36 ON TOP of the cost of the makeup - an extortionate amount in my opinion. I don't mind paying the £16 customs charge as I think it's still a good deal, each product costs around £6 so still affordable. However I refuse to pay double that price, so if I have the urge to order from colourpop at any point in the year I'll use the same method as I shared in the post above, otherwise I'll wait for their free international shipping deals. 😊

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

Now on to the review! Colourpop currently have a few value sets on and when I saw them, I couldn't resist picking up the one called Out and About which costs $15 (around £12). You save a total of $3 when you buy this over purchasing each shade individually, not a huge amount but when you're paying extra for shipping/customs it helps a girl out a tiny little bit! The packaging for the kit is very pretty, but I kinda wish it was an actual box. It's more of a cardboard wrap around with three separate boxes for each liquid lip, which I disposed of after taking these photos. What drew me to this set were the swatches of Times Square, and I didn't really think about the other two shades too deeply, but I gave it a shot and boy oh boy am I glad I did! The shades in this kit are absolute perfection for you olive skintonned beauties out there. I'm going to be reviewing each shade in detail, with a swatch below. If you'd like to see what they look like on me, I've got a swatch video on my instagram account @theblushinggiraffe.

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

Times Square

Pretty much is the near perfect matte liquid lipstick, I'm SO pleased with it! WOC will know the struggle of finding a good nude shade, if you're stromboli in NARS, I highly recommend times square, because it is wonderful. I have to say, the colour it first appears when you apply it before it dries down, would be absolute perfection. This shade is a tiny bit cooler than I'd like, but all in all its gorgeous, I can actually wear it alone with no other product to balance it out. I'll most definitely be repurchasing this and I don't find it to be too drying either! It applies nice and evenly - I do always say not to layer up colourpop liquid mattes, also to just apply one thin layer all over the lips and let it dry, et voila you have yourself a long lasting nude lip shade.  Rating: 5/5


The dark horse of the pack, I really did pay no attention to this shade when placing it in my cart, nor did I have any expectations for has blown me away. Viper has been described on their site as a true dusty rose, however I disagree - it is much more of a magenta/purple mix with just the right amount of warmth. I cannot express how stunning this shade looks against olive skintones, its my all time favourite brighter shade of lipstick ever and it totally lifts my face up. Even if I was just wearing some concealer, a bit of liner and viper, I'd look super pulled together. Seriously I am super smitten and again I will for sure be repurchasing! Also again although it's an ultra matte, it really doesn't feel uncomfortable or too drying and it lasts well. Rating: 5/5


The only ultra satin in the pack and the deepest shade, Baracuda is a stunning deep purple with a brown mix and again it looks gorgeous on medium skintones. This is probably the deepest shade I'd feel comfortable wear out and about - haha, didn't even plan that ;D The satin formula is beautiful, very comfortable to wear and it lasts a decent amount of time on the lips. To me baracuda is the perfect A/W deep lip and I have really enjoyed wearing it. Sometimes I do find that I have to almost layer it up though as it's not quite as opaque as the matte formula for some reason. Also I tend to use a lip liner with it, mostly cause its so dark that I need to outline the lips for a bit of sharpness. The lip liner I turn to is the colourpops grunge. Rating: 4/5

colourpop out and about set review AND swatch times square, viper, baracuda

And there are the swatches! Sorry the shades aren't totally dried, unfortunately the photos I took when they did dry, are too blurry to share. Anyway all in all I couldn't be happier that I purchased this set because honestly if I had just picked up times square, I wouldn't have the most beautiful bold shade or darker lip in my collection. Again if you're of an olive skintone, you gotta pick it up before they stop doing it, I know you won't regret it 😍

Have you tried any of these shades?

Thank-you for reading