Review | Primark £1 Nails

primark false nails review

Hello everyone! Last week I stopped by Primark and decided to pick up some of their false nails. I’d gone past them many times before but no colour or pattern really caught my eye, until I saw this beautiful dusty/nude pink! This is my ideal nail polish shade because its so simple, classy and flattering at the same time. I have been wearing these nails for two days now and thought I’d type up a quick review for you all, because for the price tag I think more people should hear about them!

Firstly I love the shape of them, they’re not too long nor too short and if I could change my nail shape to any it would be this one! I must admit I’ve been admiring them kind of all the time, whilst driving, typing, even just doing my makeup haha. As I don’t wear false nails often, it’s not something I’m too used to, however I didn’t feel like I had to be more gentle with day-to-day activities because the length isn’t ridiculous, its just right. Also my natural finger nails are pretty wide and I don’t have the patience to file and shape them, so I just keep them short. Having these false nails on have made my hands looks SO slender and feminine (I almost don't recognise them!). 

primark false nails review

You get 36 nails in the box and it was relatively easy to find ones that match my fingers, though I do feel like there was a closer match on one hand than the other! Also some of them could have done with a little filing to make them rounder which’d match them closer with my cuticles. These nails come with a little tube of glue, which has a tip but for whatever reason mine didn’t work so I had to screw the opposite end off. This made application of the glue quite messy and also it was difficult to see exactly where on the nail I had put the glue as the glue is a clear shade. Because of this two of the nails came off without any warning, one while I was at work and the other after dinner. As there are so many nails in the pack it was easy to find a replacement, however if the glue was better it would be easier to rely on them for longer than one or two days! When reapplying the nails I found that the more glue the better and I held it down for over 10 seconds which also made the replacements feel more secure. You might also be able to see that some of the nails are a little jagged, as the material of these are pretty thin but personally I’d rather this than a thicker type which can feel uncomfy sometimes. 

primark false nails review

All in all for £1 I really don’t think you can go wrong with these and I need to pick up a couple more of this particular shade because it is GORGEOUS! I do plan on purchasing some of those nail sticky tabs, or perhaps a nail glue which is stronger and has good reviews. That way I am confident they’ll last a week at least which is the longest I would want to wear them. They're not perfect, but they're probably the best false nails I have tried on a budget and the ease of finding the correct size was awesome too! If you want a change from just applying a bit of polish, pick these up and give them a go next time you’re passing Primark - they might surprise you just as they have me. 

Have you tried the Primark £1 nail range? What are your thoughts? 

Thank-you for reading ♥