LOTW | Sleek Matte Me Up in Petal

sleek matte me up in petal review and swatch

First of all apologies for the lateness of this post and also for the poor quality of the photos! My Sunday work shift was moved to the morning and I didn’t have time to take them before work…anyways excuses aside, lets get on with this post. So Petal, getting straight to the point, is a shade I really struggled to make work. Eventually at the end of week I found a way, but it was a challenge!

Price: £4.50

sleek matte me up in petal review and swatch
Top: Petal    Bottom: birthday suit

Colour: Petal is a light pink shade which is so unflattering against my warm skin tone I almost wanted to give up after the first application. To be honest I haven’t reached for this shade since I first picked it up a good year and a half ago, when I also purchased birthday suit (reviewed here). The only reason why I purchased it then was because I was worried that birthday suit would be too dark and this would be essential for mixing, however as you may know I LOVE bday suit alone so it kind of just got left in the drawer. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy pushing myself to do LOTW, I go through each lip product and try my hardest to get it to work somehow. Anyways Petal is a chalky light pink shade and it does me no favours alone!

Formula and Lasting time: I do find that the formula of this particular one is different to birthday suit, even though they’re in the same line and I know I’m not the only to think that. I was discussing the struggle of making this work with a reader and we both agreed that the formula of petal is more watery and streaky. It applies a little patchy but once on the lips it lasts a decent 5ish hours with no heavy eating or drinking. 

sleek matte me up in petal review and swatch

Favourite way to wear it: So the way that I thought would make it work was using a lip liner over the top (as I did with Stila Baci which worked very well!) however for some reason petal wouldn’t cooperate this way! I waited till the product was just dry and then tried to apply a lip liner over the top, only to find it dragged horribly, was extremely uncomfortable and looked awful! So I tried reversing this, using a lip balm first, then a lip liner all over the lips (of course Spice by Rimmel was my go-to) and finally a layer of petal over the top. This totally changed the colour and also meant that it lasted well for several hours. I’m glad I realised that popping on a lip liner first and then petal works - this means I can actually get use out of this shade, after 6 days of thinking this would be going straight into the bin!

sleek matte me up in petal review and swatch

Overall: Petal is generally a miss for me. The colour looks awful, truly awful on me and its not that easy to mix with other shades either. Although I really like its sister, birthday suit, the formula for petal is inconsistent and I cannot really recommend it to many people…perhaps if you’re super fair? The packaging is so lovely and sleek, the doe-foot applicator is great too but that is literally where the good things end. I also feel like the Stila liquid lipstick formula has set the bar higher and this one just felt a little too drying for me to get on with it.

Available from: Boots, Superdrug and the Sleek website. 

Rating: 2/10 

Repurchase? No way! There are better formulas out there if you want a light shade to mix up with darker shades or with lipliners - petal is not the one which gets the thumbs up - Baci does instead!

Have you tried the shade Petal? What are your thoughts? 

Thank-you for reading ♥