Review | MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large

MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large review

Hi guys, todays post should be shorter than my usual, but equally informative I hope! So you may have seen on my blog that I have quite the collection of single eyeshadows now, from both Makeup geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills. I never thought I'd be collecting and creating my own palette but I am so happy with the quality from both brands and I really needed a good palette to store them in. I do own a Z palette, however I've had it for around a year and to be honest its looking pretty battered with minimal travel. I wasn't impressed that I paid over a tenner for this palette, only to find that it didn't last very well. Its not the end of the world y'know, I just wanted better quality so I did some research and found that the Make Up For Ever Metal Magnetic Palettes!

MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large review

In the U.K the only place you can order these (as far as I am aware) is the gurumakeupemporium website, I purchased both of mine from there and I HATE that they charge £4.50 when shipping especially when I think about all the food I could have bought with £9. However the palettes are really awesome and well worth paying the extra monies for. I initially purchased the MUFE Metal Palette in Large (£8.00) and this size fits in 32 standard eyeshadows. The actual MUFE single pans are HUGE, but when I say standard I mean the MUG and ABH sizes and 32 is a decent amount of shadows really. I had initially planned to only have 32 single shadows in total, but then beautybay had to drop a 'buy one get one free' on the MUG shadows and of course I had to take advantage! The medium sized palette (£6.00) fits in 20 eyeshadows, which again is a great size. If I was going on holiday for a week or two, I would definitely take the medium palette with my favourite shadows (post here) and then the basics too.

MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large review

The reason I really like the MUFE palettes is because they're very sturdy in comparison to the Z palettes. Yes you can't see the shadows, but thats a small price to pay, to ensure the shadows remain secure and intact! The material is made of tin, which is light weight but strong enough to house the shadows and each palette comes with a thick foam sheet. The purpose of this sheet is to protect the shadows when you're moving around with the palette. It fills up all the space in the lid of the palette and cushions the shadows in, which is very handy. Unfortunately as you can see in the cover photo, two of my shadows shattered in the medium palette, because I dropped it on hard wood floor, without the foam insert :( I fixed them back with surgical spirit of course, but I do wish I had just put the foam in to avoid that. Luckily these palette contain a very strong magnet, so only two fell from the impact and I'm sure had they of been in a Z palette, they're would be more casualties. I will say though that a little of the shadows do transfer onto the foam, which is quite annoying and that is the main reason why I don't keep the foam sheets in the palettes unless I'm moving them off my dressing table.

MUFE Empty Metal Palettes in Medium and Large review

Round Up:

Rating: 8/10

Pros: Very sturdy metal packaging and the magnetic sheet inside is VERY strong, so will hold onto whatever you put inside. The foam sheet is a must have when traveling and it cushions shadows in, avoiding any shattering. You can fit a really good amount of shadows in both the large and medium palettes, for a decent price too. 

Cons: These are not easily available and I hate how much postage you have to pay from gurumakeup! Correction!! Thankyou so much to Panna, who let me know you can get the medium palette online from Debenhams - yaaas! Link here. There is a little bit of shadow transference onto the foam sheet, hence why I don't use it unless I'm travelling.

Overall: These palettes are more preferred to me over the Z palettes because they're more sturdy and resiliant. When you build a shadow collection, its a LOT of money you're spending! So you want the shadows to be properly protected and last a long time. The MUFE palettes do a great job at storing and protecting my collection and they really don't break the bank either. I just wish they were sold on Debenhams too, so it wouldn't cost so much to order them.

Have you tried these palettes before? 

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