July Favourites

July beauty favourites

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Today I'm going to be sharing my July favourites, time really is flying by and soon enough I'm sure I'll be struggling to get up one blog post a week - so I have some work to do in the last few weeks off! July was, like I said in my update post, a really wonderful month and I also got to try a bunch of new makeup and I had been saving up for the longest time. Some of these things are a little random but they're items I have been wanting to share with you all for the longest time, without doing a whole blog post on it.

soap and glory kick ass concealer in medium, benefit hoola bronzer, colourpop ultra satin lip in echo park and charlotte tilbury wonder light foundation in 7

So starting off with my favourite base products of July, the base that has been floating my boat is the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation in shade 7 (£32.00), which I shared in this haul. Although I could probably easily get away with shade 6, this foundation is gloriously glow without looking oily in the slightest. A light/medium coverage which lasts really well on the skin and makes me look super healthy and almost like my skin is just naturally this radiant (hah if only!). I was worried that this would be a very over-priced tinted moisturiser, but so far it is totally worth the money, one of those you get what you pay for products. If you're a fan of a lighter glowing finish you need to check this out! If you prefer a medium/full then give it a miss. My corrector of choice is actually a very new product to my stash, I've only had it for about two weeks so its a bit premature to put it in my favourites - but that really shows how much I adore it already! To be honest I'm not sure why I dismissed this corrector+concealer offering from the highstreet, the Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer in Medium (£10.00) but now I have it, it is here to STAY. I think the main reason why I always avoided it was because there were never testers available in store, but the shade medium is really great. It is one of the best corrector shades I have tried, the perfect peachy colour and the formula is also perfection - not too thick, not too dry, not too creamy...I LOVE IT. The only thing I can really moan about here, is the fact that despite the slightly bulky packaging, the amount of corrector itself isn't great. I love how it includes a little powder, mirror and concealer too which does make it good value for money...I just wish they either included more corrector or they sold it separately (which would be even better).

I rediscovered Benefit's Hoola (£23.50) this month, its always a bronzer I go back to because its just a couple of shades deeper than my skintone and totally matte. So when I want to use one product which'll warm up my face and add a little definition too Hoola is where its at. Its low maintenance, blends so well and is a great tone - not too red, nor too orange or grey! Quickly mentioning my favourite lipstick of the month, because I will have an indepth review up this weekend, but I have been really loving Colourpop's ultra satin lipstick in Echo Park ($6.00). The hype with this formula is so justified and I can't wait to discuss it further soon. Echo park is a beautiful summer colour when worn alone but I love how it can be mixed too - a great formula to check out for sure.

tarte gifted mascara, the balm schwing eyeliner, elaina badro eyeshadow brush

Moving onto the eyes, for the first time ever I have been really obsessed with a mascara...which is pretty odd if you know me well. I genuinely used to dislike mascara a lot (I even wrote a blog post on why it is not my friend loool click %here% if you're super bored and wanna read), so to find a mascara I look forwards to applying is a very great achievement. The Tarte Gifted mascara ($21.00) is amazing, volumising with just one swipe and buildable without becoming too clumpy. It doesn't flake or smudge on me and the best part is the removal is super easy too. Seriously I like it A LOT. I just wish it was cheaper in the U.K thats the only downside because it costs over £20 here...VS £15ish in the U.S 🙄 I recently treated myself to The Balms Schwing Liner (£12.00), (yes its a treat because I'm used to spending a fiver max on eyeliner) because it has been on my to-try list for the longest time. It isn't 100000% LOVE with this liner, only because I'm disappointed in the applicator. I've already had to snip off that annoying bit that is kind of attached to the tip and totally SABOTAGES any attempt at a wing liner...that's the sort of applicator problem I'd expect from a £2 liquid liner. However the intensity of the blackness is incredible and it lasts really really well on my eyes which has meant that any other liner I have open right now has been thrown to the side.

As I get more into eyeshadows I become more obsessed with building the perfect brush kit - this Elaina Badro brush is the BEST for smoking out the lower lashine, something I never used to do but it makes a huge difference. I like that its not so much a pencil brush, more of a tiny shader brush so its perfect for really blending out any shadow in smaller areas - the only thing I'm sad about it that it is no longer available on the beautybay website! ☹️

tony moly avocado sheet mask, soap and glory spf 50, yongnuo 50mm lens canon 50mm lens

And finally the more randomish faves, I'm going to have to start with this amazing Tony Moly Avocado Nutrition Sheet Mask which was recommended by a lovely reader Shehroon. I had seen these face masks floating about the blogosphere, but when I realised what a great deal you could purchase them on from Ebay I had to snap them up! 3 for less than £3 from this seller - it does come from out of the U.K though, so it takes a while but its totally worth it. Korean skincare is amazing and this mask is no exception, I put it on for 20 minutes the other day and my skin drank it up...yes I looked a bit terrifying, but it made a huge amount of difference and the next morning my dull and drained skin looked fresh, radiant and plump.

I've also loved the Soap and Glory SPF 50 (£15.00), it is a must have in my routine. Not only does it protect my skin, but it also works as a primer - two birds in one stone! Also there is currently an offer on, buy one get one half price on S&G products which I took advantage of as although these items are from the highstreet, they do add up when purchased full price!

Something you rarely see on my blog, but I HAD to mention it - the Canon 50mm lens dupe! In February I dropped my Canon lens and it literally broke within 2 seconds and was not repairable. I was gutted, mostly because when I got that lens a couple of years ago I snagged it for just about £60 and when I checked on Amazon it went up to £90 - still an okay price but way out of my student budget. I loved the 50mm, its amazing for portraits especially and whenever I have blurry background photo on my blog its because of this lens. So like I said I was very upset, but after doing a bit of research I found a 'dupe' and figured for £35 it was worth a go. I purchased the Yongnuo YN50mm F/1.8 AF/MF Standard Prime Lens for Canon EOS Rebel Camera and to be honest I wasn't expecting much...but after using it for the past few months I can't even tell the difference! It is incredible, works just as well if not better and now costs 1/3 of the price - if you own a Canon SLR, you need this lens in your life. Easily one of the best purchases of the year for me!

Last but not least the most gorgeous lashes I have tried in a while and for the most insane bargain of a price - winning! I picked these up on a whim, as I usually have bad luck with ebay lashes but these looked different. They come in a pack of three and cost only £1.19!! (Link here)Yes three pairs of lashes for just over a quid and they're sooo beautiful. They're 3D lashes which means they're really fluttery and they basically made my eid makeup look so much better ^_^ I recently ordered another couple of packs of these cause I'll be using them whenever theres a special occasion on myself and friend/family.

I also ordered a pack to giveaway, so fill in the rafflecopter and read the T&Cs carefully. This is open worldwide and I'm not advertising it in the title cause I'm SICK of annoying giveaway accounts entering - but I still want to do mini giveaways like these now and again!

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There you have it, my July faves! What have you been loving in the month of July?

Thank-you for reading