The Dior Skin Foundation Trilogy Reviewed

Dior skin nude dior skin star dior skin forever review 31 comparison

Hello everyone, I have had my September favourites sitting in my drafts for over a fortnight now but because I've not had time to retake those awful photos. I've pretty much given up with that and moved on to the next one, on to the neeeeext one...and here I present you with my collection of Dior foundations. This post is a mini review and comparison of the Dior Star, Dior Forever and Dior Nude foundations, all of which I've had for quite a while already. I'll link any original reviews below if you're interested in swatches and more detail. I hope this post'll be an introduction to these bases for you and if you have been interested in splashing out on a Dior base, this post should help you decide which one you're looking for!

Dior Forever | £33.00 | Shade 31 
It was because of this very foundation that I realised I had to write a post pronto, because the other day I reached for this and instantly realised it was gone its sell by date. The texture was slightly thicker, the colour was deeper and there was definitely a not so great smell. Coincidently this is the only foundation from the three, that I haven't dedicated a full review to and that is because I really didn't choose to wear this often. I purchased it with the intention of using it for special occasions as it is fuller coverage than what i typically go for, however it's one of those foundations that you can feel on the skin and that is why I wasn't such a huge fan.

The coverage is medium-full and the finish for me was most definitely matte, so oily skins its worth grabbing a sample for sure. When I was wearing this here and there, my skin was on the drier side so I remember looking into the mirror around lunchtime and cringing at how it was clinging onto dry patches and making me look at least two decades older! Despite it feeling heavier on the skin and not being forgiving on dry patches, it definitely didn't look cakey - especially when applied with a damp beauty blender. It lasts really well on my skin too and I typically only reached for it when I was having bad skin days because it provided more than enough coverage.

I should mention that I'm 95% sure they've reformulated this now and I've heard it better - however this is obviously just my experience with the one I purchased.

Rating: 6/10      Repurchase: No, its alright but there are better for the price.

Dior skin nude dior skin star dior skin forever review 31 comparison

Dior Skin Nude | £33.00 | Shade 31
This foundation was my first from the luxury brand and I loved it from first use...then I didn't so much because it stopped lasting well on my skin, but then I discovered that simply using a SPF went a long way haha. One thing to note about the nude foundation is that it doesn't quite match the same shade as the other foundations in this line. Its a tad lighter, but really does live up to its name in my opinion. The coverage is light-medium and you can hardly feel it on the skin which makes me very happy. Formula wise, is it quite a satin finish, meaning it works well for every day again.

I've nearly finished this bottle and although its a nice foundation, I don't think it's particularly worth the £30+ price tag. I prefer my NARS Sheer Glow foundation over this because that one makes me skin look fantastic, whereas Dior nude is just a pretty good base. Nothing special which I guess I do expect if I'm paying that amount of money.

Rating: 7/10       Repurchase: Nope, its a nice foundation but there are better out there.

Dior skin nude dior skin star dior skin forever review 31 comparison

Dior Skin Star | £33.00 | Shade 31
Last but certainly NOT LEAST - the star of the show and one of my absolute favourite bases of all time - I present to you Dior star foundation! One of my go-tos for special occasions, and when I'm feeling like my skin could do with an extra boost I'll reach for this day-to-day also. I don't really believe in reserving foundations or any type of makeup just for special occasions, cause like you can see with the forever foundation - they do expire! However I can't help feeling extra happy with my makeup with I'm wearing this, because it really does look so beautiful.

Glowy skin in a bottle, not too dewy but not matte at all, it applies like a dream on the skin with the use of a brush or a damp sponge. It provides a medium coverage which is my preferred at all times, so it'll cover redness and light blemishes with ease. On special occasions I will always spot conceal where necessary, but for everyday the coverage is more than enough. It lasts well throughout the day as long as I've applied SPF first and it just leaves my skin looking health and radiant. This foundation is in my top three of all time and is totally worth the price!

Rating: 9/10     Repurchase: YES, 100%

Next up I'm definitely looking to purchase the Dior airflash foundation - a sales assistant applied it ontop of my makeup and I was in awe at how incredible my skin looked...after 7 hours of applying the makeup in the first place! However for the time being I have enough bases to be using and reviewing for you all, with Too Faced born this way coming first so keep an eye out ☺️

Have you tried any Dior foundations? Which is your favourite?

Thank-you for reading