Fenty Beauty Olive Skintone Review + Sponge and Highligher (Mean Money and Hustla Baby)

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Hello lovely people! You may already be aware that I have ventured into the ominous and slightly daunting world of YouTube....and I am planning on creating corresponding blog posts for each video where possible. I won't link my first video, (horrendous angle. sound quality, camera settings and SO nervous haha). But in short, I have been wanting to extend my blog for a while now and I've always been so on and off about the idea. Putting yourself out there, is not easy at all. The lovely thing about blogging is you can remain as annonymous as you please, however with Youtube you're liteally on the platform speaking and sharing. I now feel like I'm confident enough to handle any rude/hateful comments and I also feel like my blogging obsession has slowly died down...not that I'll ever stop completely, but I did need something different for my creative outlet, alongside my blog if you will. Some posts I've always felt are way easier to talk through, things like favourites and hauls. I have no intention of making money from the platform, I'm hardly making anything from my blog four years later - the sole purpose for starting my channel is to carry on with my passion, in a slightly different way.

I thought I'd start with the Fenty beauty review and I'll add some more of my thoughts to this, in case you've already watched it (and if you have, thankyou).

Here is the video ^
And it was filmed after about a week's worth of testing out the products and I've now had a couple more to test the products out. My opinion on the foundation hasn't changed at all - I'm currently using the shade 260, but I know when I next repurchase I'll go for the shade 240 since it's more warmer in tone.

As for the sponge, I've realised that although it's good, I definitely wouldn't repurchase it, since my beautyblender still comes out on top. I think, the fact that its soooo sort just doesn't quite have the same impact as the original BB...am I surprised? No not at all. And it's certainly not a bad product, I'll continue to use it, but when it comes to the end of it's usability, I won't be repurchasing.

My opinions on the highlighter haven't changed either - 10/10!

As for her newest collection, the fenty holiday line, I watched Desi's video on it this morning and whilst she did an amazing job (as always), nothing is really tickling my fancy. The colours aren't for me and although I am now working full time, I am being more savy with what I purchase. There won't be anymore makeup bans, since I'm no longer a student, but instead it'll be items I'm missing or running low on and then the splurge things that I REALLY want. Rather than picking up loads of new things every other week, just because I have a disposable income now.

I hope you enjoyed the video review and thanks for being patient as I get the hang of this whole YouTube thing (especially the awkward moments and that awful outro lol).

Have you tried anything from Rihanna's new line? What are your thoughts?

Thank-you for reading