NOTD– dotty for dots

Hello! This is just a quick little NOTD, featuring Barry M’s matte polish in Vanilla, which is strangely more of an off-white/lilac shade than anything remotely vanilla. I am a huggggge fan of Barry M so I was ultra excited to try these out. However when I painted my nails using just this polish they looked like this:
barry m vanilla matte nail polish
(As always do excuse my manly hands, rough cuticles and uneven nails..what can I say..I have little patience for pampering my hands ._.’s winter ok)

hmm. Slightly TOO plain and…flat you know? I dug out my wonderful ‘dotting tools’ purchased from Amazon: Set of 5 Multi Coloured Swirl Double Ended Nail Art Dotting/Marbleizing tools

for a ridiculously affordable price(LESS THAN £1.20!!), and I took out my most favourite shade of Nail polish EVER Barry M’s ‘cappuccino’ and got to work.

barry m nail paint matte vanilla and cappuccino

I say got to work as if this took my longer than 5 minutes, it’s the easiest thing to do! put a dollop of polish onto a card and dip the chosen dotter in..and get to dotting! I can’t think of a simpler way to jazz up your nails a little yourself, and really cannot recommend these tools enough.

barry m nail paint matte vanilla and cappuccino
barry m nail paint matte vanilla and cappuccino
nail dotting tools barry m

I know I’m not at all creative enough to buy a nail brush set, but these 5,  between them provide more than enough for anyone to get creative (check out my summer roses!)

Also the contrast between the matte and the normal looks sooo chic, I don’t think the camera QUITE picked up how chic it looks, but I assure you it looks a lot more professional than using two normal polishes haha.

When was the last time you jazzed up your mani?

(I’m seriously resisting the temptation to dollop glitter polish all over them…clearly I don’t do minimalism well)