Review | MUA – 'Ever After' Matte Palette

mua matte palette

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been meaning to post this review for a while, but I’ve been so disorganised with taking photos and what with the clocks going back and less sunlight I need to start planning ahead more! Not complaining about the cooler weather though - sweater weather is better weather tehe

Anyways, this is another one of MUA’s fantastic palettes available at ridiculously affordable prices – costing you a mere £4. It consists of 10 shades, all of which are matte which is very rare in most palettes, but I’m pretty sure it’s the only one of it’s kind in the drugstore world (bar one or two of the Sleek ones). I was verrrrrry excited when I got the e-mail about it’s launch and as they had another promo on, I bought myself this palette and a second for the giveaway! (keep your eyes peeled for the next few days).

MUA Matte Palette

So packaging wise, instead of having round circular pots you have larger squares, but other than that it is the standard plastic packaging with a clear lid so you can see all the shades. You get 1g of each shade, and it is mainly a neutrals palette with a dusky pink and a ‘foggy’ blue included aswell. It actually looks pretty similar to the ‘undressed’ palette but of course with no shimmer to it.


I find the shades to be soft and easy to apply. One slight disappointment is that the top row is a little less pigmented than the bottom row, as you can see from the swatches -  it seemed nothing I could do would make the shades appear on my arm! On my eye however the top shades work perfectly as bases, I especially love unwrap as a under the brow highlight (who wants sparkly under brow highlight for a work/uni look?? not me!)

I adore fade because a decent matte brown as the transition  colour is essential in pulling any eye makeup look together, but from experience I find matte browns to be either too pigmented meaning it takes too long to blend when in a rush, or very very faint. This shade seems to hit the nail right on the head and I’m loving it.

Mua matte palette swatches
Did I even swatch FADE?? I think I forgot silly me ._. sorry for the bad lighting here!
Please don't let the top swatches fool you, on my lids they show up fine (perhaps its because I use a decent base/primer?) and if they showed up on my lids as they are in the swatches (i.e if they didn't show up at all!) I wouldn't be impressed at all with this palette!

The swatches do all the talking as far as the bottom row is concerned, they’re all outstanding in pigmentation (I only swiped once or twice with the bottom row) and help to create subtle smoky eye, or just add more definition in the crease. I love using darker shadows lightly under the lash line because I find black liner on the bottom to be too full-on for day-to-day but by using shadows it softens the look.

All in all I really do think this is a palette every girl should have in her collection, simply because soo many palettes out there lack some decent matte shades and this has around four browns alone and lots of lovely neutral shades – for only four quid! I like to keep this palette beside the one i’m currently using and I find it great for adding that extra bit of detail. Or a super simple look with one of the lighter shades washed over the lid, a smidgen of one of the browns in the crease and some liner and I’m good to go!

You can purchase this from superdrug, via the superdrug website or of course the MUA website (HERE)

Do you like mattes on the lids?