Brush Series | Ebay Brushes Part 2!

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Hello lovely readers!
Today I am going to share with you the second set of brushes that I ordered quite a while ago. You can read the first instalment here where I reviewed the ‘RT look-a-likes’. Although I don’t own any Sigma brushes, the second set look vaguely familiar to those! I cannot compare them, but I can share what I love and don’t care for each of these. I wanted to have a bit of a play with them before I gave you my thoughts, so I hope this is helpful for anyone on the look out for very cheap but decent brushes!

They come in a set of four, and the seller randomly threw in a ‘Bobbi Brown’ sponge (clearly not BB but a kind gesture nonetheless..though I’m not 100% sure what I will use it for yet). I was also pleasantly surprised that each brush came wrapped separately, it was something you would expect from a higher end brand not from an ebay shop! This set cost £3.38 so not even a pound a brush B A R G A I N

 The seller also has a set of face brushes, which I’m contemplating buying because of the quality of these! That set is just a little over £2 per brush, which is still phenomenal value! The only thing holding me back aside from the spending ban and also my rather large collection of face brushes already is that they could all be not very dense and so of little use (as I found with one brush in the last post). But anyway this post is about the eye brushes so on we go!


I am really very impressed with the quality of these, not knowing what to expect for under a quid a brush! The handles are sturdy, the barrels are secured on well and the do not feel like they are made poorly in the slightest. I love the black colour with the silver barrels, they look very sleek. You can purchase these with gold barrels or white handles too if you wish. The Bristles themselves are super super soft, synthetic and non-shedding which is amazing. They are almost too good to be true! On the handle is written ‘Jessup’ not entirely sure what that means, but it doesn’t impact the brush at all.

ebay brushes part 2

As they don’t have their own names or numbers unfortunately, I have labelled them in the above photo and given a brief run through of my experience with each one. I’d just like to point out, I am not an MUA and so may have missed a lot of possible uses! These are just my own -

1.  The first one is actually my least used/favourite. In my opinion the bristles are a little too long making it very difficult to use for eyeshadow application. One use I have found for it though it thinking back to one of the contouring videos I saw on YouTube, and how they used a cream and darker shaded product to strongly contour and then blended it out using a fluffy brush. This would be the ideal brush to ‘map’ out contour lines on one’s face precisely as well as use the edge to contour the nose lightly. A pretty useful brush for that purpose. Another thing it would be pretty nifty for is setting concealer, as its essentially a very mini flat top kabuki brush, and super soft! So it could really ensure that all areas of the face (particularly the difficult to reach places like under the eyes) are all set!

2. This is like an angled and slightly domed version of the first brush. It works well at blending concealer in awkward places such as around the nose and in the inner corner of the eye. It could also work as a highlighter brush, used lightly for the brow bone, or for the bridge of the nose and anywhere else you want a subtle glow. I’d still stick to my setting brush from RT for cheekbone highlight, but for the smaller areas which need more attention this is great at getting precise!

3. By far my most used brush, this has fast become a favourite for blending in concealer. It is a domed topPed brush with denser bristles that the others, so it is perfect for gently buffing in the concealer exactly where you want it. Again it could work vaguely for eyeshadow, but it’s main use in my opinion is blending in cream and liquid products!

4. I have just realised this is probably the only brush of the bunch that is perfect for eyeshadow, and I apologise for that! Whilst they’re all useable with shadow, there are definitely better brushes out there for you to try, for the above though, these are amazing! Number four is probably the best crease brush I have tried in my entire life. It can give you that cut crease, or a softer more blended crease and its also amazing for applying colour under the lower lashline. Since playing around with these I’ve realised how beautiful bronzey colours, as well as purples can look subtly smudged under the lashline! Adore this brush!

And that’s my review on this brush set, shipped from china costing less than £3.50 (with free delivery of course). If you’ve been looking at the sigma brushes, especially that set with their mini-kabuki like brushes, I recommend buying these first because the quality will not disappoint. For the price, I don’t think I could ask for much more, and although I’m still on the hunt for smaller eyebrushes, I am really pleased with there. The link to the seller is HERE. I hope this was somewhat useful, and also thankyou for all the great feedback on my last ebay brushes post ^_^